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[ this is part 1 of a real life story with the names changed so as to not anger to folks involved ]

Mike smiled to himself as he lay still in his soft bed with the cover wrapped around his warm body with the door laying wide open .

He slowly awakened and turned his head but his light blue eyes widened with shock as he looked at the empty space in his bed .

" Mar-y? " he asked himself as he stared at the space were his love should have been but was not and instead was replaced with a dark emptiness .

He slowly stepped out of bed and walked in to the living room and turned to the sofa that sat at the end of the room .

He slowly moved his hand along the sofa and his hands hit off a lump of cloves and he moves his left hand inside the pile .

He picked up the cell phone that lay inside and his eyes filled with tears as he read the texts it held inside .

" Oh god no " Mike wipers as his eyes widen and he fills with anger and pain .

" Shes been cheating " he said to himself with a grim voice that was filled with pain .

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@andrewtheking: Slightly depressing.

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@andrewtheking: Even though it's very sad, it's extremely well-written.

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@andrewtheking: Short and sad