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This was a team if you would call it that

more or less it was them it was they a group of nobodies no one really had use for them there use had been forgotten with the invention of peace.

Weapons set loose with no master

but this story is not so much about them as it is about how he came to be with them.

His name was Edward...or at least that is what they said it was the doctors every day as they pumped him full of drugs

and in turn he pumped them

full of false peace

no one remembered him

no one even wanted him

his hands slid over the jagged stones of his cell night by night he wished they were the blade of a knife he could use to carve out his enemies with a smile.

Day by day his mind slipped and deteriorated strangly his edge stayed ever sharp the absense of reason and morality begining to fall to the rising lust to kill

his life was over why shouldn't everyone elses be?

His dream came one morning when a man visited him

he was wearing a long coat and looked like one of those biker types suffering from a night of drinking

"An easy kill he thought"

as he grinned behind the glass

the man sat down and stared cold at him

"And whats that grin supposed to do scare me?"

the man said with a cold ease

"No but whats behind the grin might I promise you that and believe me Ace I got nothing to loose in my death or your's its fun either way!'

"Is it? the man shot back he was not phased at all by the monster behind the glass all the more reason to kill him his edge was fading he couldn't loose that.

"look smiles I know what you want you wanna kill me and anyone else so here it is he pulled a card from out of his coat

we step outside you get one knife and I get this card

if you kill me well you are loose go spill blood I stop your knife you hear what I got to say easy enough

I mean unless you like gluing maccaroni to paper plates"

"Fuck you how you gonna get me outta here the doors locked at all times

"Door? the man said I took that off hours ago now get up off your pill popping ass and meet me outside"

Fine Edward stood and strolled out

the man had a knife waiting for him

"Well what ya waiting for the man said

Edward gripped the knife it felt like a woman he had not held in years he felt as if a part of him had been restored

he felt safe and alive

"Well throw it dick head!'

Edward smiled

"Oh I'll throw it but first he breathed in and fired a ball of red hot flame at the man

as his target moved to avoid the blast Edward threw the knife he was sure it would hit

a kill a sweet kill this day was just getting better and better he smiled and felt like singing

it was good to be back!"

Just as he was about to leave his knife came flying back at him and exploded into the doorway behind him

"Now the fire thing I didn't expect but you gotta work on your aim kid"

"Anyways heres the deal

you got nothing to live for right you hate this world and mostly everyone in it you got a killer instinct where your heart ought to be now what would you say if I gave you a little something to focus that bloody brain of yours on?"

"Whatever Edward answered you got a smoke?"

the man pulled a pack from his pocket

and gave Edward a cigarette

to his supprise the monster smiled

"Well who's the game?"

"all in good time my bloody friend"

meantime welcome to the Suicide Squad

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Nice man, I'm taking this and adding it to the team page.

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no problem boss

I'll get you next time lol!

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I like that avatar, hate ICP but that clown is sick :)

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oh you know you gotta be down with the clown!

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Not bad Black SMile