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The Prime was chaotic. After the simple years it went through... Things began to change. The most powerful thing in the Universe was gone, left his creation there.... to rot. In the year 2015 Lex Corp had taken over Wayne Corp, the company destroyed by Thomas Wayne jr. Lex Corp began a mass production of Cadmus clones of Bruce Waynes. the Previous owner of Wayne Corp. He ended up being "Missing". Along with the Batman... His son Richard Wayne was eighteen at the time of his father's disappearance, and became fixated on finding him. They where a legend together. Batman and Robin..

Richard abandoned his identity as Robin, leaving no hero in Gotham City. Years passed, and the city was closed in. Large barriers, and no one knew what was outside... Or was aloud to know. Lex Corp took over, and Thomas Wayne Jr regretted something, you could see the look on his face. He helped start this new world by giving up the Company his brother Bruce Wayne helped maintain. A year later the clones where created, all with amazing fighting skills from Bruce's training as the Batman. They became the Red Guard. They patrolled Gotham, and maintained Peace. Stopping street thugs from maintaining power, and allowing Lex Luther to Maintain almighty.

Richard lived in a small Apartment in Crime Alley. He hated this new World they lived in, Lex called it "New Gotham" And out there there was a "New World Forming". Batman and Robin where the only heroes that Gotham Knew. And now they where gone, and they admired there new "Heroes" The Red Guard.... They where blinded, all of them where, except for a few... One of them being Richard Wayne.


October 21, 2020 1:21 AM Gotham City

Rain pelted down over Gotham this night. Over the guard towers, which each had a Red Guard squad settled inside. Most people where in their homes on nights like this. Normal people did. But Richard wasn't Normal.

Commissioner Gordon stared out his window, then sighed to himself. The police where nothing... Not a damn thing. His daughter was watching Television, the only thing playing being Gotham News. The only thing that was allowed on Television now. Barbara admired Alexander Luther's speeches, and his thoughts. Jim Gordon Sighed at his Daughter then stepped outside to get a breath of fresh air in his back yard. "Gordon." A dark voice said from the shadows, and Jim quickly turned his head. "Who in the hell are you!?" He shouted at the sight of a Hooded man, his cape flowing with the wind, and the rain wetting his suit. "Call me Nightwing..."

Jim looked confused at the young man. "What are you doing in my property-" He was cut off by "Nightwing". "You and I, we want the same thing. We want Lex put down." He maintained a straight face, and the inside of his cloak was shown, it was a dark Green, the same color as the symbol on his chest. "It won't happen." Gordon shook his head then sighed. "Did you doubt Batman when he took down half of the criminals in this city?" Nightwing questioned. "Listen, You aren't Batman. No one can fix what Lex has done." Gordon Replied and was ready to head inside. "Leave before I call the Red Guard." Gordon demanded, and lightening struct, and the figure vanished.

An apartment window opened, and Nightwing crawled through. Shutting it after he was inside. He tossed his cloak on the couch, and then his mask afterwards. He was Richard Wayne. The lost son. Richard opened the Bathroom door, and looked in the mirror. Was he the only one who had Hope? Was there others? There had to be... It couldn't just be him... The only one to restore Balance to Gotham.

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the people not being aloud outside the city and stuff reminds me of Fallout how they are not aloud outside. of the vault

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@RedRobinTimDrake: That's exactly what I was thinking about when I wrote that down.

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Interesting beginning. Will he continue without Gordon's support?

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I like the picture. It's a little disjointed but it's pretty good (what I mean by disjointed is mostly the random capitalisation you have like 'The only one to restore Balance to Gotham' because balance doesn't need a capital in this instance, unless its the name of something) Good work

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@4donkeyjohnson: Yeah, I'm working on that. I tend to do it a lot.

@vernierhawk001: You'll have to find out.