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Blood drenched my suit. The Pain was immense, I held back every tear. I remember it so clearly, it was my focus, my focus on the week. Everything was screaming at me "Get up! You have to!". It was getting harder to breathe every second. I slowly stood, removing a shard of glass from my thigh. I put all my weight on the destroyed limo. The squad cars pulled up blocking my exit. "Put your hands up above your head!" Detective Harvey Bullock commanded. Officers surrounded me, I couldn't do anything.... not at this state. That's when I heard the sound of a bullet racing towards a target. A body fell right down in front of me then more after that. Everything turned into a blur, The police fought, and they lost that's all I saw. I would've done something but I couldn't... I Didn't...


I woke up with bandages around my nose, thigh, and my ribs. The pain was still horrible, but not as bad. Still that didn't block the question, "What the hell happened?" I asked out loud, and didn't expect an answer. "I saved your ass, that's what happened." A man stepped out of the shadows with a red helmet in his hands. "Jason?" I asked to assure I wasn't seeing things. In realization I jumped up and tackled Jason hard to the ground, planting hard punches to his cheeks. "You killed the police! They where innocent!" I screamed in rage, I was still weak, and he didn't fight back, I knew he didn't. This wasn't me.... None of this was... I got off of Jason and backed up slowly into the shadows as he stood. "...Go on then, run to "dad", tell him about what I did, I'm sure he would come and find me to teach me a lesson." I was gone by then.... Left my suit... Left everything. I needed time to think... This was all getting to me... All of it...

I found myself in amusement mile, looking out at the old amusement park, in thought, thought about Stephanie, thought about it all. So fast I snapped, I just don't know what I was more concerned about... Stephanie's killer, or Red X...


Later I went back to one of my safe houses, that is where I began to plan, getting everything together. I was blocking all communications from the rest of the Bat-Family, I was going to handle this, and I alone. I sped out to the streets on my Motor cycle and it didn't even cross my mind... Bullock. I listened to the news reports... Straight from Vicki Vale.

"Detective Harvey Bullock and Five officers where murdered by a Vigilante known as Nightwing. Commissioner Gordon has announced that Nightwing will be found, and will be assaulted. This man attacked the Iceberg lounge and kidnapped Oswald Cobblepot, This is Vicki Vale, and I can assure you. We will find this man and bring him to Justice."

The report disgusted me, I couldn't believe my ears... I dodged traffic left and right making my way to my next location. The Location of the Red X. That's where I was ahead, I had a Tracking Device in the suit, I planted it in the first time it was stolen. The Gotham Docks... a Hot spot for criminal activity...


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Absolutely love it, you really captured Dick's personality with the first person perspective, something that in my opinion is often extremely hard to do. Can't wait for part two man, keep it up.

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@TheJester: Thanks, And that is why I did it in First person, to really capture how this changed him.

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and the plot thickens...nice work! It would be fun to see how Dick reacts when he meets the Cluemaster.

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@dngn4774: Oh, I think you are going to love it.

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The start was very well done, Loved the description :)

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