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An upcoming fan-fic series that centers around immortal mutants. So who are the New Externals? If you look back at the sub-class of mutants, they have actually appeared in X-Force No.10 (May 1992). Unfortunately, the old Externals were mostly killed by Selene. According to the wikipedia source, they were killed due to the copyrights of the other Immortals who appeared in the Highlander franchise. When I looked at this, I thought of an idea of bringing back the Externals. Because these Externals were quite different from the Highlander Immortals. So instead of bringing back these old Externals, they will be replaced by new seven Externals, hence the title.

I linked the old Externals team and you can see what they're about. I will also include the Immortals team which I have just mostly worked on. You can see the differences and similarities between the immortal teams.


The Immortals

Synopsis: They are the true wonders of civilization. They have come from the ruins of eternity. They have one goal. To conquer humanity at their best. The old Externals were killed and have long been forgotten. Now, these new Externals will rise up from the ashes and do anything necessary to accomplish their goal.


These new External characters will come from different countries, timelines, and histories.

1. Shiro Hiragawa

Born in 1600 A.D. Shiro is a man of courage and honour. He will do whatever is necessary to protect his village clan. He was called the "Demon Eye" which means that no one can see his counterattack moves when killing his opponents. As a Japanese samurai, Shiro was sent to infiltrate The Hand organization to learn their deadly secrets. Shiro have discovered that The Hand were no ordinary ninjas and begin to resurrect dead soldiers for gaining their power. With his super-speed ability, Shiro immediately eliminated the Hand ninjas and the resurrected ones. As a result, the Hand leader send his army of ninjas to counterattack Shiro but they were no match for his super-speed ability. However, the Hand leader learns of Shiro's family. The Hand ninjas attacked Shiro's village clan and his family. The plan was to draw out Shiro in the battlefield. Shiro learned that his family was dead and angry at the Hand ninjas. But the Hand ninjas killed Shiro instantly. Later, Shiro came back to life and finds that he cannot die. Shiro learns that he has a chance to avenge his family's death. Shiro kills the Hand leader for sending his army and decides to take over the Hand organization.

Powers/Abilities: Shiro can run fast in a blink of an eye. He is already trained in martial arts and various sword techniques such as his katana.

2. Caroline Sergei

Born in 1964. Caroline is a shy girl whose powers got manifested at the time of Superhero Crisis. Caroline is a Russian-American who was actually born in an alternate reality where the Russians have taken over several parts of North America. As a child, Caroline was trained as a mercenary to hunt down the North American superheroes. At this time, the superpowers of Russia and North America were on the verge of war and Caroline had a tough decision to side with both countries. Caroline uses her ability to predict future probabilities to save herself from her enemies. But her probabilities failed as she saw herself captured and died in the hands of superheroes and later awakened. Later, Caroline learns about ARMOR Industries where scientists have developed a device called the Quantum Reality Projector. Caroline infiltrates ARMOR Industries and steals the Quantum Reality Projector and uses it to gain access to different alternate realities. Caroline enters Earth-616 reality and finds that her counterpart never existed. So she decided to hide herself and move on with her new life.

Powers/Abilities: Caroline has the ability to see different events or actions that takes place within minutes/days in the future. Due to her ability, Caroline develops her mercenary and fighting skills to combat her opponents and prevent future events.

3. Sara Michastios

Born in 330 A.D. A Greek hot-headed warrior working under the powers of Rome. At first, she never intended to join the army until the death of her parents. The Roman Emperor takes Sara under his wing and trains her to become a warrior. Sara has the ability to fly which makes her opponents difficult to stop her. The Roman Emperor thinks that Sara might be a demigod who was born from either of the Greek gods. However, the Greek warriors learns of her true heritage and kills her. But Sara comes back to life and killed every single Greek warriors of her kind. Later, the last and dying Greek warrior said that she is actually a Greek which she hadn't known before. Sara comes to the Roman Emperor and beg for answers. The Roman Emperor said the whole truth which made Sara shocked. Later, Sara leaves Rome and travels somewhere to embark in her new life.

Powers/Abilities: She can fly at high and low speeds. Sara has developed her combat skills in swords and axes which makes her a strong warrior.

4. Ashok Verma

Born in 7000 BC. Ashok is a charming young prince who has the powers of a god. He was a prince of ancient India where he was able to lift mountains with the tip of his finger. The people were amazed by his great strength and wonder he was a Hindu god or an avatar. Although, the people from various parts of India have come to beat Ashok's strength. A rival king decided to shoot a poison arrow that later kills the prince. Ashok was dead but later came back to life and killed the rival king and his thousands of men. Everyone feared Ashok's strength and turned away from him including his kingdom. As a result, Ashok was left alone and seeks out a wife from various kingdoms. But the kings refused once they have learned of his resurrection and strength. Later, Ashok exiled himself from India and travels to different parts of Asia.

Powers/Abilities: Ashok has super-strength which makes him to lift up more than 10,000 tons. Ashok also developed combat skills in weapons and ancient Indian wrestling.

5. Njimon Kumbawoo

Born in 3300 BC. Njimon is a quiet African warrior whose power can cause pain and suffering through hallucinations. His eyes turn black when he turns on his hallucinatory power. Nijimon was a successor of the African tribe until his brother wages a battle against him. Njimon uses his hallucinatory power but his brother knew about his ability and later threw a spear through Njimon's gut. Njimon was killed and later brought back to life. Njimon's brother was shocked and realized that Njimon is the true successor of the African tribe. Njimon silently mocked his brother through hallucinations. As a result, Njimon's brother was dead. Through this day, Njimon keeps his tribe safe from various and possible enemies. But a contagious disease have struck the African tribe and later were dead. The death of the African tribe left Njimon alone and is forced to travel around the world.

Powers/Abilites: Njimon can cause people to have their own hallucinations. These hallucinations may not be real but the mind of the victim can make it real such as bleeding, coughing. and death. He also has developed combat skills in knives and spears.

6. George Santos

Born in 1524 A.D. George was a desperate Spanish soldier who fought the Mayans in vicious battles. He can produce rock spikes from his body to attack the Mayans. When the Mayans attacked and killed him, George came back to life. He instantly killed every Mayan including their sons and children. George was later captured by the Spanish soldiers fearing that he was going out of control. But George overcomes his men and killed them. Later, George escapes from more Spanish soldiers who were coming after him.

Powers/Abilities: George can produce rock spikes from anywhere his body. He can use these spikes to throw and kill an enemy from a far distance. George can also use these spikes as a form of shield to cover himself from being attacked or injured. George has also developed sword and fighting skills.

7. Last Man

Last Man comes from a far future where he is the only living person exists on Earth. Last Man died of starvation and later came back to life. Although he has no real name, Last Man has great intelligence and knowledge about the types of technology. Much like Forge's ability, he uses this own knowledge to create a time machine and later travelled back to the past where he learns that the old Externals were killed. However, he also learns that the new six Externals have risen and decided to search for them.

Powers/Abilities: Last Man has the mutant power to think of any technology he can make. He uses his vast knowledge to create weapons and other forms of advanced technology. Last Man also trained himself in order to use his newly-made weapons.

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@The Impersonator: Looks like an epic!

"There can be only seven!....wait? Seven? I thought there could be only one? Who are you other six? And how does a sterile Immortal keep having descendants? There has got to be five McCleod's all related to Connor? And why is a Scot playing a Spanish Egyptian and a Frenchman playing a Scot? And arn't the Watchers from Buffy? Do they watch the Immortals and the Slayers? Is there an Immortal Slayer?"


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@batkevin74: thanks!


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