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Continued from: Part 1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/new-amalgam-universe-the-green-panther-1/659267/

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Queen Penthouse, Star City

“The Emerald Cat!?!” Oliver threw his newspaper into his overpriced celebrity museli “THE EMERALD CAT!?”

“Something wrong Oliver?” asked Kate as she stepped out from the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee.

“Have you seen this?” Oliver picked up the paper and waved it furiously in the air.

Kate looked at him “Is this about your extradition hearing?”

“No! This is about my….hang on, WHAT?”

“The Wakanda government overnight put a…”

“I thought they had a king? How can a country have a king and a government?”

Kate sighed “Really? It’s a constitutional monarchy Oliver.”

“Can they do it?”

“They can,” said Dinah as she entered the dining room “Our job is to stop them, unless you want to go to Wakanda?”

“I’ve been trying for ten years to go there, had to eventually sneak in, got essentially deported and now they want me back!” Oliver sat down “So no, no thank you I’ll stay here under house arrest, which by the way I thought of”

Dinah and Kate looked at each other then back at Oliver and rolled their eyes. Dinah walked up and snatched the paper off Oliver “So what’s this about an Emerald Cat?”

“Is that a museum piece?” asked Kate

“This is how Dark Claw got his name, ‘Look its dark and he has claws’ and bam it stuck!” grumbled Oliver jamming a piece of toast in his mouth.

The balcony door burst open and in rushed Roy with an armful of papers “Hey boss, did you see…” He stopped when he saw Dinah and Kate there.

“See what?” Dinah’s eyes burrowed into Roy.

“Um the Emerald Cat,” gulped Roy trying to sound convincing “There’s a vigilante in town!”

“Honestly if Super Soldier just did his job,” Kate began her rant “The crime in the United States would cease overnight”

Dinah shook her head “I can’t believe a smart woman like you thinks that super people are the answers to our problems Kate?”

“Oh come off it Dinah!” said Kate. Oliver nodded to Roy and the two quietly snuck away to leave the ladies to argue semantics and supers.

“This is why you fly the chopper!” snapped Oliver snatching the papers from Roy’s hands “The whole idea of a secret identity, is that it’s a secret!”

“Sorry boss”

“Emerald Cat!” Oliver’s voice seemed to have a low roar in it “Going to have to rectify this”

“What do you need me to do boss?”

“What you do best?”

Star City Airport

Shado Klaw looked at her phone as she waited patiently for her cargo to be cleared through customs. An officer walked along with a beagle which sniffed the boxes. Klaw smiled as she adjusted a small dial on her gauntlet, the beagle ran off shrieking. The officer watched in despair.

“Something the matter officer?” she asked, she turned away not bothering for a response. She looked at her phone studying in the incoming number “This had best be good?”

“The lawyers for Queen are stalling”

Madam Klaw clicked her phone shut, walked up to the customs officer and put a neat wad of $100 into his top pocket “Clear my cargo, now!” she whispered, her voice reverberated in the man’s skull. He gulped nervously and stamped the documents. Klaw turned on her heels again and marched over to her limousine and got in.

“Take me to the building opposite where Oliver Queen lives”

The limousine speed off though a swirling haze of paper that fell from the sky. A flyer plastered itself to the window reading “Green Panther! Prodector of Star City”

Queen Penthouse, Star City

Oliver stood on the balcony holding a bundle of scrunched up flyers as Roy joined him. Oliver turned and glared at him “What is this?”

“It’s the answer to your problems” said Roy.

“Really! I should lock you in your chopper!”

“Boss, I borrowed an old B-29 from a friend who had borrowed it from a friend, filed a contrary flight plan, turned off the transponder and coated Star City in flyers announcing your arrival.” said Roy scratching his head “How did I do wrong considering, it was your idea?!?”

“What is a Prodector Roy?”

“Someone who protects,” replied Roy “Der!”

Oliver spoke slowly “Listen and read Roy, Pro-deck-tor”


Oliver dramatically threw the flyers over his head to rain down on the street below like confetti.


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@batkevin74: Sorry, I just realized I forgot to comment on this.

It's awesome!

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@TheCannon: Thanks, been a while but yeah Green Panther is still slowly ticking away!

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Bumped as I am writing part 9, bout time I wrapped up some ancient history or kicked it into life

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