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Continues from Part 2 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/new-amalgam-universe-the-green-panther-2/659542/#11

Same hole inside Mount Kanda, days later

Oliver stood up on his own two feet for the first time in almost a week. He felt good, surprisingly for a man who’d been wedged in a hole, eating bitter herbs and drinking urine for a week. His body felt good for some strange reason. He rubbed his now fuzzy chin and slowly made an attempt to get out of the hole. In a feat that impressed himself, four quick sidekicks and Oliver was up and out of his prison.

“Whoa!” he said he looked around. His eyes were funny. Then he caught sight of the moon.

“What is going on?” said Oliver as he looked around the jungle as if it were daylight “I must’ve drunk too much urine!”

Oliver sat down again, remembering the show he sponsored said something about staying put means your chances of getting rescued were doubled…but he’d been here a week and they hadn’t found him so as soon as he got home he'd pull his money back and invest in crash-proof planes...or collapsable mountains...

His inner monologue was halted by a low, dangerous snort

Oliver turned around “Didn’t I already smash you in the face…with…a…monkey…BIG monkey! BIG MONKEYS!”

Three ferocious looking white gorilla’s looking at him

“I hate this place” whined Oliver as he turned tail and ran into the jungle with the gorillas in hot pursuit

US State Department, 2201 C Street, NW Washington, D.C.

“What do mean you won’t help?” Dinah was beyond livid. Her eyes had dark circles under them, her hair matted and she was cranky and angry for not really sleeping for a week

“The government of Wakanda is handling the investigations into Oliver’s death”

“HE’S NOT DEAD!” shrieked Dinah slamming her hands on the desk. The marine by the wall headed towards her but was waved off by the official “Oliver Queen is the most stubborn, ridiculous man I’ve ever met and it’ll take more than smashing a plane into a mountain to stop him!”

“Do you realise how silly that sounds” said official

Dinah burst into tears and slumped into her chair

“The US State department is doing everything in its power to find Mr Queen, Ms Munroe” he said calmly “But King T’Chaka is how to put this diplomatically”

“An ass!”

“I would say stubborn but your analogy is also correct. He’s worried that if American troops come in we won’t leave”

“Whose fault is that?” Dinah’s words

“I see you’re referring to the on-going deployments in Markovia and Symkaria; you can take that up with the President at the ballot box next election day” the official got up and indicated to the door “Until Wakanda changes its mind, our hands are tied”

Dinah wiped her face and stormed out

Royal Palace, Wakanda

“The US State department has been calling your majesty” said the royal aide who bowed low in the presence of his king, T’Chaka. He sat at his desk in the room behind the throne

“THEY CAN WAIT!” roared the King “They think that I am some ignorant savage that can be pushed around! How dare they bark orders at me! At WAKANDA!”

“What shall you have me do sire?”

“Continue the search, we shall find this spoilt playboy whether he is dead or alive. Send a diplomatic version of stay out of Wakanda America or face the consequences. Now begone!”

The aide bowed and left leaving the king alone. T’Chaka keyed a combination into his desk and a small hidden compartment flipped up. He removed a picture of three people. In the centre stood a young T’Chaka, looking the very proud warrior. Flanking him were his old friends Robert and Moira Queen. He ran his fingers across Moria’s face, thinking on happier times

Tree, Wakandan jungle

Oliver kicked the gorilla in the face and scrambled higher up the tree “Back off magilla!” he yelled as the other two climbed up after him.

Oliver grabbed a slender branch and snapped it off; Oliver would’ve been surprised if he wasn’t fighting off gorillas. He smacked another gorilla across the nose. The other gorilla raked his fingers down Oliver’s leg trying to wrench him out of the tree.

“Arrgh!” Oliver stabbed the branch into the gorilla’s eye causing it to tumble from the tree and to the ground. The gorilla’s regrouped and after a while, left. Oliver found a suitable fork in the tree and put himself there

“Stupid country! Stupid monkeys! Going to buy this place and turn it into a car park!”

** Oliver awoke to a gunshot cracking across the jungle, startling him and the birds. He bolted upright and promptly fell out of the tree hitting every branch on the way down “I! HATE! THIS! COUNTRY!” he cried as he bounced his ways to the ground. He slowly got up and was amazed at the fact that only his ego was bruised. Through the foliage he spotted some people and was just about to call out when he heard another gunshot. Oliver ducked into the bushes. Voices in South African and Wakanda.

“If these primitive bastards drop another crate the next shot goes in their faces!” said a South African voice firmly “Translate that into clickey-clack language”

Oliver snuck through undergrowth to get a better look to see nine men with automatic weapons and about fifteen natives in chains hauling crates. One crate had hit the floor and split with several bundles of cocaine

Oliver gripped the dirt like a cat, his blood boiling. He wanted to wade in but he was no Dark Claw or Super Soldier. This would take so finesse. Oliver slunk back into the jungle to prepare

(Green Arrow, Oliver Queen & Dinah Lance are owned by DC. Black Panther, T’Challa, T’Chaka, Wakanda and Ororo Munroe are owned by Marvel. Dark Claw & Super Soldier are owned by Amalgam. This story is mine and the creation of Green Panther is mine but using elements from DC & Marvel & Amalgam, as I’ve said in other stories they own the sandpit I merely just play in it)

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Haha! Good read.

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@DickGrayson: Thanks man

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@batkevin74 said:
“I must’ve drunk too much urine!”

Best line ever. Not enough heroes say that.
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@PrinceIMC: Ha ha ha it's true. When was the last time Batman said that; NEVER! :)

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I'm liking this story so far, I'm thinking the thing with the king holding the picture of Oliver's mom is a big clue to something but I'll keep it to myself

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Awesome job. I like where you're going with this!

On a side note, those creepy monkeys remind me of the apes from that one movie Congo.

Run Oliver! RUUUUUUN!
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@TheWholeDamnShow: I used to love that movie way back when I still smoked pot

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@TheWholeDamnShow: WHOA! I've never seen that film and i worked in a video store. More a Man-Ape reference coz they're the enemies of the Panther in Wakanda, but that ugly monkey will do

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@batkevin74: piece of advice never ever watch Congo if you want to see a good movie

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Everyone needs to see Congo. It's got Bruce Campbell in it. Though he gets killed in the first 5 minutes.....but it's also got a creepy Tim Curry and Ernie 'The 4th Ghostbuster' Hudson in it and they do not die in the first 5 minutes.

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@PrinceIMC: be drunk when you do, sober its a piece of crap but drunk its a master piece

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This was great, Can't wait to see things unfold.

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Nice use of urine :) Is T'Chaka well y'know...

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@kamrenamir: Thanks man

@tomdickharry1984: Thanks. As for your question...keep reading

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Booo! :) Just tell me...

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@tomdickharry1984: Part 4 is up, the reveal is in there...maybe

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Oliver Queen seems to drink alot of urine in your storues man! :)

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I'm going back and catching uo on all the Amalgam stuff but I should have really read this sooner, it's awesome

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Great read man.

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Good work @batkevin! Nice use of comedy with the Big Monkey line and also I do like Oliver's rage at the jungle with "I! HATE! THIS! COUNTRY!" as he falls out of the tree. Green Panther is very entertaining and you blend a tinge of heart string tug when Dinah refuses to believe he may be dead. This is good work (and I also have not seen Congo or Mighty Joe Young)

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks man

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{Stupid country! Stupid monkeys! Going to buy this place and turn it into a car park!} Still very good

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