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(Note-Sigh, Took to long to write, blah blah blah, Here's number 4 if you missed it.http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/the-new-amalgam-universe-teth-dakom-4/669630/#4)

Rated PG

After training alone for the rest of that turbulant day, Dak felt more energized than he should have. "This must be that Stamina of Shu." Dak said while floating above the desert and practicing a number of unique fighting moves that he created.

" Finally, the sun is down now I can find my way to New Metropolis." Easing down to the ground Dak looked into the sky and observed the many stars.

After a minute of looking Dak saw it. The north star was shining bright above him. "I need to go north until the Atlantic is in sight, then, I head west.

Making no hesitation Dak erupted off of the ground and headed north. " There's that Wisdom of Zehuti."

15 Minutes Later

Arriving above France, Dak noticed the Atlantic ocean and dashed towards it. As he soar over the blue vastness now about 2 miles from shore Dak noticed something moving under the water.

Looking closer Dak realized that it was a submarine. Smiling deviantly Dak descended . "I havent killed anyone in so long." Saying this Dak dove strait under the surface of the water.

Under the ocean Dak was proppeling towards the top of the submarine. Upon entering the vessel Dak made sure that as little water came in as possible. Dak climbed down the ladder and was now in a small room.

Walking towards the exit Dak heard multiple foot steps outside of the thick metal door. "Better try and play innocent."

Dak said as he waited for the footsteps to pass. After nothing could be heared Dak began to mutter the magic word, but before it could leave his mouth, the metal door to the room was swung open.

A soldier with a powerful looking Assult Rifle was standing in the dooor way. Both of the men stood still and before Dak could react the the soldier began firing at him. Dodging the bullets was a peace of cake. Dak rushed towards the soldier and delivered a fatal blow to the chest. The soldier flew back and into the hallway, thumping against the wall and laying unconscious.

"That was a nice warm up." Dak said walking into the hallway. He was surprised that no other soldiers heard the commotion.

Walking through the tangled hallways Dak did not hear or see any other soldiers. After minutes of walking Dak heard talking coming from a room.

"Let's see if I can get any political secrets out of this" Dak said as he put his ear up to the door.

"The numerous guns and explosives on this vessel are in fact made to protect against or attack, meta humans or any other type of being that could pose a threat to the human race." The briefing was told in a heavy french accent.

"They have been certified by all countries in the U.N,and you are all bound by the French army to never talk about this, if you chose to, you and whoever you spoke to, will be murdered. Are there any questions?" There was no sound from in the room. "Okay men, dismissed."

Dak prepared to fight as the door opened and soldiers pour out into the hallway. To his surprise only about ten soldiers came out of that door and none of them saw him. As Dak begin to walk into the empty confrence room

he heared running and when he turned around a soldier darted around the corner. Dak acted just as fast but when he got around the corner the soldier was no where to be seen. Walking further down the hallway Dak heard yelling from a room at the end of the hall..

"The intruder, I've been following him for a while, he has the power of the meta that is going to be transferred from Spain." There was a pause and Dak walked hastily but quietly towards the door. "You don't mean, Mary X, do you?""I do captain, and we must alert."

Dak didn't hear anything after that because he was already around the corner and at a door that lead to the boiler room. Opening the door Dak flew down the stairs breaking pipes and causing leaks. "Shazam" Dak said. He was transformed back

to his child form and he immediatly unleashed his claws. Standing under a vent Dak scraped the claws on the ground a spark shot up, as the spark hit the fluid on the ground Dak sheathed his claws. "Shazam" and he was now Teth again. Flying through

the roof Dak kept going and going until he was now outside of the water. Looking at the sea from above an explosion was heared and the water rose and soon after, it settled.

Thinking of what he heared, Dak's mind was now set. Lady Blaze would have to wait, Teth Dakom was headed for Spain.

(Note-I hope you liked it. Do you have any advice on my writing? If so, put it down there |


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Love it. Can't wait for more.

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Pretty good.

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@kamrenamir: It's good but I have some questions.

1) How did Dak get on board the sub?

2) Does his Shazam not come with lightning?

3) Because if so then shouldn't the sub be hit by magical lightning at least twice?

Overall it's good (and nice pic by )

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  1. He went through that thing thats on the top of submarines. I don't know the name of it. I know there's a term for it.
  2. It does and I know that I didn't include the lightning stuff
  3. Okay, I thought that the lightning went through stuff to get to whoever called it. But I guess I am wrong.
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@kamrenamir: Conning Tower. Okay because if it's underwater they probably would've noticed water rushing into the craft by someone forcing their way in from outside, subs hatches seal from the INSIDE. These are minor gripes on my part.

If he'd snuck in through the torpedo tube...and maybe his lightning isn't the Captain Marvel/Black Adam 'KerBlammo' lighting.

It's good, just need some clarification