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An under staffed Hospital 32 years ago

“It’s a miracle that you were able to make it here in your condition ma’am” the young nurse glanced frantically down at her charts “I…..I’m sorry ma’am you didn’t fill out the space for occupation, and you didn’t list any form of insurance”. The woman glared at the assistant her clothes were worn and stained it was clear to see she had walked here alone, while pregnant, a rough and due pregnancy at that anyone could see she was in bad shape. “I don’t have any damn insurance” Tara Pierce hissed out between pained gasps ‘look, I need help, please, I’m a prostitute for gods sakes, okay, that kind of job doesn’t really come with health benefits”. Nurse Gambi nervously tapped her fingers against her chart slightly taken aback and majorly overwhelmed “Ma’am I don’t…….”. “Please” Tara begged “the baby is almost here”. Someone loudly cleared their throat and Doctor Gustaven approached the women wearing a wolfish grin “That will be quiet alright Nurse Gambi, we’ll treat her off the books, it wouldn’t be right to let this poor woman suffer, now would it”. “…….Of course doctor” Nurse Gambi breathe out relieved. “Good, now no time to drag our feet, please escort the patient into room 472”. “Room 472?” questioned the nurse “but that’s….”, “We can’t very well use a legitimate room for an illegitimate patient can we?, Take her there now” Gustaven ordered. The nurse escorted Ms. Peirce through the double doors. Gambi escorted Ms. Peirce through the busy emergency ward and to Ms. Pierce’s bewilderment also past the maternity ward.

Eventually they came to a dark and empty section of the hospital, Tara’s surprise briefly overcame her pain and she noted that most of the lights had gone out and that the floor was covered by broken shards of glass and rubble. “In here ma’am” Nurse Gambi said while herding her into one of the few lit rooms. Nurse Gambi delicately positioned her onto a torn medical bed before heading quickly out of the door to find the doctor; Ms. Pierce was too pained to protest being left alone. By the time Dr. Gustaven arrived she was in between gasp and screams too out of her mind with agony to worry that no one could hear her scream, no one at all. “For the love of Jesus, do something” she yelled at him fiercely “Of course Ms. Pierce” he advanced closing the door behind him “of course” Dr. Gustaven’s grin had grown into a sadistic smile “Hold still and your pain will be gone momentarily”. Even through the pain of child birth Tara Pierce could recognize something sinister in her doctor as he drew ever closer, slowly leaning over her, as Gustaven’s smile grew wide enough to reveal glistening fangs Tara Pierce’s last moments were of nothing but pain and fear. ‘What the hell? No get awa-” but she was gone before finishing her sentence. As Gustaven drank all of her precious blood he tasted something not quite human, something vaguely…..warped, perhaps even….mutated? It was exquisite; he was too enthralled to notice the hair on his arm standing on end, or the small light show of electricity sparkling over her victim’s enlarged stomach. Standing over the corpse of his victim he knew almost instinctively that this was one too many missing women to go unnoticed and that all there was left to do was dispose of this body and move on to another source of immortality.

Nurse Gambi was vaguely worried about Ms. Pierce she hadn’t seen her or DR. Gustaven for the rest of her shift. She was so consumed in her thought that she tripped over something in the soil. “What?” Nurse Gambi turned to see what appeared to be a partially buried foot protruding from a hastily piled patch of dirt. Gambi stared terrified for a moment and tried to run but was compelled to dig through the muck until she discovered Tara Pierce buried in a shallow grave. She gawked stunned by the horror of the scene until she heard a small noise, she flippd the corpse to find a small child crying under the body.

The next day Nurse Gambi would seek out Dr. Gustaven as well asthe child’s family, she would find neither. Desperate Nurse Gambi would leave the child to be raised by her father Jamal Gambi famed track star and unbeknownst to his daughter powerful vampire hunter.

Today, Suicide Slums, Garfield High School.

“Well, Mr. Pierce this is the school, as you can see it’s in uh…less than perfect condition, turning it around will certainly be hard work but with your credentials I have the upmost confidence in your ability to do so.” The Administrator explained all this while glancing around nervously as if expecting to be mugged “About your record, do you mind me asking where you disappeared to a few years ago?” In contrast to his potential employer Eric Pierce looked assured and unconcerned if not relaxed as he replied “I was in Brittan furthering my…..studies on teaching techniques” only if furthering my studies on teaching techniques meant hunting monsters of the worst kind. As they passed a group of Eric’s perspective pupils bulling a smaller child he noted that maybe they weren’t so different after all. Deep down Eric was confident in his ability to help these students, if not his ability to reform the whole area, but that wasn’t why he was here, being The Principle of an underperforming intercity high school was just a cover to assist in his hunt. “Well it’s strange that, that didn’t show up, anyway before I hand you the keys I feel obligated to warn you that on top of the…criminal element” He sneered at a passing teenager with a bandana around his forehead, “there has also been a string of missing people recently. ”“Yeah,” Pierce said frowning, “I know”.

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Great story. Just added to the library.

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@TheCannon: Thanks

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I LIKE IT! Great fic!

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No problem. I like commenting on stuff I like.

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this is Black Lightning and Blade right?

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@joshmightbe: yeah but I leaned on Blades origin and just kind of made his mom a mutant to explain his lightning powers, It will look more like a Black Lightning story going forward except more gruesome and with vampires.

What did you think

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@BlackArmor: It was really good

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@joshmightbe: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I typed it up at 3 in the morning on a malfunctioning computer so I was scared I would screw it up

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@primepower53: Thanks allot it means allot coming from someone with such great fics

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Lightning vampire! Nice

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@BlackArmor said:

@primepower53: Thanks allot it means allot coming from someone with such great fics

You're very welcome!

And thank you for the complement! You're quite good as well!

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@BlackArmor: It's good, very good. The format's a tad squishy but that is a minor astethic gripe on my part.

Wouldn't say Shock Blade be a more a more appropriate name or Lightning Blade...bah I don't mind its a good story and you can amalgam who & how you like. Keep up the good work!

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@batkevin74: Thanks for the review, I stayed away from Lightning Blade because I didn't want people to think of Naruto but Shock Blade didn't even occur to me it's a good name though

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@BlackArmor: I don't watch/read/know Naruto. But great story, looking forward to seeing more

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