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Hi everyone. Uhm... so here is the sequel to the first part so enjoy or dislike and if so, please leave some comments or criticisms. Any form of response would be highly appreciated :)) Well... here you go.


Link to the first part: Netherseeker: Tears of God/ Spit of the Devil (part 1)


"I don't believe it nowadays. The Chinese used to imbue the idea that the balance of the yin-yang will ever be present in the world. Well, how wrong could they ever get. The evil engulfs the insides of the good; twisting and bestially crushing the heart of the good and influences it to do as the demon pleases. As I see in this hellhole of a city, the distinction of good from evil is no longer existing. Even the morality of people are being subjugated by earthly desires that twists their minds up to the point where they can't distinguish whether they are insane or not. Sadly, the persons who should be on the mission to spread the word of God are the ones concealing it. The priests are but of businessmen as of today. They don't preach to people just so many others will be saved from judgment but they preach for their own selfish ambitions. In the past, the priests even resorted to edit the bible... heavily. And some would resort to other unholy methods of having it their way."

Just like what I was thinking. As I float between my train of thoughts, I knew right from the start that something shitty was about to unfold and I was in its bloody center. As I looked toward the sky, to my surprise, the clouds have all gathered to form new dense and thick ones. But it is not for raining water... but it brings the havoc of fiery destruction. From black to crimson red, the clouds spat out huge balls of fire, large enough to engulf a range rover without spreading its combustion. All the people were running about and might be thinking how will they survive this. I ran with the crowd thinking there might be a good chance we will all get out of here unscathed but it is to no avail. Fires rain down as fast as the downpour of December rain. People were being engulfed by the flame one by one; if not by being hit by those bloody balls of fire but it is because of people already burning and desperately begging for help to other people. I outran most of the people (not to my surprise anyway) so I quickly look back to check on the situation and bloody hell do I find a big let down. The rain of terror has stopped but what it entrails was worse. Most of the people have been burned to a crisp. Their flesh has been teared of off their body. The bones and cartilage that should be resistant enough to heat were sizzling like the caldera of Mount Vesuvius. But what made a tear go down my cheeks is a young boy (still alive) who was trying to crawl near me thinking that I can help him. His lower face had already been destroyed by the flames. His right eye was shut by his smoldering eyelids and his lower body is practically gone. I wonder how he feels when his burnt skin rubs the rough asphalt of London. He tried to speak to me, ask for my assistance. But all I could do was turn my back away and leave him be as I shed more tears on my way far from this hellhole. I could've ended his misery but no! I had to let the kid bleedin' suffer a slow and painful one. I am a coward.

I was low. I went to a PUB near my so called home. It's a faint bar. Not much of customers. A perfect place to reflect on how the world is so fucked up. I sat down and ordered a whiskey... to forget what I saw. Two blokes were sitting beside me. Chattering about something else that I surely wouldn't like to talk about as a topic so I didn't mind. While I drank the cheap Whiskey, the nice bartender turned the telly on to see what's on the news. And what a surprise... it's the bloody incident I'm in! I focused all my attention to the news and this is what it said.

Disaster has struck in the park of London where approximately 100 people where killed by the devastation due to the intense burn they have acquired. Luckily, a few people survived with minimal damage and are being detained which was ordered by an influential religious institution which claims to be the "Theosophists' Church of Newearth or simply T-CoN." How the catastrophic event has happened is still unknown but T-CoN explains that the end times is nearing and God is engineering the fall and judgment of humanity so that they could ascend to the higher planes. We will consult the experts in accordance with this phenomenon so stay tuned.

"Holy crap! What the f$%* was that?!" I couldn't control my tempre anymore so I swore out loud. 'tis a good thing only a few blokes are around. The two looked at me and one said "'ye got a fam'ly there son? I know this is a fucked'p world we live in but we can't controll it. We're just critters that await the judgment from the so called Divine." And the other one butted in and said "Yeah son, we all have our turns to die y'know. We might all go to hell or heck... we could even go to heaven but how we get there is a wee bit unexpected b'cos it's said in this whutsi'called... oh yeah, the bible that only God knows how'll we die." Yeah. I stood up and went out of the bar because it's funny how useless those blokes are. They don't even know what they're saying. There is always a reason to every twist and turn... even the will of God has its reason. It's just that we have to figure it out on ourselves. I lit me' fag and went on walking away from the bar and I thought about things. T-CoN? Since when did London have a T-CoN? And why are those people being detained? And why are they the ones who gave their opinion on the press? It could be some other church organization ennit? But no... It has to be them. There is something suspicious about all this and it excites me to the very core of my individuality. That event... I felt like T-CoN was behind it. The incantation that I heard as well. But I stopped walking and realized something. If they detained the survivors, then why am I still roaming around? Could it be that I outran them? No. They would use their influence to look for any remaining survivor. Also, I felt the essence of that incantation... it touched and teased me. They know who I am. Oh darn! I need to go back to the park!


To be continued...

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@Resonance: Great but again the swearing! I know swearing is a part of John like his hands, but you need to edit it, I'd hate to see this get deleted.

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@Resonance: it's a nice story, but like Batkevin and Josh have said you need to tone down the language. I understand you are writing in the the same way you would if you were actully writing Hellblazer, but remember you are writing on comic vine and we have rules. Please read our Site Rules and FAQs. We can't have profanity in the forums even in the fan fiction section. You are given a lot of leyway in this section to write what you want, but you have to stay in the bounds of Comic vine rules. I won't go as far as kevin suggests in the sense of actually deleting this, but I would ask you to sensor curse words in the same way kevin suggested which was to put f%!^ or #@$!& works as a substitute.

I won't lock this either, but I would ask that you edit part 1 and this part 2, because that language isn't appropriate on Comic vine. Consider this a friendly warning. next time I won't be so kind.