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Continuing from Part 3.

Introduction: Once Namor's father died, Namor sought vengeance on those who took his father's life and attacked his people.

Since Namor had just been recently inducted to be ruler of Atlantis, Namor is now exercising his right to control his people's military. Namor has decided to take the weapon from the assassin used to kill Namor's father to the military facility and track its origin.


Atlantean Military Facility


"My father....has died before my very eyes." Namor says while holding back tears. "Whoever did this shall pay."

"Namor, I've seen that look in your eyes, what are you planning to do?" Laura says. "That look means you're going to do something stupid. You may never listen to what I have to say, but listen to me now-don't do what you're thinking."

She stands tall to the left of Namor, with her hands on her waist, giving Namor a stern yet concerning look.

"Look, Laura. That man-thing-" he says decisively as he points to the dead assassin laying on the floor five feet from Namor "killed my father. I am not going to rest until I have done him justice." As he says this, he hands the energy weapon used to kill his father to the scientist standing in front of him. He is wearing a all black lab coat with latex gloves on.

"Yes, sir." The man says. He grabs the weapon, holding it firmly in his hand. He puts the weapon on a large, grey machine with flashing white lights. He then presses a button which lights up the glass surface the weapon is lying on. "This machine will track the electron's discharge from the weapon and locate the quantum wave which formed when the weapon was constructed. After all, every thing that is constructed, a star, a boat, a Atlantean-generates a quantum wave which violates locality." As the man says this with confidence, he looks at machine, waiting for the results.

"BEEEPBOOPBEEP!" The machine wanes, seconds later-a soothing female voice says "Rhode Island, USA, origin of weapon is 15 feet under this island." The machine then winds down and the flashing lights turn off.

"There you go, sir." The man says.

"Thank you. Your hard work will be remembered in Atlantean history." Namor says as he shakes the man's hand.

"Why is that?" The man asks cautiously.

"Because-Atlanteans are going to want to know who started the great war which Avenged Dhampir's death."

both Laura and the man say loudly "GREAT WAR?"

Laura then stammers, "We haven't had a war in a MILLENIA, the last time Atlantis went to war was under Dhampir, and that war is what nearly cost Atlantis its people! Now you wish to go back to that time? You can't do that Namor!"

"Don't worry," Namor says non chalantly, "My forces will go to this-Rhode Island- and my military will handle this threat, handily."

"It's not them I'm worried about Namor, it's you." Laura says as she gets in front of Namor, mere inches away from his face. "Atlantis will barely be able to handle the death of its creator and greatest ruler, and I won't be able to handle the death of the man I love." Laura stammers while becoming teary eyed.

"I'm sorry, Laura, but....this must be done." Namor says as he walks away.

"PLEASE!" Laura grabs Namor's arm, now sobbing, "Please......don't go."

Namor looks at her, for the first time showing regret in his face, he looks down to hide the pain when he says "I'm sorry." And he removes his arm from Laura's hand and walks out.

Namor prepares to make a speech to his people. He gets on the intercom in his palace, and his is holographically projected on every monitor in the city. "Today, the people of this city have suffered a great loss-Dhampir, Atlantis's creator and ruler-was killed today by an unknown assassin. I know not of the assassin's purpose, but I do know of its origin. Rhode Island, USA. All of Atlantis's military has been placed under my control. Now, I shall go to this location, and find the culprit, and bring him to justice. I do so not for recognition, but for closure. I shall bring to light the respect of my father, my wife, and my people. Goodbye, everyone."

Namor's holographic image disappears, and Namors sighs and facepalms, wondering the journey that lies ahead. In less then 24 hours, he has gone from princess to king to leader of an army that is about to start a war he isn't sure is going to end.

To be continued.....

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