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The Birth of who I am today.

              It happened when I was 21. The dreams still haunt me. It all started with one bad date. I was finally able to to drink and I was going to do just that. I was at bar when I saw them. I was with a couple of my buddies we were all there drinking and joking around. My buddies saw me checking them out and made a bet that I couldn't get them to go back my place with me. I was so damed buzzed that I took the bet. I walked over and used a couple of pickup lines bought us all some drinks and before I knew it we were hoping in the car and getting ready to head back to my place. My buddies were watching dumbfounded. I told the girls to wait a second that I would be right back. They got in the car and waited. I ran over to my buddies and collected the profit from our little bet. After we got back to my place they said they needed to go to the bathroom. I showed them were it was then told them I would be in the bedroom and told them were it was. A couple of minutes later they walk in and before I know it they are they were tearing chunks out of my chest. They held me down and right before they were about to put two holes in each side of my neck the door bust open. A women, that I would later discover was Abigail Whistler, runs in and they turn around and hiss. The blonde takes a bite out of my neck then they leap at her and she pulls out a gun and blast two holes in the blonde's head, the other one catches her off guard and tosses her into the wall.I reached into my nightstand and grabbed my gun, I fired off a couple of rounds and the vampire tried to jump at me. Abigail fires a couple of rounds into the vamps head then stands up. She walks over to me and sees that I've been biten. She tells me that the only reason she is going to walk away is because I'll die in 24 hours anyway. I lay there staring at her as she walks away. I grab my neck and feel the blood running down my neck as well. I get up and grab a shirt, I stumble out to my car and drive myself to the hospital. They ask me what happened. I knew that they wouldn't believe what really happened so I told them a dog bit me. They gave me some antibiotic and bandages the holes in my neck and on my chest.

The Turn begins.

             The day after my 21st birthday I felt a burning on my neck. It was were I had been biten. I remembered what the woman said "The only reason I'm not going to kill you now is because in 24 hours your going to die anyway." I thought maybe this was it, maybe this was the begging of my death. Suddenly the burning stopped. I decided that I had to find this woman who saved me. It was when my buddies called me. They wanted to go to lunch and talk about my "score" last night. I said sure and asked where they were at, they said Subway. I was hungry so I figured what the heck. I took a quick shower and when I looked down all of the holes in my chest were gone. I was amazed and puzzled at the same time. I couldn't figure it out, how had they possible healed. I mean first I was supposed to be dead and now not only am I alive but the holes in my chest are healed. I shook it off then got dressed and drove to Subway. When I got there my friends said they already ordered and threw a sandwich at me. I grabbed it and asked what kind it was and they said meatball with lots of garlic powered. I smiled and sat down. I unwrapped the sandwich and suddenly the burning started again. It was more furious then ever. I took a bite and suddenly I couldn't take it. I got up and ran to the bathroom and barfed. My friends were once again dumbfounded at the site of this. A few minutes later when I stumbled out of the bathroom I said I had to go and threw down 12 dollars and walked out to my car. The pain was enormous. I grunted with pain as I opened the car door and got in. Impressive usually people are dead by this time. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of her voice..."What the hell is happening to my why are you here?!" Just checking up on you...well I will see you later. With the blink of an eye she was gone. "What the hell is up with this crap!" When I was finally back at home I stumbled into my room and passed out on my bed The next morning when I woke up I felt alot better then the night before. I walked into the bathroom and started brushing my teeth when I noticed something....my canines had become exceptionally sharp. "What the he..." The phone rang before I could finish my sentence. I walked over and answered it. It was my grandmother. She wanted to have dinner with me. I told her I would be there at six but I had to go. I hung up and walked over to the computer. I tried to search for any kind of information on what was happening to me. I found nothing.

Dinner of Blood.

             I arrived at my grandmother's house at six like I promised. She was cooking a pot roast when I arrived she ran over to me and hugged and kissed me. She put the roast into the oven and then we went and sat down and talked. The timer went off and she got up to go get the pot roast. I followed behind her and helped her carry in the food. We had a pot roast and carrots and mac n' cheese and..........garlic bread. I never touched the garlic bread and stayed as far away from it as possible. All through the meal I could feel something deep deep down in the pit of my stomach and it was weird unlike anything I had ever felt before. After diner my grandmother went into the living room and watched some television while I cleaned up. Her cat watched me the whole time. When I was cleaning the carving knife  I slipped and cut my finger. The blood slowly ran out of the cut and for some reason I had to urge to drink it. I inhaled and loved the  smell.  The bleeding quickly stopped and the cut healed before my eyes. I was astounded. I finished the rest of the dishes and walked into the living room and found my grandmother asleep. I covered her up and kissed her forehead. I turned off the TV and turned off the lights. The cat rubbed on my leg and then ran to it's food bowl. I grabbed a can of food and put it in the cat's dish. That feeling had grown suddenly I grabbed the cat and bit into its neck. Blood squirted in a small stream and hit the wall. I sucked the animal dry. Suddenly I realized what I was doing and spit out the animal. I knew I could not let my grandmother know about this. I wiped the blood and fur from my mouth and took the cat outside. I wrapped it in a bag and through it in the trashcan. I then went back into the house and cleaned up the blood. I left my grandmothers house and drove home. When I got there I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe what I had just done.

Abigail Whistler


Abby and me
   It had been days since the events that conspired at my grandmothers house. I had moved up from cats and dogs to cattle. Then from there to people. It was a late night and I was stalking my prey...a young woman. When I jumped out at her she swung around and kicked me away. I jumped up and saw that it was the woman that had saved me or tried to anyway. I could tell she recognized me. I lunged at her again and again and again. Each time she step out of the way. She looked at me and said "I can help you. I can teach you to control it." I looked up at her and said "Control what you no nothing of me." "I can assure you that that is a false statement. I know alot about you and just like my father took in Blade I will take in you." I didn't like it but I knew she spoke the truth. So I went with her. She taught me how to fight how to use weapons and how to fight the thirst. I fought by her side for a year. I finally broke away from her and went out on my own. Now I hunt vampires but I will strike down all evils that cross my path.

My First and Last hunt with a team.

           The dream of my first hunt haunts me probably more than any other thing. That was the day the 5 of us died only to have 6 more of us killed later that night. We were on the hunt for a clan called Sabra. They were one of the stronger clans and Maria our technical person wasn't sure if I was ready for such a strong clan. Abigail was so sure I could handle it that she brought me anyway....a decision she would soon regret. We quickly cut through the front door security and infiltrated the base. We left two members behind to watch our backs and warn us of any more reinforcements that were headed our way. We split into teams. I went with Abigail and two others. We slowly walked down the corridors looking for Jacoby, the leader. We was told to be the strongest of any of the team members. He was rarely seen anywhere other than the safe house. His clan would bring him people so he wouldn't have to do it himself. We were almost to his room when walls shot up and separated us. Abigial gave us all instructions through our radio. I walked down the hallway with my gun drawn slowly and cautiously when I saw him. Abigail told me to hold my position and not to attack. I was being hard headed and told her I wasn't going to let him escape. I threw the radio down and took off after

Jacoby. He spun around and grabbed me. He had me by the throat. I tried to shoot him but he twisted my arm around and snapped it. Jacoby was a hideous site. His skin grey his lips oozing of black slim. He laughed in my face then said mmmmm I would bite you right now but I see your already one of us. So why do you hunt us? "I am nothing like you. You feed on the innocent." He threw me to the ground. We do what we were meant to do and nothing more. What about your precious humans. They slaughter animals to feed we slaughter humans...we both do what is needed to survive. Don't you see Samuel you and me we are the future. We were made to replace the human race. "No thats not true." Fine you want to fight and argue then they will die. Suddenly a tv screen blipped on and it showed that 3 of our members had been captured. Jacoby told me that the two members who were watching our backs had already been killed. I watched as they ripped apart my colleges. Blood splattered on the cameras, that was the only thing that hide the massacre from my eyes. Abigail had been watching from the ventilation duct above. She nearly cried at the site of our colleges death. She wiped her tears away and jumped down and drop kick Jacoby. She turned and helped me up. Jacoby lunged at us this time I kicked him. He grabbed my arm and I felt a sting. I shot him twice and he let go. Abigail and I took off and managed to escape. When we got back to base Abigail was sad and furious about what happened. She couldn't even stand to look at me. She went up to her room and locked herself in.

Deadly Hours.

      Hours went by and Abigail still wouldn't come out of her room. I sat outside of her door just inside of my own bed room. The thirst was great and I knew I would have to get the serum. I heard footsteps coming up of the stair and I jumped into a hiding spot. Maria was the one who appeared. She looked in my room and then I jumped down behind her. She was frightened at first but then she saw it was just me. "I brought you up your serum and a cup of coffee." I took it and injected the serum into my arm. I then took the coffee and said "Thanks babe." She smiled and sat next to me. I put my arm around her we sat there together staring at Abigail's door. "She will forgive you eventually darling just give her time." I nodded my head and said "I know she will. I can't stand to see her like this though. She is like a mother to me." “Honey I have something to tell you...I’m pregnant." I looked at her in shock. I didn’t know what to think. I hugged her and my eyes filled with tears of joy. “That’s that’s amazing! Oh baby how long have you known?” “For a few weeks. That’s why I got bigger cloths. I didn’t want you to know until the time was right. Honey it’s a boy. Your gonna be a daddy to a baby boy.” I still could believe it. I wrapped her in my arms with tears of joy running down my face I looked at her and said: “What should we name him?” I rubbed her belly and felt my son kick. She looked at me and said: “I was thinking Samuel the second. And for short we call him Sam” I hugged her again and said:” That’s a great name baby. I love it.” I sat that with my arms around her and I still could believe it. This was the greatest moment in my life. Suddenly the alarm went off and Max shouted up to us that there was a breach in the ware house. He said that they were Vampires. Before I could react I heard a bang in Abigail's room and then a thud. I told Maria to get out of here. She got up and ran down the stairs.  Something hit me from behind. I heard a laugh and then someone talking. I couldn’t understand it. I blacked out right as I heard the voice that would haunt me for years to come.  I woke up half an hour later.

Bound by the Sabra clan
My arms were bound as were my legs. Abigail was next to me and she was in the same state. I saw Jacoby and then realized that it was the Sabra clan. They had the rest of our members across from us and they had Maria. Thank you for leading us here Samuel. That little sting you felt when I grabbed you was the injection of a tracking device. You see when you shot me and tried to kill me you really PISSED ME OFF! So now your gonna watch the rest of your team and the love of your life die. I looked up at him and spat at him. “You so de lecous betch! You touch them and I will kill you!” You think you intimidate me boy. “I don’t need to intimidate you. I just need to kill you.” He smiled and kicked me in the side. I spat up some blood. Listen here boy. I am sick of you and your attitude. Lets see who we should start with. He walked up and down examining each and every member of the team. He stopped in front of our youngest member, Max. He grabbed him and Max tried to hide his fear but he didn’t do a good job at it. The fear was clearly printed on his face. What about him Samuel? I am going to do you a favor. I am going to let you choose which order they will die in. So whose it gonna be Samuel? I looked up at him. “Hmm my choice is you die then your guards die then the rest of you blood sucking bastards die. How’s that sound?” He smirked at me then said: Even in the face of destruction you don’t let your guard down do you. They trained you well but not well enough. Did you think I wouldn’t notice the glances to Maria. He inhaled. Oh how touching. Little boy Sammy and Maria a supposed to have a baby. So nice. To bad you will never see him. Men take her to the car. “No let me go…” “Let her go you so de lecouse betch! Leave her alone.” MUUUHHAHAHAHAHAHA groveling like a dog. Disgusting! He ran over and kicked me again and again and again in the head. “You son de lecuose betch! I will kill you!” He looked at me with a smug look I don’t think you’re in a position to be making threats boy. Now lets finish this party. He walked over to Max and grabbed him. He then drove a knife through his heart. Max screamed in pain all the while. The only reason his screams still don’t haunt me today is because of the screams I would soon hear. He slowly cut the others throats and let them fall to the floor. Each soaking a pool of blood. The site was horrific. It looked like a massacre no it was a massacre. Jacoby shot me in the leg and then in the arm. The blood seeped out and puddled on the floor. He walked over to me and bent down next to me. Next time make sure you kill me before leaving. Now I am going to kill you and Abigail. Lets start with the lady…. A spike shot through the head of one of Jacoby’s body guards and he fell to the floor and turned to ash. Suddenly the lights flipped on. Jacoby hissed and took off. His body guards tried to follow but were shot with silver and fell into piles of ash. Suddenly I saw a man and he cut me and Abigail loose. Abigail was still out cold and I was fading fast. The man asked if I could walk and I shook my head. I tried to stand and then every thing went black. When I woke up Abigail was standing over me. “Easy there stud. We’re safe now so just relax. You had us really worried.”  “Where is Maria?!” She looked at me with saddened eyes and said: “He got away and she was with him. I’m so sor.. “I cut her off and got up. I ripped the tubes out of my chest and walked over and picked up my shirt. “I cant let him hurt her. I screwed up big this time Abi and I can’t let her down.” You can’t take him alone stay with us and… “And nothing. If I stay he might come looking for me and kill more of you. Look at how many of us he has already slaughtered. I can’t deal with that grief. I won’t let him kill Maria. Even if it means killing myself to save her.” “Think about what your doing here. If you go after him alone he will kill you, slowly and painfully. You need to think back to your training.” I slammed my fist down on the table putting two huge dents in it. “Forget that damned training this isn’t a training simulation! This is real. This is Maria and my son.” She looked at me with widened eyes. She didn’t know. “That’s right. Maria is pregnant with our son. I won’t let him kill her or him.” I turned around and picked up my guns and other weapons. I started to walk out of the room when Abigail said: “Here take this.” She tossed me a shotgun. “Thanks.” “If you ever need anything you know how to find me." I nodded and turned around, I walked away that day and vowed to fight any evil until the day I find Jacoby.
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ppfff. im not gonna read all that, i'll be different and wait for someone else to judge you then just agree with them.

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come on no one wants to rate me...oh well

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i think your story goes to fast they probably want me dialogue like in a good rpg

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lol i think im going to add more and fix it when i feel like it.

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Day Hunter said:
"lol i think im going to add more and fix it when i feel like it."
That'll might work plus the way it went you just stopping when it got good didn't feel right
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I wrote at like 3 in the morning one night i was tired and just quick finished.

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"I wrote at like 3 in the morning one night i was tired and just quick finished."
I know how you feel just got to get them ideas out, but when I get tired instead I just save it to a document on word so i can finished it later without getting the readers upset