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ok, i've had a few people ask me to recommend some good reading, so i decided to start this thread...

over on TTH i have a space especially for my favorite fanfic's and some fanart that i have done for them.

be warned, a lot of these are Buffy / Stargate or Highlander crossovers.

anyway, give them a try... if you enjoy a good read these are definitely on my list for amazing works.

This one goes out to a brilliant fic by Eponine, "Hearts Adrift". Which you can find here.

This one's for one of my all time fave's... Moebius Man by Jedibuttercup. Truly Amazing Fic.

Which you can find here."

This has got to be one of my all time favourite stories...

The Swords of Light stories by TwilightUnicorn which you can find here.

This fic is currently undergoing a bit of a rewrite, so you can find the alternate one here.

Anyway, both are excellent stories and I highly recommend reading them.

Another favorite here, Incubus by AnimeRonin.

Which you can find here.

Halloween fic where Xander dresses as Walter, from the Manga Hellsing. Highly amusing, can't wait to see where this one goes.

Ok, this ones a bit darker than my usual choice of fic. Incubus by Siege

Which you can find here.

"Xander's Parentage comes into question with surprising results, Hot and heavy at times with some spicy sauce."

Good story, over 18's only though.

Have a read here and see what you think...

"It's Christmas time in Seacouver, guess who is coming to dinner."

Multiple crossings, Spike and Methos playing chess. Oz and Joe bouncing the blues off each other... No heroes in sight.

Brilliant Christmas fic done by Paradoqz

Which you can find here.

This is a shout to the Inheritance Series by Dragonhulk.

"During the Second World War heros walked the world with powers of gods. As time went by they died or faded away, now that the world needs them again its time for their children to come into their inheritance."

Have a read of this amazing series featuring Xander here.

This one goes out to Mara Jade's amazing fic "Force". Without a doubt the best Stargate / Star Wars crossover I have ever read.

A pity that Mara doesn't post on TTH, but you can find this amazing fic here. A really good read, highly recommended if you are a Stargate or Star Wars fan.

I will be adding more to this list, some without pictures and some with when i come across brilliant fic's, but those are the best that i have read so far.


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Ok, this one goes out to possibly the best Law and Order SVU crossover out there... Sevangel has done an amazing job crossing the two universes as won multiple awards for this fic. "My Daughter the what?" is an amazing crossover where you are launched into a family situation that actually comes across as being realistic, not forced as some crossovers can tend to be. I highly recommend going over and reading it... you can find it here.

This one goes out to the amazing fic, Fates of Love by Bighead, seriously, if you haven't read this yet, go and read this amazing fic featuring Xander. It's definitely one of my all time fave's on the site. Find it here, go forth, read and enjoy it as much as i did.

I have no explanation for this one... Rivulet wrote this amazing fic, "Annoying Daniel in Three Easy Steps" which for some reason I couldn't get out of my head all day...

Whether it's the Vala / Tara relationship or the way Daniel is written, I don't know... But this fic has definitely cheered up my day and earned a place in my favorites list. I hope Rivulet writes some more of this soon :D

more to come soon

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