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Draka Dracula's profile (My name on FF.Net is Draka Dracula.

A lot of them are crossovers. A comic crossover is Throttle of Themyscaria:

Throttle of Themyscaria

It's a crossover of Wonder Woman and Biker Mice from Mars. A little thing I kept thinking about, and finally decided to put up.

Summery: The Biker Mice and Charley watch a newscast with Wonder Woman in action. Throttle --the gold Mouse with the glasses-- keeps thinking Diana!, without knowing why he thinks that name. Diana captures the criminal, and her Lasso of Truth reveals the Plutarkians sceme on Earth. The Mice decide to return to Mars, in case Limburger should attack Mars. Before they leave, Wonder Woman arrives. She goes with them to Mars.

During a battle on Mars, Throttle is zapped with a time machine. He disappears, but just as the others are about to avenge him, an army in ancient armor, and on horseback comes to rescue the Freedom Fighters.

When the army gets closer, Wonder Woman and the Mice discover that they are all women! Wonder Woman reveals that the army is the Amazons. But even more startling is the rider in the lead. Riding a horse, dressed in ancient Greek armor, sword in one hand, shield in the other is none other than...


But what happened to him earlier, and how did he get back? And how has he changed?

Read "Throttle of Themyscaria" and find out!

(unabashed plug)

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I read the Throttle of Themyscira... zOMG Wonder Woman!

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Liked it. You have a good main char in Throttle.

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I'm glad you liked it. I'm still working on it, though, so expect more chapters to go up when I get them written.

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He was a good character in the cartoon. I just thought he'd do well on Paradise Island. Vinnie would be freaking out on an island full of women, and Stoker would be a little better. Poor Modo would be blushing and "Excuse me, ma'am," the whole time, as would Rimfire. Charley and Carbine were out because I've always liked the idea of one male on Paradise Island. And that one male would be the "prince" of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman Room

It's the page on my site devoted to Wonder Woman.

Drak Pack Headquarters --REBORN!: My site as a whole. Lots of "rooms" for my favorite shows, characters, and the like.

I have several fanfic libraries on my site, including one for Drak Pack.

Fanfic Library: This is the major one for most of my non-Drak Pack fics. If you scroll down, you'll find a Wonder Woman fic that has an early "male-on-Paradise-Island" situation, which is, in turn, an updated version of a super hero I made up wayyyy back in 1977-78.