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Scientist, and other smart types, say there could be undiscovered creatures all around us. Not like Bigfoot or Nessie or whatever. Those guys are pretty well established with a million blurry, black and white photo's. Nope. I'm talking about the unknown creatures invading the urban environment. My name is Wildvine, I'm an investigative journalist. And I'm out for the truth. And good ratings, but mostly the truth.

As far back as the eighties, these things have been sighted....


Old Hunter: "I heard something like, Ohhhhhhhhh Yeeeeaaahhhh. Then something came crashing thorough the woods. I only got a glimpse, but it was big. And red..."

They've been seen across America, from laundry rooms, to fast food restaurants....


Lady: "We...we just wanted a pizza. But the Noid held up the delivery guy. Why? Why did he care about our pizza? Why did this happen to our family?" She begins crying.

From breaking into kitchens to bake rolls, to outright theft of hamburgers. Not only have they infiltrated society, they've lost the fear of man. Join me each week as i divide fact from fiction, and uncover the dark truths behind these sightings. These are...

The missing tapes.

Coming soon to the Wv channel. Check your local listings.

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Now this is some good stuff, I darn well wet myself. Wildvine you have a talent. Usually when I read things like this it takes me a second or two to catch on with the joke. This one I read perfect. Good Job! Can't wait for more.

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@wildvine: Looking forward to this :D

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You do comedy perfectly. Well done!