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Rated: M for Mature

Disclaimer: The world in which MI:26 exists belongs to Marvel this is a work for entertainment purposes only.

Continued from:

MI:26 Real World #1

The seated officials watched as the covert marksmen made their swift exit from the scene as the regular police arrived, the cameras on there helmets shut to black. Sir Simon addressed the table

“The Subject has been neutralised as you have witnessed. Now, we already have units on their way to his last known addresses and contacts. The developments will be updated to you as soon as they come through, but for the moment you will have to excuse me, I shall be personally overseeing the next Phases of the operation.”

The man who had been unsettled at the appearance of Dean Walker on the monitor spoke up to catch Sir Simon before he left the room

“Next Phases?”

Sir Simon, again accompanied by Andrew paused at the door

“Of course, our division will be handling the continuing investigation until its conclusion.”

He then departed, curious to the identity of the man whom he did not initially recognize and so enquired to Andrew

“Who exactly was that?”

“Richard Hardy, liaison and junior field operative of MI:13.”

“Ah I see. Be sure he is kept swiftly up to date will you.”

Richard knew something was deeply wrong, he was sure he had seen the man who had just been shot but could not remember where or who he was, but it was definitely connected to MI:13. He left the conference room with the other officials and quickly made his way back to his car. Once inside he pulled out his laptop and logged into the secure network. Remembering the face, eyes and most importantly exhibited ability’s of the now dead man he quickly identified him. Dean Walker: Mutant, Ability: Bio energy absorption and conversion via lethal application. MI:13 subject under observation and previous employee. Richard called another operative.

“Alan, Richard. Dean Walker a mutant on watch, level 4 threat, just got taken down, was 13 in on this?”

Alan was in what would appear from the outside as nothing more than another abandoned shop, but inside it was a state of the art waypoint for MI:13 operatives. In a flash Alan had found the file on Walker and already cross-referenced any information current on him.

“Not that I can find, no word from above. No notifications. Hell, he’s not even late with his rent.”

Richard was even more puzzled.

“Was he due to check in? What about his history as an op?”

Alan, whose fingers darted around the keyboard like a spider again took no time to find an answer.

“Nothing out of the ordinary, well other than the usual. He was caught up in a few hairy missions and left on stress grounds, another one from the whole Skrull thing. From then on he got in a few fights in pubs and started to let his powers slip, so ended up on the other side of the radar. Looks like we had a word or two with him and things calmed down, but that’s about 18 months ago now. What did he do?”

“Walked into central London and vaporised some woman before being shot to hell. It’s the fact that we were kept in the dark I don’t like. Anything else you can tell me?”

“Well nothing on Walker, but there’s a new one not to far away from you that’s in need of a similar chat.”

“Go on”

“Eve Roberts, she’s supposed to be on Murton’s list but he’s…. That’s interesting?”

“What... Alan what’s interesting?”

Alan studied the file closely.

“She’s just been bumped up to a level 4 threat, from the mainframe.”

“On whose authority?”

“Doesn’t say. I’ll check it out anyway, can I put you down as on the job?”

Richard closed the laptop.

“Yeah sure, I’m on my way. Anything comes up, the slightest change on Walker you let me know”

“No problemo”

Richard hung up. He then started his car and made is way to the location sent directly to his sat nav. 45 minutes in which to contemplate what he had just seen and found out.

In Whitehall Sir Simon and Andrew had entered the operations room, a bustling environment of officials sat at numerous computer terminals that displayed everything from satellite, live CCTV, thermal, and reality warping images of London. Lieutenant Colonel Williams saluted Sir Simon.

“Sir, the team is assembled and ready for activation.”

Sir Simon moved beside Williams and observed the central screen. A massive object that dominated the room, it displayed a large picture of London with countless green dots scattered all around, all moving, including some larger dots in yellow that were stationary.

“I’m impressed at your speed and proficiency, you must congratulate your men on the Walker mission. The right people were satisfied with the outcome. In regard to phase two, where do we stand?”

“With the information you have provided we have been able to identify and track all threats at this time. We are monitoring them with an array of standard and unconventional methods, we await your command to put phase two into full effect.”

“Well then Lieutenant Colonel, you have the command. Execute phase two.”

The already busy room became even more active at the order, the dots on the screens were joined buy others that rapidly moved around the existing ones. Sir Simon stood, fixed and unmoving as around him events took shape.

On the other side of London Richard noticed an increase in alarms around him, distant at first then all the more noticeable. Police vans seemed to be appearing from nowhere and darting around the city, unmarked police cars suddenly made their presence known causing chaos to the traffic around them. Richards phone began to ring, It was Alan.

“Are you seeing anything Rich?”

“Lots of police activity, what’s happened?”

“Nothing, I can’t even see a pattern in their movements, there isn’t a ground zero or anything”

“All their doing here is causing a traffic jam. I’m almost at Roberts now anyway, keep me posted.”

As Richard pulled up in a car park that was adjacent to a dingy block of flats, the distant sound of sirens could still be heard echoing around the city. He made his way up to floor 2, Flat 11. Alan had sent the information to his phone; he glanced quickly at her profile having been distracted on the way over. He was not as clued up on her as he would have like to have been before a meeting, very unprofessional he thought, before being distracted yet again by the sirens. He knocked, nothing. He knocked again but with more authority. He heard movement inside.

“Miss Roberts? I’m a government official, open the door please.”

The door clattered and clinked, as various locks were undone, it creaked open ever so slightly; a short woman with long brown hair and deep blue eyes peered around and muttered quietly

“Are you sure about that?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Nothing, I’m Eve Roberts. I don’t like titles.”

“Fair enough, Miss…. Erm, Eve My name is Richard Hardy I work for MI:13 ,I’m here to talk to you about…”

“Yes I know, you can come in.”

She turned away before finishing speaking, leaving the door open for Richard to follow. As he entered he noted that there was very little that adorned the flat, just basic items and furniture, little to no luxuries. She had already sat down in the living room in a chair to the left of the door; opposite her was an empty chair more inline with the door than her. He sat down. She looked unconcerned with his arrival, detached almost.

“Eve, I take it then you know why I’m here.”

“Yes, but do you?”

Slightly confused although he was trained not to show it, Richard tried to get a read on Eve but found that she seemed to change every instant, He felt compelled to reach for his phone to get the full picture, even though it was as unprofessional as he would ever have had been before. As he began to reach for his phone he noticed that she began to tighten her grip on the arms of her chair, and her entire posture had tensed up. Suddenly the front door was blown clean from it’s frame and shattered, 3 men armed with semi-automatic rifles burst into Eves flat and rushed towards the living room with one intention, and it was not to ask questions.

To be continued.

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The intro was interesting, but something middle way interfered with the story. It may have been because I did not read the first chapter, but I cannot say for sure what it was. Anyways, the story was good until that point, but I might suggest spicing up the action between the dialogues. There is not much of any variety of sentence structure tagging alongside it either, in my opinion.

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@xxYoungFatexx: Thanks, all feedback is good. Been a good few years since I've attempted anything like this.