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Just so you all know, this story is very loosely based off the Inheritance series. Just thought I'd give you the heads up on that. I have spent many hours putting this together, and have many chapters, but will post them in small groups. Hope you enjoy it, and give me feedback on how you like it or don't like it. Thanks for reading! ^.^

Means to an End


On a clear morning, only the faint glow of the moonlight lit the sky. There were large trees all around, standing over fifty yards in height, and the ground below the giants was pitch black. Danger could lurk anywhere in the canopy of trees. Sounds could be heard, some favorable, some not. Then, the darkness was pierced by light. Streams of solar energy poured in through the holes in the groups of leaves, and lit up the forest. The sounds had stopped, the nocturnal animals retreating, leaving behind a still forest. It was almost too silent. Then, a nearby bush moved slightly, and a deer jumped out. Running like it was in danger, the deer sped by the trees, quickly scanning the upcoming path for danger. This was the .

Chapter 1

The deer had been running long and hard, and saw no danger. It slowed its pace slightly, and at the same moment an arrow came darting out from behind a tree. Flying past the morning air, the arrow struck true, sinking right into the heart of the deer. It fell, and squirmed around left and right rapidly, until it stopped, resting in peace. A short person, looking distinctly different from human, stepped out into a stream of light. “Aye, me arrow came through again.” This character’s figure was too stocky to be human. The figure had a long beard, and he looked as though he was in his thirties. He walked up to the deer, and looked it over. It wasn’t the largest deer, but it was good size. I will eat well tonight.  “Thank you, my friend, for supplying me food to eat. On my honor as a dwarf.” The dwarf grabbed the deer, and picked it up effortlessly. It must have weighed a few hundred pounds, so this dwarf was quite strong. Carrying it to his campsite, he set it down. Smoke filled the air from his campfire, and he pulled out a knife. Butchering the deer, he laid the pieces of meat on large rocks near the site. Grabbing his pack, he pulled out a large can. Salt be good to keep them fresh. Sprinkling the salt on the meat, he emptied much of the can. I be needing more supplies to keep going.

After drying the salted meat by the fire, the dwarf wrapped it up into small quantities, and stashed them in his large carrying bag. Taking the unused parts of the deer, the dwarf threw them over the side of a nearby cliff. That be rid of that. He walked back to his campsite, and noticed that his pack was open. Did I leave it open? The dwarf walked over to it, and saw that about one third of the meat was missing. Out of reflex, the dwarf scanned the area, looking intently for anything or anyone that could have taken it. After a long while of staring into the forest, he heard a stick break in half.

“You, come out and fight me!” roared the dwarf. There was no response. It must have been an animal, but… Glancing toward the bag again, he found some bread crumbs by it. Then, out of the brush, a man with a sword flew through the air toward the dwarf. The dwarf was unarmed, but that didn’t mean anything to him. The blade was only inches away from the dwarf’s head, when he flicked his wrist, pushing it out of his path. Grabbing the handle, the dwarf twisted it, and the sound of bone cracking could be heard. “Ahhhh!” screamed the man. The dwarf had the man’s sword, and put it at the stranger’s throat. “Where is my meat.” The man was too frightened to speak, and was in intense pain.

After half a minute, the man blurted out, “I was starving!” The dwarf raised an eyebrow. “You could have just came to me and asked for some, I have plenty. Now, why did you assault me like that?” The man’s wrist seemed to stop hurting him. The man turned to him. “I’m sorry, but I’ve been through a lot.” The dwarf lowered the sword, and looked at him intently. “Aye much has happened to me also.”

The two of them sat by the campfire, and exchanged some information with each other. “I haven’t revealed my name to you yet. I go by Austin, elite dwarf warrior.” The man looked at his wrist. “You’re really strong, how did you get like that?” A smile made its way over ’s lips. “It be a secret of its own.” The man shrugged his shoulders, and said, “My name is Builm, and I am a wanted man.” ’s grin widened. “Wanted as in, everybody likes you, or wanted as in the army of Galbatorix wants to kill you.”

The man started to laugh, when the sound of men yelling filled the air. Not too far away, the guards were giving plans. “Okay men, we are after Builm, for stealing from the king!”

Chapter 2

A scream pierced the air, like fingernails against stone, as a young woman was cornered against an old, wooden fence by three fearsome urgals. She looked as though she was in her late teens. She was trembling, with the urgals snarling and their horrid breath filling her breathing space. A large glop of saliva fell from the fat urgal’s lips, hitting the woman on her foot. The urgals stood naked, except for the small loincloth that they were wearing. Carrying battle axes stained with blood, these urgals were hungry for dinner. Little did the urgals know, that three mysterious shadows were moving towards them, from the other side of the fence, where the forest was dense.

The leader urgal opened his mouth, showing bright yellow fangs. “Dinnertime, little lady!” He gripped his axe tightly, and swung it toward the woman’s head. Suddenly, she started to glow, as the axe was milliseconds away from decapitate her. As the lead urgal’s axe passed through the glowing woman, the glowing stopped, and the woman had vanished. She had not sustained even a scratch. Reappearing in the thick of the forest, tens of yards away, the woman looked around in disbelief and amazement. A cool voice filled the air, “Not a believer in magic?” The woman spun around, trying to see the person, but she could not find him. “Are we playing a little hide and seek, are we?” She became frustrated and stopped, sitting down on the ground. A foot came into view, then a whole body.

Back by the fence, the urgals stood, unsure of what had just happened. The third urgal sniffed the air. “They are close, captain.” Eyes glowing red with hate, the lead urgal roared. “Come out and fight us you cowards!” Expecting a response, they were infuriated when there was nothing but silence. The lead urgal stabbed the fence with his horns, then flipped his neck back. Ripping the fence into splinters of wood, a large hole appeared in it. A bush nearby started to shake, and out walked two people. The taller one had pointed ears, and other distinguishing features, characterizing him as an elf. The shorter one was human. Both unarmed, the human and elf strode forward, eyeing the urgals. The elf spoke up, “What is your business here, urgals?” The lead urgal replied to him, “We are here on our own accord, and found a little dinner, until you filthy creatures snatched it from us.” The human put out his hand, and motioned for the urgals to strike by curling his fingers toward himself.

The body was revealed in a stream of light, and shone to be an elf. “Are you alright, my dear?” The woman looked at him, and said, “I am fine. But, why did you save me?” The elf smiled, and grinned. “Well, it looked like you needed to be saved.” The woman stood up, and said, “I’m Sarah, and you are?” Face becoming neutral again, the elf replied, “Jake.” Jake, along with his two companions, were in the middle of their teenage years. He walked over to her, and said, “Let’s go see how my friends are doing.” The two walked over to the end of the dense forest, peering out where the two stood, facing the urgals.

The three urgals rushed the group of two. What should we do Cole? The elf responded to him. Let’s toy with them. Shane nodded, and stood motionless, waiting for the urgals to reach him and his companion. Screaming through the air, the axe of the fat urgal was inches from Shane’s chest. Leaning back with inhuman speed, Shane dodged the blow easily. Rising with great speed and force, the axe from the third urgal was headed for the groin of Cole. Sidestepping ever so slightly, Cole dodged the blow at the last second. This went on for quite a while, and the urgals were tiring. Knocking the three urgals to the ground, Cole stopped, and said, “As I can see that you are tired, we will let you go in peace, if you leave now, and promise not to prey upon humans again.” The urgals glared at them. Who did they think they were, dictating rules like that. The fat urgal and the third urgal uttered a few words, then took off running. The lead urgal stayed his ground. “I will not be told what to do by the likes of you!”

Chapter 3

Far away from the encounter, stood a lone warrior, resting on a rock. He was staring at the sky, watching the formation of the clouds. He carried a one handed sword in his sheath and a longbow with quiver on his back. There was movement in the clouds as a streak of green blur passed through it. The warrior looked as though he was in his early twenties. Raising his arms, the warrior crouched low, and then dove off the rock. Off the edge he fell, hurtling towards the cool river below. Making movements with his arms, the warrior moved through the air with grace. Closing in on the waters below, the warrior had almost come into contact with the ground. The same green blur blew by, and he was gone.

Clinging to the large, green dragon’s tail, the warrior climbed up the dragon’s back to ride it. Careful of the spines, he evaded them, and sat on the dragon’s back. Using his mind, the warrior sent his thoughts to the dragon. Well, how are you today, Esmeralda? She responded, The air is cool, the wind is low, and the sun is shining. I’m quite fine Cly. I’m still full from last night’s deer that I found, and it should last me all of today. Cly, the warrior, responded back to her. I feel the same way, there seems to be nothing but peace around us, and for once in my life I feel like I can relax for a while.

After a long time of uneventful flying something happened. Suddenly, Cly felt a disturbance. Esmeralda felt it also. An arrow came into view from below them, and was coming right towards Cly’s chest. Out of instinct Cly said, “Letta du oro!” The arrow froze in mid-air, as if caught in a time warp. It remained there for a second, allowing Cly to grab it. He looked at it carefully. Well, what kind of arrow is it? Inspecting it, he was unsure of its make. Not human, elf, dwarf, urgal…wait, could it be, ra’zac? A feeling of dread went down Cly’s spine.  I sure hope it isn’t, they are deadly fighters, and their Lethrblaka can be quite devastating. Esmeralda looked down toward the ground, scanning it for any movement. It was a desolate area, and there appeared to be no sign of movement. They both reached out to the surrounding area with their minds. Picking up plants and animals, they were looking for any life readings that were out of the ordinary.

They both found the disturbance at the same time. Tucking her wings back, Esmeralda prepared for a dive. Flying downward at high speed, it was difficult for Cly to maintain on her back. Slipping backwards, one of her spines cut into his leg. Ouch. He said, “Waíse heill!” and the gash in his leg healed back up in a few seconds. As she extended her wings for a stopping stroke, Esmeralda beat her wings hard one time. Their speed slowed greatly, and Esmeralda landed on the ground with a loud thump.

Sweeping through the area again, Cly couldn’t find that trace of life again. Turning to Esmeralda he said, I don’t understand, we both felt it. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. A sharp pain burst into Cly’s leg, as another arrow of the same make dug into his thigh. Pulling it out carefully, Cly said to Esmeralda. It isn’t safe here, let’s go. Esmeralda sniffed the air. He is here Cly, but somehow he is hiding from our minds. A loud roar came from Esmeralda as she walked over to a tree, and grabbed it with her front legs. Digging her claws deep within the bark, it was securely in her grasp. With an effortless yank, the large tree was completely torn out of the ground. A small figure was behind it. Esmeralda’s tail wrapped around the creature’s neck, as she lifted it off the ground.

“Why did you attack me?” The creature remained motionless. It was short, with a large black cloak surrounding it. “What are you?” Again, no response. Cly raised his sword, Valor, to the creature’s neck. We will just find out then, won’t we. With a small puff of her breath, the hood fell backwards, revealing something that neither of them had ever seen.

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Oops...forgot to give my story a rating.

Probably between FR18 and FR21 for violence. No language, or sexual stuff in it.

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This is nice! You might need to explain a couple of terms such as Urgal or Ra'zac, if anyone who hasn't read Inheritance would read this though.

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Thanks. ^.^

I might explain those later, but for now, I'm off to read Brisignr!

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Chapter 4

Builm and Austin stood in the dark forest, silent, so not to alert the nearby guards. Builm was a wanted man, and wouldn’t turn him in; they had to use strategic planning, because one false move could be their demise. Looking at the campfire, he could see that there were still embers, and there was a small amount of smoke coming off of it. Grabbing the two fire buckets, he dumped dirt on the coals, followed by the water. proceeded to pack up his belongings, and was done in a few minutes.

Ten minutes had passed, and Builm whispered to , “I haven’t heard anything for a whi…” Fool, the guards are still here. The dwarf’s hand clasped over Builm’s mouth, stopping his words. This was a difficult task for him, because he was about two feet shorter than the human. An unfamiliar voice filled the misty air. “Captain, I think I found something.” The guard stuck his finger out, pointing at the guts of a deer. The captain put his hand under his chin. “Hmmm…clearly not done by any animal, this was the work of a sentient being. This is fresh, because it hasn’t been devoured yet.” Standing to his full height, the captain said, “The fugitive is near; brace yourselves for what lies ahead.”

As the guards spread out, they closed in on the two that were hunted. Less than one hundred yards away, the duo had to be silent. motioned for Builm to climb a nearby tree, and he did so without hesitation. Ever so stealthily, Builm climbed, branch after branch, until he was a good twenty yards off the ground. hid in behind a large bush, and knocked an arrow. One of the guards was coming in their direction, and was closing in fast. He looked up and saw Builm. Oh no, I’ve been seen! About to blurt it out to the whole world, released the string, sending the arrow hurtling towards the man’s neck. Piercing one side, and passing through the other, the man fell in a bloody mess. This caught the attention of the other guards, and they rushed through the brush to find their companion.

Kneeling down, one of the guards said, “Arrow sir, cut right through his main arteries.” The captain looked down, in sorrow. After the moment of silence, an angry look spread over the captain’s face. “Come out you archer, and fight like a man!” knew what he had to do. Maybe, I can negotiate with them. It will be quite difficult after the little stunt I pulled with my bow. Stepping out from behind the bush, he said, “I’m no man, I’m a dwarf!” He looked at the guards surrounding the captain. There were eight guards, battle ready.

The captain showed his sparkling, white teeth. “What be your business here, dwarf?” had to think up a white lie, and fast. “I came here on my own accord, trying to find my old self, the one that I had lost so many years ago.” The captain brushed some moss off his boot. “Well, that sure does sound convincing. You don’t happen to know why you shot this poor man, do you?” started to get a bit nervous, but managed to keep his cool. How about confusion for an urgal? He decided that was a good idea. “I mistook the man for an urgal, and had released my string before I saw that it was too late.” The guard raised an eyebrow. “Sounds good enough for me, I just have one more questi…” A branch overhead snapped. Everyone looked up. “It’s Builm!” roared the captain.

The captain said to the guards, “Take this dwarf down, he is untrustworthy, and from this point on a hindrance.” leaned over, behind the bush, and grabbed his double bladed sword. “Come and try to stop me, I must warn you, there will be blood.” Three of the guards rushed towards the dwarf, swords drawn.

Chapter 5

Standing his ground, the lead urgal wouldn’t budge. Scars covered his arms, due to many battles. He had a long, black beard, and long, black hair. His teeth were bright yellow, and his horns were a dusty white. With his heavy battle axe, the urgal spoke up, saying, “You think that is all I got? Well think again. My name is Vokoro, and this should be fun.” Reaching behind his back, he pulled out a second axe head, and attached it to his axe. This made the axe look much more fearsome than before. Cole and Shane stood, facing him, staring at the second axe blade.

Cole stepped forward, ready to take Vokoro on, alone. He unsheathed his sword, it was basic looking, but it had a distinct feature that set it apart from other swords. It had two knife points that stuck out at different forty five degree angles, near the middle of the blade. He motioned to the urgal. “When you’re ready.” The urgal grunted and yelled back, “I’m always ready!” Pushing off with great power from their legs, the earth beneath them shifted slightly. The duelists approached each other quickly. Cole swung a quick sword attack at Vokoro’s right thigh, but the beast easily countered it. He was holding back. Caught off guard from the parry, Vokoro moved in, performing blow after blow. The urgal swung his heavy battle axe around, and performed a slash to Cole’s chest, a slash to each knee, a bash to his back, and a bump to the side with the handle. Cole was amazed by the skill of this urgal, and easily blocked the attack to the chest, jumped over the slash to his knees, rolled to evade getting hit on the back, but got bumped on the side with the handle. A few ribs cracked under the blow, as Cole fell to the ground. That one’s going to leave a bruise. I could defeat him now with magic, but to prove my skill, I need to take him out the true way.

As Vokoro came for the finishing blow, Cole rolled out of the way. The sun beat down on both of them, adding to their fatigue. Vokoro’s axe stuck inches into the ground, getting the blade dirty. Seeing his opportunity, Cole leapt up, and stabbed toward the urgal. Vokoro grabbed the sword’s blade in his hand, causing it to bleed a little. Despite the pain, Vokoro started swinging the sword around him, with Cole hanging on, Vokoro slammed the elf against the ground hard. Nearly unconscious, Cole tried to get back up, but felt the cold, hard steel of Vokoro’s axe at his neck. “I surrender.” Cole said. Vokoro smiled, “You expected less of me, me thinks. Well, that was a good fight, and now I shall leave in peace, if you permit. I only require one thing, a tooth of my defeated foe.” Cole reluctantly opened his mouth, and the large, hairy fingers grabbed a side tooth of his. With one powerful yank, the roots came free, and the urgal had his prize. A trickle of blood was now running down Cole’s chin, and his neck. The urgal revealed his necklace, filled with teeth. “Don’t worry; you are only the thirtieth foe that has been defeated by me.” Vokoro grabbed his axe, and walked away, into the heat of noon.

Cole stood up and looked over to Shane. “Wow, I was totally unaware that urgals could have so much skill. I was injured in the fight, and am weak from it. Can you heal me?” Shane nodded, and was about to say the words when the brush by the fence moved. Climbing over the old fence was Jake, followed by Sarah, whom he had rescued. Jake uttered the words effortlessly, and Cole was restored to fullness, but he was still exhausted from the battle.

Sarah shook Shane and Cole’s hands, and greeted them. “You two are very skilled. That was a great effort Cole. That urgal was toying with you, making you unaware of his great skill.” Her long brown hair went past her shoulders, filled with small leaves and branches from the forest. Cole tried to feel confident, but after a battle like that, it was hard to believe in himself. “I gave it my best, and he was better.” She smiled. Sarah could tell that Cole wasn’t feeling very good. “Practice young warrior and you shall excel, being able to take on fighters as deadly as Vokoro.” This seemed to lift Cole’s feelings, and his face burst into a smile. “You’re right!”

Shane was standing on one foot, perfecting his balance. His eyes were closed, yet he knew where everyone was around him just by hearing their breath. Opening one eye, Shane said, “Sarah, where are you from, as we may have the privilege of escorting you there.” She turned to him and said, “It is called the Narrow’s Eye village. It is only about ten minutes from here.” Jake looked over the land. “Well, we should return you there, I’m sure you are missed.” The four of them walked toward the village, heading into the hot sun.

Chapter 6

The hood fell down; Cly and Esmeralda were both stunned. The creature was a skeleton, just a plain skull that had no muscle or skin. No eyes, just eye sockets. Esmeralda held her grip around the skeleton’s neck. “Why did you attack us?” The skeleton remained perfectly still, seeming to be inanimate. This went on for a while, and they wondered if that had really happened. Cly pulled out the arrow. I know that this was shot by someone, and this skeleton is the only thing in the area. No matter how strange it seems, this is the creature that attacked us. There is no one else here, last time I checked, trees don’t use bows. Technically, we haven’t seen it move at all. It is just trying to fool us, it is no dummy. Remember, things can be not what they seem, and danger is all around us, no matter how tame it can appear.

Then, without warning, the skeleton roared to life, and slipped out of Esmeralda’s grip. “Get it!” The skeleton ran on all fours, moving at high speed. It bounced off the trees, having incredible agility and control. The skeleton had outrun Cly; it was too fast for him. Feeling proud, it continued on. I found it. Time for the kill.  A large shadow appeared in front of it, and out came Esmeralda. Skidding to a halt, the skeleton tried to escape, but Esmeralda grabbed it. With her front legs, she tore it’s arms from the sockets, bones pulling apart. The skeleton was defeated, as she stomped it’s face into the ground.

Cly managed to catch up. I have defeated it Cly. Great job, I knew you could do it. They met near the spot were Esmeralda had her victory. See, it is right here… Esmeralda stopped, because the skeleton wasn’t there. She looked around frantically, and saw the skeleton, twenty yards away, fastening it’s left arm back to it’s shoulder. Can this thing die!? It is mine! Esmeralda tore after it, toppling trees in her rampage. The skeleton jumped, and dove into a small hole. Esmeralda waited at the top, angry. It got away. Hopefully, this is the last we will see of it.

Finally able to relax, Cly tended to both of their arrow wounds. After healing them up, he looked at the arrow again. I need to show someone this. Esmeralda agreed, she wanted to know the weakness of this enemy.

Cly mounted Esmeralda, and they were off, up into the clouds. They were both happy to be off the ground, being up in the air, away from most danger. Looking for a town, there were none to be spotted. After a while, Esmeralda spotted a town. Lets go down there. Sounds good to me, but we should fly near the ground, so you aren’t spotted, we don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. That sounds like a plan, as you say. Esmeralda tucked her wings, and rocketed down towards the ground.

Making contact near a canyon, she was told to remain in there. The canyon was filled with green plants, with a large variety of flowers. They both took a quick rest, sleeping for a little less than an hour. Feeling refreshed, Cly got up. I need to leave now, and will still be within range to thought speak with you. I will wait, but don’t expect me to be happy about it. Will it really cause you that much trouble? No, I’m just playing with you. I will be fine. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get a snack. Giving a slight laugh, Cly left her, headed toward the village. It was hard for him to go, but he needed to know what he was dealing with here.

Heading into town, he was looking for anyone with knowledge of different kinds of weaponry. Blacksmith, no, medic, no, food supplies, no, clothing store, no…where is it? After looking throughout the town for a while he came upon a weapon store. Walking in, he tried to remain normal.

The shopkeeper saw him enter, and said, “How be it today?” Cly met eyes with him, and replied, “It is going well, but one thing troubles me.” The shopkeeper stepped out from behind his table, and walked over to him. Seeing Valor, Cly’s sword, the shopkeeper knew that he was not from around here. Clearing his throat, the shopkeeper stood there, wondering about the problem that Cly had. “So what be your problem?” Cly slipped his hand in his pocket, and pulled out the arrow. Handing it to the shopkeeper, Cly waited intently for a response. After a minute of watching the shopkeeper ponder over it, he said, “I have never seen the likes of this before. It looks like something ancient, and it is made of something that is very durable. So, where exactly did you find this?” Not sure if to tell the shopkeeper the truth. He reached into the shopkeeper’s mind. His name was Regar, and he seemed like a trustworthy man.

“Do you really want to know how I got this?” Cly said carefully. Regar nodded, wanting to know. Cly revealed the information, “I had this shot at me by a creature in a cloak. I captured it, and pulled off it’s hood. Under the hood was a skull, with no skin or muscle. After pretending to inanimate, the creature took off, and escaped from me.” A look of horror ran over Regar’s face. He rushed over to a nearby bookshelf, and pulled an old, thick book from it. Turning the pages quickly, he found what he was looking for. The section was on undead creatures.

“It is an undead person, and by the looks of the arrow, from a very long time ago.” Cly looked unconvinced. “How could someone become like that?” Regar said nervously, “The legend goes that if someone is killed when they are innocent, by someone else that was close to them, also having the right conditions, their being will transcend into their bones. The bones could lie dormant for years, centuries, or even millennia. Once they decided to resurface though, they will do all in their power to hunt down and destroy the offspring of the traitor.” Cly felt a little understanding come into his mind. “I see. That creature was after me, so maybe I’m it’s target. It didn’t seem too dangerous though.” Regar shook his head, side to side. “That is the real danger my friend, because when they first surface, they appear to be weak. But, after a short while, they will have grown strong enough to take down an army.” Cly gulped. Great, this thing wants to kill me, all because I had an ancestor that was a traitor.

“So how long does it take for it to gain full power?” Regar, very worried, said, “As little as an hour.” Cly felt fear rush down his spine. Esmeralda, can you hear me? He waited for a response. I can, what is it? Remember that skeleton creature we encountered? Yes, why? Because that creature is trying to kill me, and it is going to be much more powerful the next time we meet. I need you to come here, now. Be careful Cly, I’m on my way.

With a powerful stroke of her wings, Esmeralda took off, headed for the village. She was flying at high speed towards the building, because she didn’t want anything to happen to Cly.

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  I'll finish it later I read the first chapter so far so good :D

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G'bandit said:
"  I'll finish it later I read the first chapter so far so good :D"
Okay, cool.
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nice story

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Chapter 7

The three guards rushed towards , swords drawn, and eyes locked to the dwarf. One sent a low slash toward ’s shins; another stabbed toward ’s chest, while the last stuck his sword in the ground, and performed a double kick towards the dwarf. Is this all they got? Jumping over the low attack, grabbed the guard, and thrust him in the path of the stab. Screaming, the guard fell limp, and hurled him at the third guard, who was knocked backward. The guard who had stabbed his friend on accident, was now filled with fury, and madly swung his sword toward the dwarf. Taking his sword staff, twirled it around his head, and proceeded to block every attack that the guard was capable of dishing out. The third guard, who was knocked down by earlier, had recovered, and grabbed his sword. Standing up, he ran towards , ready to cut him down to size.

Both rushing at from different directions, he knew that this had to be nothing but perfect precision. He threw his sword to the ground, then got ready for what was coming. Bending low, he built up muscle power, and soared into the air. It strained the muscles a bit, due to lack of usage, but he maintained his form, nonetheless. As the two guards were within range of him, they swung their swords at him, but he pushed the blades away with a flick from each wrist. Still in mid-air, not quite to the peak of his jump, quickly moved his hands to the guard’s heads, and grabbed each of their heads by the hair. With all his might, he smashed the heads together, bone crushing bone as blood and brain material covered ’s hands. Landing on his feet a few feet away, the two guards fell to the ground, faces unrecognizable.

With worried looks on their faces, the five guards stood, scared by what they had just seen, but still ready to fight to the death. wiped the blood and gore from his hands, onto his pants. Reaching over his shoulder, his fingers found the cold, hard handle of his mace. He gripped it tightly, and brought it out.

The guards stood their ground, and prepared to fight the dwarf, five on one. Unsheathing their swords, they yelled, “For the King!” The guards started running for . Something was out of place here. The captain was nowhere to be seen. Crawling on his hands and knees, the captain was sneaking up behind , ready to ambush him. Careful to not break a stick, the captain loomed closer, only a few feet away. The five guards knew about this, but acted clueless and continued running toward the dwarf, distracting him from the danger behind him. The captain was within killing range now, and drew his dagger. Sending it toward ’s open spot by the back of his neck, this looked like the end of him.

Chapter 8

Jake, Cole, Shane, and Sarah walked toward the village. The Eye. It didn’t take them long to reach it, due to its close proximity. Setting foot on the ground of the Narrows Eye, they looked around. Houses were built of logs, and were of good size, some being as much as three stories high. They reached Sarah’s house, and her family was there, inside. Quickly coming to the door, her father said, “What is this, new friends?” She shook her head nodded her head. “These three, brave warriors helped me when I was in dire need. I was about to become the next meal for a group of urgals, and I was saved.” The father looked concerned, then grateful after it was finished. “Sarah, you should be more careful.” Turning to Jake, Cole, and Shane, her father spoke up in his deep voice. “My name is Garth, and I am forever in your debt for what you have done.” Garth looked like he was in his late forties, or perhaps early fifties. Quickly responding to him, Jake said, “It was a good deed that needed to be done, and we don’t expect anything in return from it.”

Garth cleared his throat. “Well, if there is nothing that I can offer you, I give you this. You are welcome in my house anytime.” The three of them thanked him. “Oh, I didn’t catch your names.” Sarah beat Jake to it. “This is Jake, that is Cole, and that is…don’t tell me. I have it on the tip of my tongue.” Shane smiled and said, “Shane.” Sarah stomped her foot on the ground. “I knew it!” Garth chuckled in his deep voice. “Come inside, we must talk together.” Using thought speak to communicate with Cole and Shane, Jake said. We will stay for a bit, but we need to get back on our way. Cole and Shane nodded. They talked for hours, and finally Shane spoke up, saying, “It has been a wonderful time, getting to know you two, but we must be on our way.” Garth and Sarah both looked sad. Garth bid them farewell. “Well, the time has come for you to depart, and I wish you safe passage on your journey.” As they walked to the door, Sarah came to them. “Will I ever see any of you again?” Shane responded, “Perhaps, just look to the sky, and you may find us.” With that, the three were gone.

Walking to the past the outskirts of the town, the trio continued on. After a few hours, they found themselves in a small valley between two uninhabited mountains. Shane looked at Cole, “When do you think they will be here?” Just as he had finished the sentence, three streaks of color flew by, and landed with much force. There was a blue dragon, a gold dragon, and a purple dragon.

Walking up to the blue dragon, Jake greeted him. “How’s it going Saphron?” Looking at the elf with his powerful eyes, Saphron used his thought speak. I’m doing great; our little threesome adventure was fun. We had quite an adventure ourselves. What did you do? We rescued a young woman in need from three urgals, and Cole dueled their leader. Unfortunately, Cole was defeated by the urgal, Vokoro. We took the young woman, Sarah, back to her house, and talked for a while. Then we met up with you guys. Sounds like a lot of action.

Cole ran up to the gold dragon, arms outstretched. “It is so good to see you again, Goldwing!” Goldwing seemed to smile. It has not been the same without you; I am glad that we are together again. Did you encounter any danger on your journey? Some, but we easily evaded it. That is good to hear. Cole felt good to be with his dragon again.

Lastly, Shane stood there, waiting for it. The purple dragon dug his back claws into the ground, and pushed off, hurtling towards Shane at high speed. Shane fell flat on the ground, having the purple dragon’s spines come less than an inch away from Shane’s body. The purple dragon spun around, and landed beside him. Shane got up. “Just like old times, right Pulse? Pulse pulled his wings close to him, and replied. You still got it, old man. Shane raised an eyebrow. Who are you calling old? Well, you are fifteen, and I am only one. Shane cracked his knuckles. True, true.

The riders mounted their dragons, and prepared to take to the skies, headed away from the Narrows Eye.

Chapter 9

The front door creaked open. Fast as lightning, a hooded figure moved from the door and decapitated Regar. His lifeless body fell to the ground, and his head rolled on the ground, until it came to a stop, hitting the bottom of a bow. Before Cly, stood the creature, looking the exact same as it’s last encounter. It was toting a large scythe, which was covered with the blood of Regar. Removing the hood, it held the scythe up to a ready position. Opening its mouth, it uttered a few words at Cly. In a deep, raspy voice it said, “My revenge will finally be complete, when I destroy you!” Cly unsheathed his sword, awaiting the battle. I’ll have a better chance of living if I stall. The warrior opened his mouth, as he asked the undead creature, “Before we battle, I have one question for you.” The skeleton remained motionless, then its jaw moved as well. In the same, cold, dark voice, the creature said, “I will allow one question, before I kill you.”

I’m almost to you Cly, just hang on. This time, when I fight that undead creature, he won’t survive! I I’m trying to stall right now, but I don’t know how long I can do this for. Cly asked his question. “Why have you, an undead being, that I didn’t know existed, came forth and decided to kill me?” The creature looked at him, and its mouth opened again. “I shall not say too much, but you can know that one of your ancestors did a very wrong deed.” Cly nodded his head. That is just like I read in the book. The creature hurled itself toward him, swinging its scythe. Blocking and dodging blow after blow, Cly didn’t have any time for offense, the skeleton’s offense was too great. They both were very skilled, and were flying through the air at each other. The skeleton caught Cly’s bow with his scythe and spilt it in two. The scythe found some of his flesh, and made a wound on Cly’s side. It wasn’t too large, and he wasn’t losing very much blood. Feeling overconfident by his small victory, the skeleton put too much power in his next swing, and Cly managed to dodge it. Leaving himself open due to the recoil, the skeleton was helpless for a split second. Cly saw the opportunity, and dug his sword in the skeleton’s chest, and pulled it straight up, severing the bone in many places, as the skeleton fell in two. Cly was unsure if he had defeated it.

Then, three things happened at the same time. The broken bones lifted into the air, and fused together quickly, reforming the skeleton. The shop door swung open, to reveal Sarah. This was the Narrows Eye village. Esmeralda came crashing through the roof, breaking it into many pieces.  Time to make this get together a party! Splinters of wood filled the air, making it appear like a cloud of dust. Parts of the roof had fallen and blocked the door, sealing Sarah inside. In addition to that, a beam had fallen on her legs, pinning her there. “Help!” she yelled desperately. Cly blocked another attack by the reformed skeleton, losing his endurance, and ran toward Sarah. Cover me Esmeralda. Got you covered.  As Cly ran over to help Sarah, Esmeralda snatched the skeleton in her claws. It hit its scythe against Esmeralda’s scales, causing her to bleed a little bit, but nothing serious. She grabbed the scythe with her mouth, snapping it in two. Squeezing the undead creature ever so tightly, she opened her wings, and took off into the air.

Cly had reached Sarah, and had tried to lift the beam off. “It is too heavy for me to do by myself, but with magic, I can overcome.” He raised his hand and uttered the word, “Reisa.” The beam lifted into the air, as though there existed no gravity. Pulling Sarah out from it, he let go of his concentration, and the beam crashed back to the ground. “Are you all right?” She looked at him weakly with tears in her eyes. “I can’t move my legs, and they hurt badly as well.” Using his mind to scan the extent of the damage, he found that she had just been paralyzed. There must be some way I can heal this. “I don’t know how else to put this, but if I can’t do something to heal you, you may never walk again.” She nodded her head, scared by what he had just said. He stretched out his hand, and began saying complex sentences in the ancient language. Cly had to use the utmost caution and precision, because this was the real deal. Bone was realigning itself and repairing itself, muscle fibers matching together again, and nerve endings finding their correct place. After a short while, she was healed, and Cly stood up, weak himself from the operation. “I… restored… your walking… ability.” He passed out.

Up in the air, Esmeralda flew high, clawing at the skeleton. The undead creature tried to fight back, but was unable to harm the mighty dragon whatsoever. Meet my green flame!  She opened her mouth, and intense, green flames burst out of it, enveloping the skeleton. The cloak was disintegrated in less than a second, and the bones of the creature were heating up fast. After a few seconds, the skeleton was glowing, trying to get free from the dragon’s powerful grasp. Now to finish you. She stopped breathing fire, and took a powerful stroke, sending her downward. She flew, faster and faster, reaching over two hundred miles per hour. The ground came into view, and was getting closer and closer. At the last second, Esmeralda thrust the undead creature onto a large rock, and then flew parallel to the ground. She barely cleared the ground, with her tail’s tip touching it. As the skeleton was thrust down toward the rock, it hit it, shattering into millions of shards. The sheer force of the blow cracked the rock.

Esmeralda flew back to the store, and landed, claws digging into the soft dirt. Tucking back her wings, she turned to Cly.   The skeleton has been defeated; shattered into countless pieces... She moved her head back in surprise. She hadn’t noticed that Cly was knocked unconscious, with a wound on his side, until now. Turning to a young woman nearby, she cast her thoughts to her. What have you done to him! Very surprised from the large dragon landing in front of her, Sarah hardly noticed the voice in her head. Esmeralda repeated it, and Sarah looked around. “Uh…is someone here?” It is the dragon talking to you. Sarah looked at Esmeralda in disbelief. “Right, animals can talk. Everyone knows that. Well if you are so intelligent, prove it.” Esmeralda cracked a small smile, the most she was capable of. My name is Esmeralda, and I am the dragon of Cly, he is my rider. The one lying unconscious. If you don’t believe me, well, I’ll demonstrate it to you. See that bow lying over there, I’ll grab it with my front leg, then put it in my mouth, and crush it.  Esmeralda did as she said, and Sarah’s eyes widened. “You mean you can actually talk to me?” That is what I am doing. Now, on to my main question. What happened to my rider, Cly? Sarah looked at his unconscious body, lying on the ground. “He healed my legs from being paralyzed, and the energy taken to do that must have knocked him out.” Esmeralda scanned Sarah’s mind, and found this to seem true. Well, we must wait for him to wake up.

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  • Urgal: Barbaric humanoid creature with horns.
  • Ra'zac: A roughly humanoid creature that is very intelligent and very deadly.
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Chapter 10

As the dagger was headed toward ’s throat, it cut in an eighth of an inch, when the captain was forcefully pushed away. Standing beside , stood Builm. The captain fell, to the ground, having his knife knocked from his hand. “, take him out!” felt the pain and turned around to see that his life had been spared. Gripping his mace with both hands, with one long stride, came to the captain, and swung the mace down toward his head. Smashing his mace down on the captain’s helmet, it crumpled under the force of the blow, shattering the man’s skull. The five guards who were charging toward had suddenly stopped. One of them spoke up, ready to retreat. “The captain has been killed, should we stay and fight?” Another one answered him. “No, let’s get out of here. I don’t want to get killed.” The others agreed, and ran off.

Turning to Builm, Austin said, “Thank you very much for saving my life, I am forever grateful.” Builm wore a slight smile. “I couldn’t have done it if you weren’t so good at fighting. We would have both been captured.” The dwarf shrugged his shoulders. “I still am grateful.” walked over to his bag, and pulled out a rag. He began cleaning his sword staff and mace, and was soon finished. There, good as new. got everything packed up, and motioned to Builm. “We had best be on our way, there will probably be more guards coming to find us.” Builm didn’t argue with him, and the two left the campsite, headed through the lush, green forest. Builm walked into a spider web and frantically flung his arms around, trying to get the spider off. He got it off in a few seconds, and looked over to the dwarf. shook his head. Builm was trying to find out why shook his head. “What?” wasn’t in a serious mood. “It is just a small spider, harmless.” They continued on, for hours.

Sweat covered Builm’s forehead, while seemed to be no less fatigued than when they had started out. Motioning for them to stop, Builm said, “I…gasp...need to stop…gasp…to take a…gasp…break.” He looked over to Builm, seeming surprised at how tired he was. “You are that tired eh?” Builm nodded. “Very well, we can take a break.” Sitting down on a nearby log, they found that there was wet moss on it, which soaked through their pants. Builm though to himself, feels good, the cool water from the moss. had different thoughts about it. How long is this going to take to dry? It will be uncomfortable on our journey onward. Minutes passed by, and soon half an hour was reached. stood up, stretching out his arms. “Well, I believe that it is time to get a move on.” Builm looked down. “Oh, as you say. It was a nice little break though.” thought to himself, little?

Onward they continued through the forest, headed for whatever awaited them.

Chapter 11

The three riders were flying in the opposite direction of the Narrows Eye. In the lead, were Saphron and Jake, because they were the leaders. Saphron was the fastest out of the three dragons, and liked it that way. Jake was riding him, and was talking to him. So tell me again how you beat that group of urgals. I have already explained it, but I shall do so again. It was a cold morning, and Goldwing and Pulse were still asleep, but I woke up early. It was still dark outside, and I had to get some fresh air. Taking off, I was cruising along, hoping to find a flock of birds, or something of the sort. Then, as I stretched out my mind, I found a group of ten urgals, moving in toward my two companions. With powerful strokes, I rushed into the forest, ready to fight the urgals. They had bows, and were shooting arrows toward me. I retreated for the moment, and grabbed a few large boulders. When I returned, they were in almost the same spot, thinking that I was still waiting in the forest. I dropped the two, large boulders at them, killing about half of the creatures. I dove in, in the confusion, and toasted the rest of them. Only about two hundred yards away, Pulse and Goldwing were still sleeping. I came back up to them, and went back to sleep, and they still don’t know what I have done. Wow, that is quite a story! I feel good to have such a brave dragon.

Goldwing, just to the left of Saphron, was the largest of the dragons, a good two yards longer than the other two. Cole was riding him, feeling a little drowsy. So Goldwing, how are you, feeling? Are you ready to take down a whole army? I am feeling ready for anything. My wings are without a scratch, my claws are razor sharp, as are my fangs, my gold flame is hot as ever, and I can maintain it for some time, and my strength is at the top of its game. To answer you question, yes, I have it in my to  take a whole army down, but I would prefer not to. Violence is only one way of dealing with things, and it is not my personal favorite method to accomplish my tasks. I prefer to either reason with the foe, or to outsmart them, and take all of their resources, leaving them helpless. That sure is my dragon, Goldwing. You aren’t any different, and I’m so glad. My big, smart, powerful, gold dragon is ready to defend himself.

Pulse, flying to the right of Saphron, was about the same size as the blue dragon, but was skinnier. He was the most agile of the group, doing circles around the others on every so often. Right now, Shane, his rider, was standing up on him, like a wave surfer, and was jumping into the air while Pulse performed three sixties underneath him. With ease, Shane landed on top of him every time, in the exact same spot. Now, to just put our skills to use in actual combat. We would dazzle the enemies so much that they would probably flee. Dare to see the stunts by Shane and Pulse! You are hilarious! If that really worked, that would be so cool, but that wouldn’t work in real life, only in a book or something. You are so right Shane. Except that I can’t read, so that wouldn’t make much of a difference to me. So, to make things more practical, how about a little practice? Let’s go for it! How about you try to stand up, and walk all over me. On my head, neck, back, tail, but not the wings. I’ll give it my best shot. Oh, and be careful of the spines. Will do. Standing up to his full extent, Shane walked on Pulse, trying to make it up his neck. After some trying and failing, he made it to the purple dragon’s head. Being careful not to step on Pulse’s eyes, he performed evasive maneuvers on his head. After a short while, he walked down, and went for the tail. This is going to be fun. He stepped out onto it, and immediately felt that this was going to be harder than he thought. Half way out, his great balance was failing him, yet Shane tried to stay on it so hard. Farther and farther he went, until he lost his balance and fell. Pulse quickly caught him, and Shane climbed back on to Pulse’s back. That is difficult! Walking on your tail. Sure is kid.

And so, the three dragons and their riders flew through the clouds, headed toward the ocean. The cool breeze from it hadn’t quite reached them, but it was close to being able to. Off to their secret hideout they were, and it waited for them, undisturbed.

Chapter 12

Awaking on a couch in the house that was unknown to him, Cly sat up, not remembering what had happened. His left arm was asleep from resting on it, and he shook it for a few seconds to restore the blood flow. Footsteps could be heard in the next room, as a man came into the room. It was Garth, and appeared in the doorway. “Well, look who is up.” Cly looked at him, still unsure. “Where am I?” Garth smiled. “You are in my residence.”  Looking around, the place was unfamiliar. “I don’t believe I’ve been here before, did something happen to me?” Garth looked surprised. “You saved my daughter, Sarah. You knocked yourself out because of it.” Suddenly, he remembered what had happened. Standing up to his full height, Cly introduced himself. “My name is Cly, and I am a dragon rider. My dragon’s name is Esmeralda, and I’m not sure where she is at.” I am near the house. So I blacked out right? Yes. Were you able to defeat the skeleton? I am quite sure. It shattered into millions of pieces.

Feeling out of place there, Cly said, “Thank you for your hospitality, but now I must be on my way.” He took a few strides to the door, when Garth stopped him. “My daughter, Sarah, the one you saved, doesn’t feel safe after getting attacked twice in the same day.” Out walked Sarah, her brown hair was tied back; she was covered in light armor, and was armed with a longbow and quiver on her back. Cly looked at her. “What are you dressed like that for? Is there a battle going to take place or something?” Sarah looked at him intensely. “No, I wish to come with you. I don’t feel safe at my village, and long for adventure.” Cly looked surprised at her request. “That was unexpected. What about your friends?” Sarah replied. “I’ll make new ones.” He nodded his head. “Okay.” She looked downward. “If you don’t wish to have me come, just say so, and I shall remain here with my father.” He thought about it for a minute. “Well, we had better ask my dragon, Esmeralda.” They walked outside.

Back, behind the house, they walked, into the forest, to see his dragon. Motioning to Sarah, Cly said, “Talk to her, she will understand everything you say, and if she approves of you, I think we might be able to take you along.” Sarah bravely cleared her throat, and began talking to Esmeralda. “Hello, my name is Sarah, and I have had two life threatening encounters today. I don’t feel safe at my village anymore, and wish to come with you two. Cly seems to think it is alright, but he is unsure what you will say.” You seem to have much potential, small one. I like you, and you seem to be a trustworthy person. It is fine with me, for now, if you come along with us. Overjoyed, Sarah jumped into the air. “She said I can come with you!” Turning to her he said, “You may want to go inside, pack what you wish to bring, say farewell to your father, and join us to leave.” Sarah did just that, and came back outside.

“So, are you any good with a bow?” Taking her longbow from her shoulder, she held it in her hands. “I haven’t used it in a few years, because there was an accident.” He looked interested. “What kind of accident, did you get hurt?” This clearly wasn’t comfortable ground for Sarah to stand on. “It all happened two years ago. I loved shooting, and practiced from a young age. Soon, I was the best marksman in the village. One day, about two years ago, I was out hunting. There was a buck, and I had my sights set on it. It looked as though it was about to leave, and I had to react, now. I released the string of my bow, and the arrow shot toward the buck, going to sink into its neck. Then, the buck saw something, and moved at incredible speed. Behind the buck, less than ten yards away, stood a young boy. I suddenly felt a wave of heat flow through me, as the arrow sped toward him. I cried out, but it was too late. My arrow struck him, killing him almost instantly. I rushed over to him, but there was no life left in him. I cried for a while, and told no one, thus retiring my bow forever.” She had tears in her eyes. “You, Cly, are the only person I have told of this, I feel it is time for the truth to be let out.” Cly looked horrified. What a horrible story. Wait…this is how an undead warrior was made. That is so sad. It hurts me to hear such things. Cly, do you think that the undead that we fought was because of her doing. I don’t think so. It said that there was a traitor, of my ancestry. You must be right. That couldn’t have been the undead that Sarah could have made. He said to Sarah, “That is a true misfortune, but it was an accident, and is in the past. There is nothing that can change that. You must move on, you can still accomplish great things.” She seemed to understand what he was saying. “I finally feel set free from that pain. It still remains in me, but I feel as though it isn’t weighing me down.” Wow, that is some quick progress.

She turned to him, wiping the tears from her eyes. “So, to answer your first question, I used to be good with a bow.” He looked at her with an unbelieving look. “I bet you’re just as good as when you stopped.” She grabbed her long bow from her back. It feels good to have you in my hands again, my friend. She knocked an arrow. “So, Cly, what do you wish me to shoot?” He smiled. “How about an apple?” Cly, I know what you are doing. Do you really trust her that much? Yes. He walked over to a nearby tree, picked up an apple, and walked to a tree one hundred yards away. Cly set it on his head. “Here is your target.” Sarah gulped. “Why on your head, you don’t really have that must trust in me, right?” Cly kept a straight face. “I have all my trust in you. Shoot the apple.” This could go horribly wrong, and I could end up killing him. Come on, get a hold of yourself Sarah, you can do this. She pulled the string back, aimed for ten seconds, then released the arrow. It flew perfectly straight toward the apple, hitting it dead in the middle, perfect bulls-eye. He walked up to her, she was shaking slightly. “I knew you could do it. You are an incredible marksman, I mean markswoman.” She felt her old skills come back to her with ease. Amazed by that shot, Cly said, “I could probably hit a target that size from fifty feet away, if that. I wonder what is the maximum range that you are capable of hitting with your long bow?” Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

Esmeralda walked up to them. She nudged her nose against Cly’s shoulder. I feel like taking to the skies. He smiled. “Esmeralda wants to go Sarah, she feels like flying.” Sarah walked over to Esmeralda, eying her spines. “Couldn’t you get hurt by those?” Cly grinned with the side of his mouth. “I’m used to it.” Cly and Sarah mounted Esmeralda and she extended her wings. With one powerful stroke, they were in the air, leaving the ground behind.

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Chapter 13

The forest was still, not a sound or movement was in the immediate area, making it as still as a painting. The silence was broken by the snapping of a nearby twig, sending a quake along the ground, rousing small creatures. Pushing aside a large branch covered with moist leaves, led the way, with Builm close behind. The forest was becoming less dense now, with fewer trees and shrubbery, possibly meaning they were nearing a clearing. As the two continued on, a faint buzzing sound reached their ears. Opening his mouth to speak, Builm said, “I wonder what that sound is, perhaps bees?” nodded his head. “Aye, we don’t want to run into those buggers.” The sound became more distinct, meaning that they were getting closer to it. A bee buzzed quietly, and landed on ’s neck, plunging its stinger into the soft flesh. “Ahhhh! Bees!” yelled. The scent from the bee’s stinger aroused the whole swarm, which was a dark, buzzing cloud, thousands, and maybe even ten thousands, of killer bees. They both ran through the forest for their lives, getting stung on a steady basis, but not too much. Screaming, they sprinted through plants, some prickly, getting scratched, some even drawing blood.

The dwarf and human suddenly found themselves out of the forest, at the top of a cliff, with raging waters below. They skidded to a halt, with the cloud of bees nearing them. It was a sheer drop, over fifty feet down, and they looked at each other and both nodded at the same time. Yelling as they fell through the air, they hit the water, Builm with good diving form, but hit the water hard, knocking the wind out of him. The water pulled them downstream, with a strong current. Staying underwater to allow the bees to pass, Builm held his breath, capable of holding it for a few minutes. Underwater, Builm looked for in the chaos, and couldn’t find him. He surfaced, with the danger passed, and was calling out for his friend.

He saw , farther down stream than him, clinging to a rock with one hand. The dwarf’s strong hands were beaten up from the rocks, bleeding. His grip was failing him, and his eyes rolled back in his head, letting go of the rock. “No!” Builm cried. He dove into the river, flying down it at incredible speed. Resurfacing, he had lost sight of . I need to find him, now. He dove back into the cool water, and scanned it to the best of his ability. Seeing a glimpse of blood in the water, he rushed towards it, and grabbed ’s hand. With all the strength in him, he pulled the two hundred plus pound dwarf to the side of the raging river, feeling very weak from the task he had just done.

The two were soaked completely, water pouring out from their clothes onto the warm rocks. wasn’t moving, for that matter, even breathing. Builm was starting to panic, and raised his hands to his face. These hands, they can save life. He undid ’s breastplate, and started pushing on his chest. Giving him air after every few strokes, he was trying to revive the near gone dwarf. It continued on for a long while, and Builm was starting to lose hope. Then, the dwarf coughed up some water, shook a little bit, and cracked open his eyes. He was alive, but in no condition to move on for a while. All of Builm and ’s supplies and weaponry had been lost in the river, during the dwarf’s near fatal encounter. Builm was overjoyed at still being alive, and opened his mouth to ask him, “, are you all right?” Coughing up more water, said, “Aye, I shall survive. You see, I never learned how to swim, so it was near suicide to jump into it, but those bees would have surely killed us. It is better to take the lesser of two evils.”

The sun was falling below the mountains, headed for the horizon, as two sat by each other, glad to be alive. Out of nowhere, a large net filled the air, and enclosed Builm and within it. A group of guards showed themselves. “We’ve captured them, said a guard with a long, thin scar across his face.” Another guard spoke up, “Builm has caused trouble, and his dwarf friend has as well. I hear that the dwarf is a master at combat.” The guards moved closer, picking the two prisoners up, and setting them in a caged wagon.

Chapter 14

The pure, blue ocean came into view from the air, giving way to the edge of the land. The three riders leaned far forward, becoming almost parallel with their dragons. With Jake leading, the three plunged downward, headed for the water at incredible speed. They hit the water creating a tunnel as it were, with perfect form, having virtually no drag. Down they sank into the water, the dragons using their powerful tails to propel them downward even further. The water was losing light, gaining darkness, in their fall. There was all but a speck of light that could be seen, barely illuminating the surrounding water. Saphron stopped swimming vertically, and leveled out horizontally, with Goldwing and Pulse right behind them. Before them was a large rock formation, with a dark spot. The three dragons and riders swam into the spot, going deeper into the pitch black area. By this time, they had been underwater for a little over one minute, and needed oxygen soon.

Saphron surfaced, followed by the other two. The area was pitch black, no light whatsoever. A purple stream of fire filled the darkness, lighting the surrounding area. It was a cave, with various items strung throughout it. The violet flame made contact with a pile of wood, engulfing it, and then retreated, back to Pulse’s mouth. Without the aid of magic, the fire faded its purple hue, and became the normal yellow, red, and orange color. The riders dismounted from their dragons, and walked over to the fire to dry themselves.

Shane looked at his dragon, Pulse. “Thanks for the fire, it really feels good.” Jake and Cole also thanked Pulse, and the purple dragon replied, You three are welcome. I breathe fire, to warm you. Soon, all three were dry, and looked around the cave. It was a large cave, a length of thirty yards, a width of twenty yards, and a ceiling height of five yards. Filling the cave, were three beds, three large blankets, three wooden chairs, a very large pile of firewood, a heavy bucket of salt, bags of dried meat, large containers filled with flour, sugar, and other cooking items, a mat for sparring, and various other items. The walls were smooth, from dragons melting them, and shaping them.

Shane walked over to a bag, and pulled out some dried, salted meat. He took a bite, and shrugged his shoulders. “Still good, after months. But it isn’t like fresh meat.” Goldwing gave a small growl. I desire some fresh meat as well, I’ll go out and hunt in the waters, and everyone knows that I have the best night vision. With that, the large gold dragon jumped into the water, at the entrance of the cave, and vanished. His powerful tail making a large splash as it was consumed under the water. Saphron lay on his blanket, and closed his eyes, falling asleep. Pulse, on the other hand, seemed to be full of energy, and was doing circles around the fire. Shane noticed this after a short while, “Why are you doing that Pulse?” The purple dragon dug his sharp claws into the rock, and stopped quickly. I have much energy, and don’t know what to do with it. Shane stood up, leaving the warm fire, and walked over to him. “There isn’t too much room in here for someone your size, but you could try doing some balancing acts.” Pulse’s wings extended very quickly, almost hitting Jake. Three of his legs lifted into the air, forcing the dragon to balance on only one. Shane seemed satisfied, and walked back over to the fire.

Jake started to speak, “Well, what do you two want to do?” Cole replied, “We could spar.” Jake’s expression didn’t change, he wasn’t too thrilled with sparring. “I’m not near as good as you two, in prefer to stick to my magic abilities.” Shane said, “You can’t always rely on your magic to save you, for it can drain your energy to nothing in a second, and leave you utterly defenseless.” Jake still wasn’t enthralled. Saphron was just resting, not really asleep, and said, It could do you some good. I know, but it is so difficult. Jake decided to give it a try, and stood up, and walked over to the mat. Shane walked over there, to spar with him. “What weapon do you want to use, Jake?” Jake scanned the weapons on the wall. One handed sword, no…two handed sword, no…mace, no…pike, no…then his eyes caught the hammer. That is more like it. Jake walked up to the large hammer, and took it off the wall. “I think I’ll try this out.” He took it from the wall, and he almost fell over from its weight. Shane laughed. “I’ll get you a lighter head for it.” He walked over to a bag, and pulled out a smaller, hollow head. “This should allow you to lift it easier, and when you get stronger, you can use this head.” Shane screwed it on and handed the war hammer back to Jake. Jake said, “Much better.”

Shane took one side of the mat, while Jake took the other. The blonde kid said, “I’m going to use no weaponry, to make it fair for you.” Jake felt unskilled, and it wasn’t a lie. With his hammer, Jake raised it to his side. “What if I hit you with this?” Shane smiled, “That, is something I would like to see. Oh, and Jake, no magic.” Cole stood by the side of the mat, watching intently. He raised his hands over his head, clutched them together, and said, “Ready, set, begin!” He thrust his arms apart, to signify the start of the spar.

On the side of the cave, Pulse was still keeping his balance, but was getting bored. He stopped balancing, and sunk low to the cave floor. Now, to have a little fun. Creeping up on Saphron, he was attempting to give the blue dragon a scare.

Chapter 15

A hawk was flying through the air, gliding on its beautiful wings. Beams of light shone through the clouds, causing the hawk’s wings to glow blood red. Glancing around for its next meal, it caught sight of a low flying duck. Tucking its wings back, it was about to ambush the duck, when all of a sudden, large jaws came around the hawk, and it was gone. Esmeralda licked her lips from the tasty snack. Upon her back, were Cly, and their new friend, Sarah. Upon his belt, he carried only his sword and sheath, but no bow, because it had been destroyed in the undead creature encounter. His moderately long hair moved in the wind, and his clothes were a bit worn, with a hole in the side of it, stained with blood. Strapped to Esmeralda, was a medium sized bag, filled with all sorts of goods. Behind Cly, sat Sarah, still getting used to the flying. Her long brown hair was tied behind her head, and she wore rugged shirt and pants, with some light armor plates attached to them. Her longbow was on her back, along with her quiver.

They passed over a valley, and the view was spectacular from the sky. Cly stood up, wind pushing him, but he kept his footing, and turned around, facing Sarah. “So, how do you like it so far?” She looked content. “I’ve never flown before, it is quite an experience. Actually, it is a bit cold for me, you wouldn’t happen to have a blanket by chance?” Reaching for his bag, Cly pulled out a green, wool blanket. “Here’s one.” He handed it to her, and she wrapped it around herself. “Much better, thank you.”

The ride was relatively smooth, and they had some time to kill. Cly spoke up, “So, care to tell me a bit about yourself?” Sarah nodded. “Sure. Well, lets see, uh…okay, I’ll give you a brief background of myself. I was born about eighteen years ago, in our house. My mother had a complication with me, and perished in childbirth. So, I was raised by my father. He taught me many good skills, and his passion, archery. He wasn’t very skilled with a sword, so he didn’t teach me. But, he did teach me how to shoot, and I loved it. Practicing for hours upon hours, I soon became better than him.” She paused, thinking of what else to say. “I have lived at my house all my life, and went to school on and off, when my father could afford it. I know how to read and write well, but don’t know any other languages. Actually, I’ve been more than half an hour away from the Narrows Eye, so this is really a new experience for me.”

Cly listened, taking it in. “That is very sad to hear that you never knew your mother.” He changed the topic. “I had no idea that you had never been more than half an hour away from your village! Wow!” Sarah smiled. “I have longed for adventure.” Cly nodded. “I love the feeling of being free to ride in the air, there is nothing like it. Well, I suppose since I asked you, I should tell you a bit about myself. I knew both my parents growing up, and I had a pretty basic life. Work, play, some fencing, but not really too much action. I left home when I was eighteen, so about three and a half years ago, and soon after found myself walking through a forest. I stumbled upon a green, shiny rock, and it turned out to be a dragon egg. Well, that is where Esmeralda came from. How she got there, I don’t know. I trained in the way of the sword, becoming quite skilled, as Esmeralda grew. Soon, she was large enough to ride, and we had countless adventures together. On one, in an ancient cave, we found some old treasure. It was rusty and rough around the edges, but Esmeralda walked toward a pile, and dug into it. She came out holding a shining silver sword, of elf make, making it never dull and indestructible. I was very surprised at the look of it, because it looked fresh out of the fire. She handed it to me, and the weight was perfect, it felt good in my hands. I named it Valor, and it is still with me, resting in the sheath on my back.”

Sarah seemed quite interested about what Cly had told her. She said, “So Esmeralda is three years old, and you are twenty one?” He nodded. Esmeralda spoke up; I have things to say also. Sarah immediately said, “Oh, go right ahead, I would enjoy listening to what you have to say.” Why thank you, I have much to say. Well, I was found by Cly and I grew up fast, able to talk within weeks, but my intellect was still developing. I soon was just as intelligent as Cly, if not more; I don’t mean that in a hurtful way. I know. I could be ridden by Cly, my rider, and we had many adventures together, like he said. I will share one of our first. Well, lets see, oh yes, one of our earlier adventures. This is before Cly wielded Valor, and used a normal sword. We were flying over a desert like area, when we saw a group of three teenagers being chased by a few urgals. We decided to help them, and flew down, landing on the ground with a loud sound. The urgals froze, they had never seen a dragon before, and didn’t know what to think of me. I roared at them, but I was still quite small, and it didn’t seem to intimidate them very much. Cly leapt off my back, and stood between them and the young teenagers. After calling him a few choice names, they rushed him, and he was able to parry one’s blow, and knock him unconscious, but the other urgal bashed him on the head. Immediately, I came to his rescue knocking the wind out of the urgal with my tail, sending him flying and losing consciousness upon contact with a tree.. I used my thought speak to try to arouse Cly, and finally he woke up. He tied them up, and told the teenagers to get their families, and dead with the urgals in the right way. The three were very grateful that they were saved, and were sad to see Cly and me go.

Sarah liked the story, but had a question. “Cly, were two of the three in the group elves, and the third a normal human?” Cly put his hand on his chin, trying to recall the information. “I don’t remember.” Esmeralda piped up. It is coming back to me. Wait…yes; two of them were elves and the third a human. Sarah, why do you ask? Sarah got an intrigued look upon her face. “I just so happen to be saved by a group of three that were younger than her. Two elves and one human. Their names were Jake, Cole, and wait, what was it? Oh yes, Shane.” Cly raised an eyebrow. “These could be the very same people, what were they like?” Sarah told Cly all about them. He wondered where they were now.

Turning to Sarah, he said. “I might be able to find them, but you’ll have to make an image of them in your mind, and let me try to form the same image.” She looked uncertain, but agreed. Sarah made a mental image, and Cly touched his hand to her forehead. Concentrating hard, he saw what she had seen. He pulled out a small dish, and pointed his hand toward it. “Adurna.” Water formed out of thin air, filling the small dish to the sides. “Draumr Kópa!” The water swirled around, as Sarah watched with curiosity. An image of the three appeared in it. It was hard to make it out, but it seemed that they were in a cave of some kind, dark, only lit by a fire. Cly stopped, and the water returned to normal. He offered it to Sarah. “Thirsty?” She shook her head. “Suit yourself.” He gulped it down, quenching his thirst. “Remember, any time you need anything, just tell me, and I will do the best of my ability to fulfill it.” She looked pleased. “Thank you very much.”

Esmeralda continued on, using her strong wings to carry them onward. Hours went by, and the light was fading away from them. We may want to rest for the night, Cly. Good idea, we can land in the next clearing. Esmeralda got a gleam of content in her eye, shining, as though it was a firefly. She flew on, awaiting a clearing, to rest her wings for the night.

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Chapter 16

The king’s guard had captured Austin and Builm, they were transported to a caged wagon, and there they remain. The two had almost dried out from being in that raging river. Builm had a few bruises, while seemed unharmed on the outside, but not on the inside. ’s lungs had filled with water, and would take time to heal from it, right now, rest was the best cure. The dwarf was peacefully asleep, while Builm was paranoid was anxiety, glancing back and forth at the surroundings, fearing what would lie ahead for him. One of the guards behind the wagon was annoyed at him, and yelled, “Shut up!” Builm wouldn’t stop, and the guard took the end of his pike and knocked some sense into the man. Builm fell, head throbbing, unable to get up. After realizing he couldn’t stand up for the time being, he closed his eyes, and went fast asleep as well.

Plunging into the night, the guard set up camp, with tens of tents and a large fire, directly in the middle of the area. Most of the guard was asleep, with only a few sentry posted, keeping watch. ’s eyes opened. Where am I? He saw the cage around him, and saw Builm, asleep. He kicked his friend lightly, for a dwarf, but it sent Builm skidding across the cage, buffeting his arms a bit. This woke him up, and he said in a normal voice, “What was that for?” quickly did the hush sign, and Builm quieted down. The sentry glanced toward the cage, but they had stopped moving and talking, also it was very dark outside, so the guards went back to their duties. Builm’s headache was near gone, which made him happier. Whispering ever so quietly, said, “Where am I, are we captured?” Builm responded just as quietly, “We jumped off that cliff, and you almost drowned, but I was able to save you. After that, we were captured by this guard.” couldn’t believe it. Appearing grateful, he said, “Thank you very much for saving my life. Aye, I hate the water; I never learned how to swim. Tis unfortunate that he have been captured, but no worry, we will find a way out.”

moved toward the bars, and put his hands around them. With all his strength, he tried to bend the bars. After a few minutes, a small section had weakened under his massive power, and with one mighty pull he ripped it off, leaving a small hole, a few inches wide. The metal was hot from being bent with so much force, and had to set it down from the temperature. A guard caught the sound, and walked toward the cage. They had made much progress, and this guard would sound the alert, rousing the whole camp. The dwarf grabbed the warm piece of metal in his sweaty hand, and hurled it toward the guard. It flew the air at massive speed, and entered the man’s chest, demolishing his ribs and internal organs, and exited the other side. The man fell silently, and the other sentry hadn’t noticed yet. Busily, worked at widening the hole, when Builm tripped over ’s leg. The other sentry looked around, and saw that the other guard was missing from his post. This guard was intelligent, having a plan. He walked away from the camp, circling around to get a good look at the cage, stealthily.

Builm gazed out at the empty camp. He tugged on ’s shirt. Whispering, he said, “Hey, , uh…the camp is empty. Where is the other guard?” The gleaming head of a pike made its way through an open spot in the cage, piercing through ’s shoulder. “Got you, little escapee.” The pain had just about knocked him out, as the pike’s head had severed his shoulder blade, and ripped through much of his arm’s muscle. Fury filled the dwarf’s eyes, as he grabbed the pike’s handle with his good, left hand. With one powerful tug he thrust the guard toward the cage, who was holding onto his pike tightly, which meant that the guard’s hands now were shredded to ground beef. The guard yet out a loud scream as he fell back on the ground, blood spurting out of his hands. “Ahhhh! The prisoners are escaping and attacked…” The end of the pike found itself through the guard’s head, cracking his skull in two pieces.

The screaming had aroused the whole camp, and they were marching toward them. They surrounded the two. “These two have caused great difficulty, with two causalities to our guards, no doubt by the dwarf. We should be rid of him; he has caused us too much trouble.” The guard cheered. Builm thought to himself, This is the right time. Glancing over to , he said quietly, “Hit me in the stomach, hard.” looked confused, and didn’t do it. Builm was angry now, “Do it!” socked Builm in the stomach hard, breaking a few ribs, knocking the wind out of him, and causing Builm to hurl. He upchucked a bunch of mostly digested food and bile, but something hard hit the ground with a twang. Builm quickly grabbed it, and tucked it into ’s pocket within his shirt. Whispering, he said, “This is what I stole; guard it with your life.”

The cage was opened, and was pulled out, getting punched in the face, and the rest of his body. I must survive, to guard whatever Builm stole. The cage was closed, leaving Builm by himself. had been bound tightly with rope, and had weights put on him. One of the men said, “I say we toss him off the cliff to his doom.” The others cheered in agreement, spitting upon the dwarf. There was much chaos in the crowd. Another said, “Why don’t we play a little piñata, trying to find the goodies inside.” A large guard knocked that one out, saying in a deep, powerful voice, “I say we extract what information we can get out of him, hang him in a tree, covered in meat, for the bears to get him.” This continued on.

In amidst of all the chaos, the small trinket fell from ’s pocket, landing near a tree, lost from everyone. was carried toward the edge of the cliff, fearing this was his doom.

Chapter 17

Inside the cave, Pulse crept close to Saphron, and pounced upon him. Saphron woke up, and moved back, startled, and slammed against the wall of the cave. He roared at Pulse. I was sleeping! He said with irritation. I don’t see you snoozing. The purple dragon joked. Saphron crouched low, and leapt toward Pulse, but Pulse had much agility, and dodged his attack. You’re going to have to better than that! Unexpectedly, Saphron swung his tail, smashing Pulse in the chest, sending him hurtling toward the wall. Okay, okay, you win. Pulse decided to give up, he didn’t want any trouble. That’s better. The dragons touched their tails, meaning a truce, for now. As Pulse passed Saphron he smacked him in the face with his wing. Watch it. Pulse ignored him, and sat down on his blanket, falling asleep. Saphron was now awake, and couldn’t fall back asleep, and thanks to Pulse. He lay down and watched Jake and Shane spar.

Jake stood there, the cold handle of the hammer in his fingers, standing in the ready position. Shane had his hands raised in front of him, ready to take Jake on. The battle begun and Jake rushed at Shane. Swinging the hammer, Shane leaned back, and dodged it completely, then, rolling quickly, he came behind Jake, and smashed his fingers, disarming him. With blazing speed, Shane grabbed Jake, and flung him over his shoulders, and slammed him to the ground. Shane spoke, “You are defeated.” Jake looked up from the ground. “You are way too good.” Shane chuckled. “I practice.” Jake looked concerned. “Can you show me some of your moves?” Shane nodded. “Sure, I’ll teach you the basics with a hammer.” Shane and Jake worked together, practicing together, in the low lit cave.

The water bubbled, and out came the head of Goldwing, with a large shark between his jaws. Dinner, anyone? Everyone stopped what they were doing, and rushed over to get their utensils. After carving off a small portion for Shane, the three dragons devoured the shark, after clearing out the elves meal. Jake and Cole were elves, and were vegetarians at that. Goldwing had been considerate enough to surface the water, and gather some fresh fruits and vegetables, stuffing the shark with them. Now, the blood stained fruits and vegetables lie in a pile. Cole looked at them. “Gross.” Jake shook his head. “Watch.” He uttered a few words in the ancient language, and all the blood left them, and went over and drizzled on the shark. Cole smiled. “I’ve got to try that sometime.” Jake agreed. “Pretty cool eh?” They cooked what vegetables they desired, and ate the rest raw. Soon, everyone was full.

Goldwing whipped his head around, almost hitting it on the side of the cave. I just remembered there was some activity near the shore. Guards. They had two prisoners, but I decided to come back here, because there were many of them, and I wasn’t sure if I could take them all by myself. The others immediately packed their gear, and mounted their dragons. The smoky air of the cave would be nice to leave behind, as well as the low lit conditions. Diving into the cool, salty water, the three riders and dragons ascended, headed towards the surface. The vertical rise was refreshing, but they had to be careful not to rise too fast, due to the pressure. Three heads bobbed atop the water, followed by three more. They sat, treading water, and looked at the smoke from the fire. Goldwing and Cole told the others circle around, and secure the camp, while Cole and he would stay behind, in case there was trouble. The others agreed, and were off.

On the edge of the cliff, a figure was being carried, bound up, and Cole saw this. Goldwing, we need to save that person. We will, from beneath the water. The figure was cast off the edge of the cliff, hitting the water hard, and sinking underwater. Losing breath fast, the person was near gone when the powerful forelegs of the gold dragon grabbed him, and surfaced. Goldwing and Cole flew to a safe location, carrying the stranger. They unbound him, the ropes leaving deep marks in the figures body, and they realized it was a dwarf. Cole stood over him. “Can you hear me?”

Near the site, the four crept toward it, but found it was deserted. Jake turned to Shane, “There are suppose to be guards here, right?” Shane nodded his head. “That was the idea.” The coast being clear, the four emerged, and looked around. They found two killed guards, who had been brutally killed. Shane asked, “I wonder what happened to them, a riot?” Jake glanced at their wounds. “Not likely. This was out of pure desperation.” He grabbed the piece of metal covered with blood and gore. “Hmmm…this is still warm.” Saphron roared, as there was someone spying upon them. Time for a little hide and seek. Breathing his blue flame, Saphron burned around trees, charring them, and setting the bottoms aflame. A guard rushed out of a bush, with his hands up. “Please…please…don’t hurt me.” Out of the sky, a purple bolt came crashing down, and pinned the guard to the ground. Look at what I found. Jake and Cole walked over to the guard. Jake spoke up, “Tell us where your men went.” The guard’s face changed to a stern expression. “My name is Pummel, and I’ll never tell.” A large purple tail came down on his head. Shane said, “Cole, probe into his thoughts and extract the ones which he just had.” Jake nodded. “Will do.” He extracted the knowledge, so Galbatorix wouldn’t know of their existence, yet.

Back on the beach, the dwarf sat up, gazing at Cole and Goldwing. He uttered a few words, “save…my…friend…from…guard.” He had never seen a dragon before, and passed out by the sight. Cole sighed. “He is alright.” How does it look up there guys. Shane responded, It is deserted. We should regroup, and bring the person you saved. Cole mounted Goldwing, along with the unconscious dwarf, and flew to the others. “Look what I found.” He motioned to the dwarf. Jake and Shane looked interested. Shane said, “A dwarf, I wonder what he is doing this far out.” Cole spoke up, saying, “This dwarf has a friend captured with the guard, so we had better get a move on, if we are to catch them.” The three mounted their dragons, and took off, flying low to be undetected.

Chapter 18

In a cold, dark room, with drapes over the window, sat Galbatorix. He was tall, with a long beard, and cold, dark eyes. He wore a long, black cape, and had short, dark hair. He appeared to be in his forties, but was actually over one hundred years old. Strapped to his side, was his sword, and resting in the room was his dragon, Shruiken. The room was perfectly clean, and had many statues of warriors. Galbatorix stood up, cracking his back, as he walked toward them. “Ah…my old friend Brom.” He rested his hand upon one of the statues. “So glad you could join my collection of the fallen riders.” He glanced at the many other statues that he had killed personally, or had his men do for him. He thought to himself what an accomplishment that had been.

The door to his room creaked open, and a young man came in, carrying a tray with steak, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a cup of wine. He knelt before the king, and handed it to him. Galbatorix took them effortlessly. “Be gone now.” The servant stood up, and walked out of the room. This was the king’s favorite meal, and had it on a regular basis. He ate his food with pleasure, savoring every bite. He had almost finished when his doors burst open, a guard rushing in.

Anger spread over Galbatorix’s face. He yelled at the guard, “This has better be good!” The guard knelt down, and said, “Torn, captain of the guard, at your service. My men have found and captured that lowlife, Builm, and are on their way here as we speak.” The angered look slowly left the king’s face, and he said, “I will be overjoyed to have what that thief stole, returned to me.” He nodded to the captain. “Good work captain, carry on.” The captain stood up, bowed, and left briskly.

Galbatorix turned to Shruiken, and said, “You may get your meal soon enough, my pet.” The black dragon replied, Good, I am quite famished. Galbatorix sat back in his chair, pondering over what had just occurred.

Chapter 19

Cly and Sarah flew on Esmeralda’s back, as she looked for a clear area to set up camp for the night. Esmeralda found a clearing, and a bit of smoke coming from it. Cly, is that a fire? It is, let’s go check it out. With light wing flaps, she landed without even rustling the leaves below on the ground. Sarah slid off, on smooth scales, and followed by Cly. He spoke up, “Someone was here, not too long ago.” Sarah glanced around. “Whoever it was, they are gone now.” They set up camp, and Esmeralda easily restarted the fire, getting it blazing hot. Cly only had one tent, and let Sarah sleep in it. He said, “You take the tent, I’ll sleep outside.” She was grateful for his kindness, and went inside, wrapping herself in a blanket, and falling asleep quickly. Cly crawled by Esmeralda, and rested by her side, as her wing covered him. The two soon fell asleep as well.

At the base of a mossy tree, near the camp, the small, round item started to glow. Brighter it glowed, until it flashed and went out. What was left was a small creature, about six inches long. It was all white in color, with blue, shining eyes. It was like a snake, except it had two arms between its head and the middle of its body. Its head was similar to a dragon, but different. Its facial features were less aggressive, and it had small, pixie ears. It lacked spines, but had scales like a dragon. The small creature slithered around, using its arms to aid it some, and gazed with its large eyes upon the forest. Uttering a small cry, it started to climb a tree, but fell, landing on its back. It picked itself up, and continued. A fly buzzed around it, and out came a long tongue, half its body length, and snagged a nearby fly. The fly was gulped down, giving the small creature satisfaction.

After wondering for some time, it made its way toward Cly and Esmeralda. It slipped between Esmeralda’s wing, and into a pouch on Cly’s belt. There it rested, sleeping without a sound. This was what the king once possessed, but now had lost, and no one knew where it was, except for the creature itself.

Just missed by the three, now four, lay Pummel on his chest, face in the dirt. He was still unconscious, but in a few minutes came to. He glanced around at the campsite, and shuddered at the sight of the green dragon. He got up silently, and tiptoed off, careful to not snap any twigs. Pummel had escaped, and was headed for the king, to tell him of what he had seen.

Morning came, and Cly was the first to wake up. This woke Esmeralda up, because she was a light sleeper, and had her wing over him. He ran his hand through his hair, putting it into a somewhat favorable state. He felt somewhat dirty, and decided that a shower might do him some good. Care to go for a dip, Esmeralda? She extended her wings. It would be quite refreshing. Cly mounted Esmeralda, and they flew over the cliff, into the cold, clean, water. Water enveloped Cly, soaking his entire being, and the small creature struggled to hold its breath. They exited the water, and it drained from the pouch, allowing the small creature to breathe again. It was very glad.

When Cly and Esmeralda made it back to camp, Sarah was up, taking down the tent. She turned to them when they landed, saying, “So what have you two been up to?” Cly replied, “I needed something a little refreshing, so we took a quick dive in the ocean.” She knew they were telling the truth because Cly’s clothes were dripping wet. Sarah asked, “Isn’t your clothes being soaked going to be uncomfortable?” Cly looked down at his drenched clothes. “Oh, forgot. Adurna Gánga.” It took a greater stain than usual, tiring him quite a bit. Strange. The water left all of his clothes, making them dry. He hadn’t known of the creature, so it wasn’t harmed. Cly and Sarah cleared the area, and then mounted Esmeralda. They flew off, away from the camp, past the dawn of the morning.

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"oh yeah, but before I go...what does an urgal look like exactly?

(just post a pic or something idk)"
(Just because Cly seems to be offline atm and I happen to know sorta how an urgal looks like)

Pretty much like a very large, muscular barbaric human with horns on its head.

Oh and...I should probably continue reading this xP
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"sorry I forgot to finish -_-

but I am still reading it and still enjoying it a lot ^^

you have amazing descriptive abilities in your writing too

anyways, I have to go now, but I'll try and read some more when I get back"

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Oh and...I should probably continue reading this xP"
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Chapter 20

Builm lay awake in his cage, even in a worse state of being. I am headed toward Galbatorix, and has been thrown off the edge of a cliff. I wonder if he survived? Wait, he was weighted down, and he doesn’t know how to swim. He shuddered at the thought. I still have to have hope, and the key is still out there, waiting to help destroy old Galbatorix himself. Builm looked out of the cage at a guard. The guard was tall, with heavy red armor, and carried a one handed sword. His helmet made his eyes hard to see, but when one got a glimpse of them, solid devotion could be seen. A drop of sweat rolled off the guard’s nose, falling to the ground. This was hard work.

A howl could be heard in the forest, just off the trail. It was followed by many howls, making a scary song for the dawn. Eyes could be seen off the trail, and some of the guards became uneasy. The captain of this squad said, “Stand your ground men. Don’t be intimidated. They are scared of you, and will not attack us.” Then men heard what was said, and continued on, still hesitant of an attack. The danger passed, and the wolves had remained in the dense forest, just like the captain had said. The men continued on, faith regained. A light wind picked up, and a horrid smell filled the nostrils of the guard. Builm knew this smell. Urgals. He looked around, trying to catch a glimpse of one of the beasts.

The group continued on, and the wind died down, the smell reverting back to its normal state. The captain fell, an arrow in his side. Tens of arrows came into view, hitting soldiers, wounding and killing them. Builm lay in the prone position, trying to minimize his area as much as possible. Which is worse, captured by the king, or captured by urgals? He watched as only a small group of five remained. A loud trumpet blew, and out walked a large urgal, almost large enough to be a kull. He wielded a duel headed battle axe, and had a necklace, with many teeth on it. The group of five rushed towards them and tried to attack him, but it was futile. He was too skilled. All five fell within five seconds, and the urgal walked over to the wounded leader. He grabbed him by the collar. Opening his tainted mouth, the urgal spoke with authority. “My name is Vokoro, and you have just been defeated.” His large, yellow fangs glared, quite intimidating. The captain said, “I don’t talk to low lives such as yourself.” This angered the urgal, and he barked some orders to his men. “Pull him apart, have fun with it.” Four urgals got into position, and each pulled one limb. Bones were snapping, as the captain was screaming in pain. Soon, the limbs had been pulled so much that they were a good four inches from their normal position. The urgals dropped the captain, leaving him to die.

Vokoro walked over to the cage, gazing inside. Shaking with fear, Builm tried not to make contact with the beast. In a dark voice, he said, “So who might you be, little man?” Builm managed to talk. “My name is Builm, and I am a thief, I stole from the king, and got away with it. Well, that is, until now. I was headed on my way back to Galbatorix for execution, but your little squad changed all of that.” Builm gulped hard. “Now, I am at your mercy.” Vokoro seemed impressed. “You seem like an honest sort, as in character, we hate the king as well by the way, and it would be such a waste to kill someone of the class.” Builm felt a small wave of hope spark within him. Vokoro said, “You can be free to go, but know who rescued you.” With a mighty swing of his axe, the cage was split in half, allowing Builm to escape. “I will always remember your kindness, Vokoro.” Vokoro nodded his head, and then motioned to the other urgals. “Time to go.” They left, just as quickly as they had come.

Builm wandered off, alone, headed back toward the campsite. The guard had traveled a long way toward the castle, and it would take him many hours, if not a whole day, to get back to his previous location. Builm had much ground to cover. The ground was uneven, with sharp rocks compromising the road. Small weeds grew between the rocks, making the ground more stable. A rabbit darted from a bush, and ran across the road, close to Builm. He glanced at it. Wouldn’t that be good just about now? A nearby bush rustled. Another rabbit. Out of it came the body of a powerful wolf. It had dried blood around its mouth, and its eyes locked eyes with Builm. It howled once, long and loud, and a group of wolves penetrated the forest. They circled Builm, who was now sweating, as he looked at the group of ten wolves. I don’t know how I’ll make it out of this one. The beasts were drooling, as the showed their white teeth. Builm knew this was the last moments of his life.

Chapter 21

Goldwing, Cole, Saphron, Jake, Pulse, Shane, and headed toward Builm. Following the trail, they flew fast, soon to overtake them. The dwarf was still unconscious, lying on his back on Goldwing. He woke up all of a sudden, almost falling from the gold dragon. Seeing that he was on a dragon, and he saw two other dragons, with riders on them. He nudged Cole’s shoulder, “Where am I?” Cole turned around. “Ah, you are finally awake. Hi, my name is Cole, and this is my dragon, Goldwing. We three are riders, and Goldwing and I saved you from drowning in the water.” ’s eyes widened. “As you say, I owe you my life. My name is , and I am a hardened warrior. I am forever in your debt from your deed.” Then a worried look spread across his face. “What about my friend, Builm?” Cole replied, “We are on our way to save him as we speak.” ’s expression cheered up. “Thank you again, dragon rider.”

Saphron and Jake flew in front of the other two dragons, to tell them something. Jake said, “We should have overtaken them by now. Do you suppose they went off the main trail?” Shane spoke up, “I doubt it. They must have had horses to carry the caged wagon.” Pulse saw something movement below. Guys, we aren’t alone. An arrow sped toward Pulse, and he whipped around, turning upside down, Shane remained on his back. Catching the arrow with ease, he knew what it was instantly. Under his breath, he muttered, “Urgal.” Cole reached out to feel how many, when he felt the presence of Vokoro. “Guys, there is the same urgal that defeated me. We can pass them by this once.” The others nodded, and they flew on, in search of Builm.

’s leg slipped out, sliding across Goldwing’s wing. Hey, that tickles. looked around. Where did that come from? A gold tail touched the dwarf on his shoulder. “Can dragons talk?” Actually, he can use our thoughts to communicate. felt like there were twice the intelligent beings riding with him. “So, Goldwing, isn’t it? How old are you?” The dragon moved back and forth in the air, skimming the tree tops. I am about one year old, as are the other two dragons. looked at the purple and blue dragons. “Who is the leader?” There isn’t an official leader, but Jake and Saphron, the blue dragon, seem to take the leadership role most of the time. lost his balance, and fell off Goldwing. Cole told Shane, Have Pulse catch , the dwarf, so you can get to know him. Cole agreed.

Pulse spun in a spiral, waiting until the last possible second to snag the dwarf out of the air. was breathing hard, eyes huge in fright. “Does your dragon always do that?” Shane laughed. “Pretty much.” Shane reached out his hand to shake with the dwarf. “I’m Shane, and this is my dragon, Pulse.” How do you do? was still getting used to the voice in his head. “Hello you two, my name is .” Your time is up. A large, purple tail wrapped around the dwarf and hurled him into the air. yelled at Pulse, “Pulse, you nasty creature.” Why thank you. Saphron caught him quickly, unlike Pulse. They continued heading along the trail, with no luck.

Jake turned around, “Hi, I’m Jake. My dragon is Saphron.” told the rider his name. Jake had a question, asking, “So what exactly were you doing in the forest?” looked him in the eyes, “I was on one of my solo missions, to aid in my training.” Jake nodded. “Not to be rude or anything, but how old are you?” The dwarf smiled, stroking his beard. “I’m not sure of my age, but somewhere in my thirties.” Jake thought to himself. I feel so young compared to him. He spoke up, “I’m sixteen years old, as is Cole, and Shane is fifteen.” smiled. “I guess that makes me like twice your age.” Jake, not to interrupt, but we should head back and look for a different trail. Jake agreed. We are going to head back everyone, and search for a different trail.

The group of seven about faced, and flew back along the trail, eager to find ’s captured friend. They hoped, that it wasn’t too late.

Chapter 22

Pummel ran through the forest, brushing past braches, giving him some scratches. Wind whipped past the trees, making the leaves shake. The growl of a blood thirsty creature filled the air, sending a tinge of fear through the guard. He stopped, looking around. “Is anyone there?” He had drawn his sword, shaking in his hand. A dark shadow sped between to trees. “Show yourself!” Again, the shadow jumped from tree to tree. The growl filled the air again, closer now. Sweat grew on the Pummel’s brow, his teeth started to chatter, and he grasped his sword so hard that it cut into his hand. A drop of blood fell from the handle, hitting the ground. The shadow growled once more, then ran away. Pummel kept his sword drawn, expecting there still to be danger.

After a few minutes, it seemed as though the danger had passed, and Pummel sheathed his sword. He tore his shirt, ripping a long strip of cloth off, and wrapped it around his bleeding hand. The guard said to himself, You can have quite the imagination sometimes, old boy. A nearby bush rustled by Pummel, being tense, drew his sword. “I said, come out and fight me!” A bat flew out of the bush, headed for a nearby fruit tree. Pummel was so paranoid, that he swung his sword at the bat, slicing it right down the middle. Some bat blood stained the guard’s shirt. Just a silly bat, I must be really losing it.

Pummel continued on, walking through the dense forest. He glanced over his shoulder time to time, but saw no danger whatsoever. After a few minutes, the branches of a tree rustled to the left, near Pummel. Oh, another bat. A bat emerged, this time, Pummel didn’t kill it, but rather let it fly by. Hmmm… many bats. A few minutes later, there was rustling in the braches above the guard. Bats, bats, bats. The branches broke, and down fell a hooded figure. He reached for his sword, but the hooded figure pushed Pummel down to the ground in one powerful blow. Slamming against a tree, Pummel was wounded. The hood came off, and the guard’s eyes widened. The figure lashed out with a sword, and decapitated the guard, Pummel’s eyes not ceasing to close. The head flew through the air, then landed inside a large hole in the middle of a stump.

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yay! I read some more and its really getting good as I'm starting to connect some of the three stories, this really is a great fan-fic ^^

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"yay! I read some more and its really getting good as I'm starting to connect some of the three stories, this really is a great fan-fic ^^"
Thanks. I'm glad I have a fan. ^^
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Chapter 23

Surrounded by savage wolves, Builm knelt to his knees and uttered a few words. He closed his eyes, as the lead wolf jumped for him. The lead wolf fell to the ground, an arrow between its eyes. Builm cracked an eye, gazing in amazement. Another wolf fell, arrow through the neck. The wolves looked confused, thinking that Builm was somehow attacking them. Builm scanned the area. There is no one in sight, those must be really long range shots. Wolf after wolf fell, all within seconds. Soon, only one wolf remained, and ran for its life. Builm stood up, surrounded by the bodies of lifeless wolves. Blood had pooled up on the ground, staining his shoes red. He walked away from the group, calling out, “Is anyone there?” It seemed as though no one was within miles of the area.

Builm heard a stick snap behind him. He turned around, to see a large, green dragon, with a young man and woman on the mighty beast’s back. He fell to the ground. “Are you the two that saved me?” Cly spoke up, “Hello, sir. You looked as you could use assistance. And there wasn’t two of us, but three.” He changed topics. “I’m Cly, this is my friend Sarah, and my dragon Esmeralda.” Builm stood up. “My name is Builm, and I was captured by the king’s guard, but was freed by some urgals.” Cly raised an eyebrow. “Urgals, eh. Interesting.” Builm bowed toward them. “Thank you, Cly, for saving me.” Cly’s eyes opened wide, then his face turned slightly red. “Uh…actually, it was Sarah. She is the sharpshooter. The best I have ever seen.” Builm looked a little embarrassed. He bowed toward Sarah. “Sorry about that ma’am. Thank you for sniping those wolves.” She smiled. “My pleasure, Builm.” Hello, Builm, how do you do? Builm glanced around. “Sarah, did you just say something to me.” She shook her head, “No, I’m just sitting here, being quiet.” Am I real, or just a figment of your imagination, driving you mad? Builm covered his ears, twirling around. Cly couldn’t take it any longer, to see the poor man tortured like this. “Builm, that is Esmeralda communicating with you. She likes to play around with people.” He looked at the dragon with amazement. “She can talk?” Yes, what, you think I am as mute as a bear? He still wasn’t convinced. He walked up to her, and put his hand on her tail. “Esmeralda, what is my hand on?” Are you serious? That is my tail, covered in spines. Are you trying to test if it is really me talking? Well, how about this. I’ll put Cly in my mouth, throw him up into the air, and catch him, inches from the ground. Builm was intrigued. Cly said to Sarah, “Our friend here wants a little demonstration, so if you wouldn’t mind standing on the ground, it would help.” She understood. “Sure, I’m fine with that.” She slipped off Esmeralda, landing on the ground with ease.

Cly and Esmeralda performed the desired action, and Builm’s mouth fell open. He clapped his hands together. “Bravo, bravo. I believe in you now, Esmeralda.” She sent a puff of green flame into the air. Cly jumped off Esmeralda, rolling on the soft ground. He followed through, and ended standing up. “So, Builm, do you have any friends that you were with?” He looked down. “I was with my friend Austin, a dwarf, but he was cast off the edge of a cliff, falling to his doom. He is unable to swim, and he was waited down.” Cly looked sad. “I’m sorry.” Why don’t you scry him? What a good idea! He said the words, pulling out a small dish with water in it. It swirled around, revealing the dwarf, alive and talking with someone. He focused closer. He was riding on something blue, that appeared to have scales. Could it be, another dragon? He showed it to Sarah and Builm. Builm’s eyes widened, he wore a large grin, and jumped for joy. “Hoorah! is still alive!”

Three, winged figures came into view, far off in the forest. Cly, Sarah, Builm, and Esmeralda stared with excitement. This was the return of the Shur’ tugal!

Chapter 24

The three dragons descended, losing altitude fast. Saphron, Goldwing, and Pulse landed near the group. Cole leapt off, sword drawn, “Give us Builm, or pay the consequences.” Cly cleared his throat, and said, “We do not pose any threat to you, I assure you.” Then, Sarah realized that these were the same three heroes that had saved her from the urgals. They were riders! Who knew! She undid her hair, and said, “Jake, Cole, and don’t tell me…Shane!” The three looked toward her in amazement. “Sarah!” They all said. They all jumped off their dragons, and huddled around each other for a group hug. Jake spoke up, “What are you doing here?” She said, “I had another encounter, the same day, and ended up with my legs paralyzed.” The three looked at her standing. Shane said, “Well, obviously you aren’t paralyzed now, what happened?” She motioned to Cly, who walked forward. “This is the rider who healed me, his name is Cly.” He looked at the three riders. “Wow, I didn’t know that there was any more riders, besides Eragon of course.” They smiled. Cole said, “Yes, we are riders, but still new to it. We found our dragons one year ago.” Suddenly, Cly’s eyes lit up, like a spark ignited them. He realized that these were the three teenagers that he had saved. “You are the three teenagers that Esmeralda and I saved, right?” Shane spoke up, “Of course, how could we forget you and your green dragon!” The conversation continued on, exchanging some information.

Builm saw , and ran toward him, attempting to tackle him, but the dwarf was too heavy. The dwarf caught him, and said, “I survived mate, Goldwing, the gold dragon, saved me.” Builm was overjoyed, and then remembered one thing. “Where is that item I stowed in your pocket?” said, “Right here still.” He reached into it, finding it empty. The dwarf’s hand came out, empty. “It’s not there?” Builm looked like he had just lost all his belongings in a game of cards. “That was the key to defeating Galbatorix. Without it, our chances are all but a sliver, if that. Where could it be?” said, “Well, I hope we find it, but in the meantime, how did you escape?” Builm stopped pacing, and replied, “I was in the cage, with the group of guards. Suddenly, a swarm of arrows came, taking out every guard. When only a few remained, a large urgal came, and easily defeated them. He talked to me, and thought that I was a good soul. He let me go, which is quite rare for an urgal.” looked at him uncertainly, “That is quite the story, Builm.” He shrugged his shoulders, “Well, it’s true.” said, “Come, let me introduce you to some of my new friends.” Builm replied with a slight smile, “I was about to say the same thing.”

Saphron, Goldwing, and Pulse wandered toward Esmeralda. She was larger than them, due to her being three years old and them only being one. They were surprised to see her, and she was quite surprised to see other, dragons. Saphron stepped forward. Hello, my name is Saphron, and I couldn’t help but notice you over here. She swung her tail back and forth. Hello Saphron, my name is Esmeralda, and I have never seen another dragon before, it is quite a treat. Goldwing spoke up, How’s it be, miss? I am Goldwing, and like the color of your scales.  She turned her head towards him and let out a small puff of smoke. It is going good Goldwing. Actually, this is a brand new experience for me, seeing other dragons. My name is Esmeralda, and thank you for the compliment. Lastly, Pulse stepped forward, tripping on an exposed root. Ouch. I swear those things are out to get me! He spoke to the green dragon. I have a question for you. Do you like to do aerial tricks? Oh, and I’m Pulse by the way, the fastest reflex dragon you’ll ever meet. She looked at him with warm eyes. You are funny, purple one. I like to fly, and for aerial trick, well, I don’t really practice. I’m Esmeralda by the way. All three dragons seemed to accept her, and she thought that they were nice enough. She walked closer to Cly, as if to have some safety, because she didn’t know what entirely to think of the other dragons.

Off the main trail, lurked the hooded figure. It stood crouched, peering out at the large group of dragons and warriors. I will have my chance to strike, soon enough. The hooded figure retreated into the forest, moving quickly.

Chapter 25

Cly glanced into the forest, seeing two glowing eyes. He turned to the group, “It isn’t safe here, let us move on, to a more secure location.” Jake replied, “Well, are we going to split up and head our ways, or stay together as a group?” spoke up, “Say aye if you want to travel as a group, and stay silent if you want to split ways.” Everyone said, “Aye.” Cly and Sarah riding Esmeralda, Cole and Austin riding Goldwing, Jake and Builm riding Saphron, and Shane going by himself with Pulse. The dragons extended their wings, and took off, making a large cloud of dust. Cly, Sarah, and Esmeralda took the lead. Cly cast his thoughts for everyone to hear. So, any specific place where we are going? Jake replied; Let us travel as the wind takes us. thought, My mission leads me wherever I desire, and right now, this is as good as it gets. The dragons flew on, headed over forest.

After many hours, they had made their way to a clearing; it was a flat plain valley, surrounded by large mountains. The mountains were tall, with steep, ragged sides, and were covered in white snowcaps. Resting directly in between the mountains was a village. The group thought that it might be good to have some extra supplies, so they decided to land near the base of the mountains, away from the village. They landed, and dismounted from the dragons. was the first to say, “Ah, tis good to be on solid ground again, my stomach was turning over and over.” Everyone laughed, and Cly said, “It does take some time to get used to it.” They unpacked their gear, and set up camp. There was Sarah’s tent, and a large tent that belonged to Shane, Cole, and Jake. Sarah’s tent was made of waterproof canvas, and it looked brand new, without any snags or holes. The three riders tent was very much different. It was also waterproof canvas, but had many holes that had patches over them, and was snagged in multiple spots. Pulse started a fire, as he loved to.

In need of some furniture, the four riders and the dwarf headed up the mountain a little bit, into the trees on it. They cut down trees, formed wooden beams, large and small, and bound them together with rope. After an hour or so, the five marched back, carrying a large, round table, and seven chairs. Sarah immediately sat in a chair, admiring the handiwork. “Wow, you guys know how to make comfortable and beautiful furniture!” She slid her hand across the armrest, feeling nothing but smoothness. Builm sat in a chair also, and it felt comfortable. “It will do.” The seven gathered around the fire, with the dragons near them. Nightfall was coming in, as the group became more comfortable with each other.

The dwarf was saying, “…that was one of the best experiences of my life. Wrestling the brown bears. These were wild, and the biggest one I ever fought was almost six hundred pounds. It was a match for me, and we fought long and hard, until sweat was pouring from our faces. Something in the distance caught its attention, and gave me the chance. With a quick, powerful blow, I pinned that bear to the ground, helpless.” The others listened, entranced. Shane said, “Great story. Do dwarves normally do things like that?” shook his head. “I’m afraid not, young one. Me and me buddies were a real daredevil group, as you could call it.” Cly spoke up, “Anyone care for another story?” Everyone agreed, except for Builm. He was asleep, on his chair, silent. He began, “It was a night such as this, the sky lit up by the stars, the moon hidden, and not a cloud to be seen. Esmeralda and I were camped out at a…” A twig snapped in the bushes. Cly stood up hastily. “We are not alone.” He opened his mind and immediately found something. It’s mind was very strange, not that of a human, elf, or dwarf. A scream filled the air, as a hooded black figure leapt out, sword drawn.

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Chapter 26

Cly drew Valor, yelling, “Stay down.” He leapt into the air, tens of feet up, meeting the hooded figure in the sky. Blow after blow they exchanged, but Cly was the more skilled, and managed to disarm the creature in the few seconds he was in the air. Grabbing it by the neck, he thrust it below him, as it met the grass, ripping it up and embedding in the dirt. He stepped off, sword to its neck. “Get up, and remove your hood.” The figure cast back his hood, to reveal the black face, beak, and large eyes of a ra’zac. It stood still, than moved at inhuman speed. Cole and Shane had their swords drawn, and swung towards it. Jake, with his hammer, attempted to hit it also. Sarah was no where to be seen, and the dragons were moving in fast, ready to rip the ra’zac apart. With mastery of skill, the ra’zac evaded the attacks, and dug its claws into Cly’s back. He screamed in pain, as the ra’zac felt Cole’s sword pierce through his side.

In the chaos, Builm was still out cold, when a handkerchief wrapped around the man’s mouth, and a hilt of a sword came down upon his head. He was quickly dragged into the forest. No one else knew that this was happening.

The ra’zac felt a large tail wrap around him, and the mighty jaws of Esmeralda tear his arm off, blood spurting out at every heartbeat. The ra’zac ran, and whistled, when a lethrblaka appeared in the air, and the ra’zac grabbed with his one arm on the foot of the flying beast. Off it flew, headed away. An arrow darted through the air, penetrating the wing of the lethrblaka. Sarah stood behind a tree, with her longbow. Party’s over! A purple streak darted from the clouds, coming at the ra’zac’s mount with incredible speed. Pulse’s claws found both beast’s, plunging them into the ribcage of each dark beast; he crushed the hearts, causing them both to go limp. I still got it!

Back at the campsite, Builm sat in his chair, smiling, and closed his eyes. Cly lay on the ground, wounded badly. His back had large gashes in it, and it was getting worse. The ra’zac had dipped its claws in acid, and the muscle in Cly’s back was diminishing at a fast rate. Jake knelt down, and said complex sentences for healing. The acid grouped together, and exited the wounds. Slowly, muscle started growing back, connecting at the perfect positions. It was a lengthy process, but soon Cly’s back was back to normal. It had taken a toll on Jake, draining much of his energy.

Pulse landed, and let out a victory roar. Sarah came forward from behind the tree that she was hiding behind. The stood around the fire. Cly said, “Ra’zac, and their mounts! They have been following us for who knows how long, and finally they have decided to strike. I don’t know their intentions, but we have defeated them, and we have had no casualties.” He looked around quickly. “Where is Builm?” They looked, and found him, sleeping in his chair. said, “He slept through that? Wow!” They turned their attention back around the fire. Sarah said, “Well, are we going to stay here? It doesn’t seem safe.” Jake agreed, “We should leave this place, and go to somewhere safe, actually safe.” They mounted, and flew off, into the night.

The white creature was still in the Cly’s bag, munching on food whenever it was hungry. It closed its eyes, sleeping silently.

Chapter 27

A man was in the lush forest, near the campsite. He was gagged with a handkerchief, stuffed in his mouth; arms and chest bound up with rope, and stripped of his clothes, except for his undergarments. The ropes were tied very tight, cutting off the circulation to his arms, having them lose color. His eyes were full of fear, knowing that he was alone, bound to a tree while he had dozed off. It was difficult for him to breathe. This man was Builm.

Builm new that he was separated from his friends, but didn’t know why. He had almost given up when his finger tip touched the cold handle of his knife. A glimpse of hope swelled within him, as he fingered for it. Making little progress, he had almost given up. Then, his finger slipped around it, and he pulled, and let go, sending it into the air. He grabbed it with his whole hand, and started cutting away at the ropes. He freed himself, and found that his friends were gone.

Builm headed toward the village, in hopes of finding shelter, and a source of income. He trudged on, wondering if the evil king would ever be stopped.

Chapter 28

2 weeks later

Approaching a far off village, that the king’s army had never set foot in, the group felt for once like they were safe. This was the East Gate village. The sun shone brightly, and the slight breeze felt pleasant. The trip had strengthened the relationships between the people, but one person seemed to not talk hardly at all. That person was “Builm,” the person dressed like Builm.

For nightfall, they made their way to an , and booked one room per person. The dragons slept outside, in a patch of trees, a few hundred yards away. Cly lay in his bed, glad to be away from danger, and hope that he and Esmeralda could have a little down time. In a different room, Sarah lay on her bed. She was glad to be away from danger, but loved the adventure that she and the rest of her friends had gone through. Jake, lay in his bed, in a separate room, feeling a little stressed, but going to sleep on his bed would clear his mind. Cole lay on his bed, eyes open. He was staring out the window, looking for any signs of movement. Although he had many companions, loneliness still hung over him, wearing him down. Shane stood on his bed, jumping into the air, and doing front flips, back flips, 360’s and even 720’s. He liked to be active and moving around. was asleep on his bed, happy to be in it. The bed of Builm was empty.

The door to the man disguised as Builm closed, with a creaking sound, as he exited it, stepping softly to be as quiet as possible. Stepping on the old growth wood floor, his feet didn’t make a sound, as he walked past room after room. The musty boots he wore let off little clumps of dirt with each step, due to being worn. As he was passing the doors, he turned, and stopped in front of one. Drawing a sharp knife, he slipped it into the side of the door, attempting to pick the lock. He was successful, and the door clicked. With a slight push, it swung open. There on the bed, lay Cly, with his clothes laid out across the top of his covers. Quiet as a mouse, he tip toed up to the rider, and started sifting through his belongings. He found a pouch, and slit it open with his knife. He smiled as he saw the creature. Jackpot.

As the pseudo Builm grabbed the creature; just as the gloved had clasped the white body; it cast its thoughts to Cly in a powerful way, waking him instantly. Help me! Cly saw who he knew as Builm, in his room, with a strange creature and a knife in his hand. He said in a loud voice, “What is the meaning of this Builm?” The pseudo Builm got a wild look in his eye, and said, “I have done it, you can’t stop me!” He thrust the knife down toward Cly’s chest. Cly uttered the word, “Thrysta!” The pseudo Builm’s body was picked up, and hurled against the wall, knocking him unconscious. His hand grip was lost, and the white creature slipped out of it. Slithering across the ground, then using its arms to climb the side of the bed, the creature made it back to the pouch, and curled up in it. Cly looked in amazement. What are you, little guy? Obviously something important, that is why Builm wanted to steal you. He reached toward it, when he heard the small voice in his head. Thank you for saving me. His hand stopped, as he was surprised by its ability to use thought communication. What are you? How long have you been in my bag? The small creature, who was more like one and a half feet long now, came out of the bag. I am not sure what I am. Am I strange to you? I have been in your bag as long as I can remember, for about two weeks, when I hatched. He reached his hand out to touch the creature, and found that is had similar scales to a dragon. I have never seen a creature quite like you. You are similar to a dragon in some ways, but your face is much different, you only have two arms, and you are untraceable by life sensing. Wait, you have been with me for two weeks! Wow, I never knew! The white creature wrapped around his hand, and slithered up Cly’s arm. So I must be rare. Absolutely.

A fly buzzed around the room, and came close to Cly and the creature. It whipped out with its tongue, snagging the fly from six inches away. Cool, that is something dragons can’t do. He tried to grab the creature, but it was too fast for him. Try to catch me! It slithered around his arm, under the covers, up his back, and stopped, wrapping around his bicep. So you like me, yes? The creature uttered a small cry of delight. Yes, much so. It turned, looking him in the eyes. Well, how about a name then, you are male right? A name would be good, and yes, I am male. Cly thought for a long while, and eventually came up with, a name. How about, Njura. It means, one of unknown origin. That sounds good Cly. Njura looked at Cly, with his large, blue eyes. I’m glad you defeated that traitor. Cly looked over to Builm. What, he is a traitor? How long has he been like that? Njura whipped his tail around, saying, My mind was still quite young, but when you fought that ra’zac creature, I saw your friend Builm get kidnapped. A different man came back, who resembled Builm, and fooled everyone. His sudden action means he wanted to get me, but why? Cly looked at the creature hard. That is some vital information! Wait until I tell the others.

Against the wall, the man regained consciousness, and stood up, while outstretching his hand. “You leave me no other choice.” No. The pseudo Builm raised his hand, and said, “Jierda!” Cly felt his spine start to shear apart, then the grip was released. The pseudo Builm was amazed when the magic didn’t affect him. The evil man said, “Brisignr!” Nothing happened. Cly leapt out of his bed, and came down on his head with his fist. He went out cold. That is strange, the man could use magic… He turned to see Njura’s tip of his tail glowing. I stopped his power. Cly was stunned. You can stop magic! He said the word, “Adurna,” trying to make a small sphere of water. Nothing happened. That is some power you have there. So, it is called magic? I am still learning words. I didn’t know of my power, until you were in danger. The bright white, glowing tail returned to normal. He reached over and patted Njura on the head. You friend, just saved my life. I can see why you are so treasured for. You have the power to take down the most powerful magic user much easier. He stopped, as something bolted into his mind. You, Njura, could be the key to stopping the reign of Galbatorix. Well, I will stay with you, as you are my only friend as of now, and maybe together, we can defeat this Galbatorix. The small creature slithered up Cly’s arm, around his neck, and down the other arm. I like to wrap around your arms, it makes me feel safer, what makes you feel safer Cly? I feel the safest when I am with Esmeralda, and now you make me feel even safer. Cly looked happy. Njura is going to change all the rules.

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"Just to let you know I am still reading, I'm on Chapter 16 at the moment and I plan on reading more this week but for today I am done, off to bed and all that"
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"Wonders if anyone reads this. (besides AZ)
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"Wonders if anyone reads this. (besides AZ)
send people PM's, advertise, do anything, this story is amazing and really should have more readers

I understand how hard it can be to get people (no one reads mine usually except DC and LD)

so just annoy them til they read it or something :P"
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