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Welcome to Mashed Up Origins! This is an experiment of mine that I was going to make into a group, but with the chaos that a group can bring I decided to go it alone. Feel free to do your own. It’s short, sweet and basically a quick origin, something to make you go (hopefully) “I’d like to see that!” This continues & links with my M.U.O Fantastic Four and begins my possible & probable universing of my Mashed Up Origin’s. Enjoy and please comment, links to the other M.U.O's I've done are at the end.

Cape Canaveral

Colonel Carol Danvers stood before the gathered press, her teeth clenched firmly in a smile. -Can I just fly the damn thing?- she thought as she turned to another bank of reporters and their dazzling arrays of flashbulbs.

“Isn’t she wonderful folks” said Colonel John Jameson from the podium “Brains and beauty”

“Misogynistic bastard” Carol said through her teeth as she posed for more photos “Must be genetic”

“Just a few more shots folks, Colonel Danver’s has a plane to catch” Jameson laughed at his own joke.


The rocket roared into the upper atmosphere as it separated from the fuel tank booster with a loud clunk.

“Was that supposed to happen control?” asked Carol as the cabin shook like an old washing machine.

“Yes Colonel Danvers”

“Just checking, over”

“Is everything okay up there?”

“Well maybe I don’t exactly trust this bucket of bolts, after its owner turned himself and his three friends into colourful rage monsters” yelled Carol

“You’re fine from our point of view Colonel Danvers”

A light and a screeching klaxon alarm filled the cabin. Carol flicked some switches and looked on her screen. “Oh great!”

“Colonel Danvers?”

“I see it control. Sub-space storm”

“Telemetry indicates you’ll experience some turb…” the voice cut off as the cabin shuddered violently. Carol grabbed the controls and fought to keep the ship on course. A crack began to spider web across the glass.

“Abort! Abort!” yelled Carol into her comms. “Control, if you can hear me, I am aborting the mission! The ships integrity has been breached. Probably because it was built by an egghead and not NASA!” The ship spun off course as Carol wrestled the ship and brought it back down to Earth.


Carol popped the door off and wobbled her way out of the crash that she’d remarkable managed to turn from instant death to a bumpy landing in a field. Carol’s skin felt hot, and hard.

“What the…” Carol held up her hand as it started to fade before her eyes. She turned to run and her legs elongated and sent her thirty feet away in one giant elastic stride.

“Oh my god!” screamed Carol as watched her skin buckle and harden into orange tiles and then suddenly burst into flames!


“How you feeling Ms Marvel?” asked Colonel Jameson as he stood at the end of Carol’s hospital bed. Behind him stood two other men she recognised: General Thaddeus Ross and General Nick Fury.

“Wha? What did you call me?” stammered Carol as she sat up and looked at the plastic bubble that surrounded her bed and separated her from them. “What’s going on?”

“There was an accident Carol” said General Fury “Seems the ship Richard’s built wasn’t shielded against cosmic radiation”

“What does that mean sir?” she asked.

“To be honest Carol” General Fury scratched his stubble and pulled out a cigar “The boffins are trying to work that out. But what we can tell you is that you’ve managed to get yourself a fantastic set of powers”

Carol looked at her hands that were simultaneously shifting between being rocky, on fire, invisible and stretchy; sometimes being all four at once.





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Love it.

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Good one.

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Hmmmm Carol Danvers with all four of the Fantastic Four's powers. Very interesting, she's a Super Skrull :) Nice work, may just have a look at what else you've mashed...

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I was about to make a post saying how surprised I was that only two people commented, but I see a third person has.

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This is very good work. I enjoyed it.

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Amazing, I love all of your ideas.

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I like it.

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@TheCannon: Thank you

@tmacximas: Thank you

@4donkeyjohnson: Yeah she's a human Super Skrull

@MsMarvel22: Thank you, coming from a Ms Marvel that's even cooler :)

@DickGrayson: Thank you, but not all my ideas are good. I've had some shockers!

@primepower53: Thank you

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I think Carol with the FF powers is scarier than the Super Skrull imo :)

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Awesome man! I almost did something like this for the Amalgamverse with Superman and the FF but there's no way it would have been this well written

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Very Nice :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks

@BlackArmor: That's an interesting idea if Superman got FF'd on his entry to Earth and grew up with HIS powers plus all the FF's powers...pretty cool idea

@Veitha: Thank you, more soon I hope

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Sweet, Ms. Marvel, the Fantastic One! :P

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@GR2Blackout said:

Sweet, Ms. Marvel, the Fantastic One! :P

That's kinda cool, the Fantastic One, works on several levels

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Nice Job Dude.

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@Ms. Omega: Thanks. There's a couple other M.U.O's if you're interested :)

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If you are going to sequel, continue or even expand; may I suggest this one. Carol is a complicated person and with NOW a vast array of powers, this would make a good on-going...at the very least a 2nd chapter imo

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks

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@wildvine Bumped as its linked to my FF MUO

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Hmmmm Carol Danvers with all four of the Fantastic Four's powers. Very interesting, she's a Super Skrull :) ...

Exactly what I was thinking while reading it. Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

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Yeah she probably shouldv'e been called Ms Fantastic...why hasn't Marvel done that? Or have they?