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Hope, Kansas 13 years later

Jonathan and Martha Kent entered their house and found burn marks on the walls, they followed the marks up to Clark's room where they found the boy crying in the corner. Clark looks up to his father and says, "Dad, I think I'm a mutant." Jonathan looks over to Martha and tells her,"It's time."

They took Clark to the barn and swept aside the dirt and hay covering a door in the barn door. Jonathan opened it to reveal the dusty ship his son had arrived in, he opened it and took out a small device. He told Clark it had activated the night they found him, it was a recording from his birth father asking who ever found the child to take care of him and that this device would tell him all there was to know about where he came from. Jonathan and Martha left the boy alone in the barn. A few hours later they went in to check on him and found him floating about 10 feet off the ground. Clark looked back happily at his parents shouting, "I can fly!"

New York City, 5 years later. Daily Bugle building

Clark had just finished up at Columbia University where he'd majored in journalism and today he had his first job interview with J. Jonah Jameson.He was alone on the elevator with a young free lance photographer named Peter Parker who'd become fairly well known for his pictures of Spiderman. Clark told Peter this was his first real job interview since he worked at the Hope, Kansas Dairy Queen and that he was nervous. Peter told him that JJJ was a blow hard, but his bark was worse that his bite.

JJJ's office

He stares at Clark's portfolio with disinterest as Robbie Robertson entered. He informed Jonah that Clark came with a laundry list of great references including their own reporter Ben Urich who had told Robbie "This boy is going to get a Pulitzer someday." After a few minutes of posturing JJJ offered Clark an entry level job that he gladly took. Clark passed Peter on his way out and gave him a nod as he went into Jonah's office saying he got some good shots of a new Super hero in town along with some of his Spiderman photos.

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Cool story so far, ingesting choice making Supes as young as or younger than Spiderman

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Pretty awesome man. Wonder how the world will react after finding out Supes is an alien.

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Awesome :)

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"Clark looks up to his father and says, "Dad, I think I'm a mutant." Jonathan looks over to Martha and tells her,"It's time." That's a rational explanation and probably what ANY young kid with burgeoning super powers in the Marvel Universe would possibly think, especially one with Clark's power set. Good but my only minor gripe is that it is a tad short, combining say one and two into chapter 1 would've been better in my opinion. Good job

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