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Manhattan, Office of Wilson Fisk

Lex Luthor sits calmly across the desk from the man known as Kingpin. Fisk threatens, "I am in charge of these streets Luthor, and I am tired of you thinking you're my boss."

Luthor looked to Bullseye sitting in corner eyeing him like a predator and sighed as he stood, "You've misunderstood the purpose of this meeting. I am here to inform you that your services are no longer required. I am glad you brought your associate though, saved me tracking him down. Bullseye, was it? I believe the deal was 20 million."

Fisk looked up as Bullseye jumped to his feet, "Wha...."

He was dead before finishing the word. Luthor continued, "Consider this a signing bonus, my men will take care of this mess. I will contact you with your next assignment soon."

Bullseye grinned, "Pleasure doing business with you."

The next day

A news reporter on the scene by the Hudson river speaks into the camera, "Early this morning, multi millionaire Wilson Fisk was found floating in the Hudson, reports indicate that Fisk had been heavily involved in organized crime and police believe he was killed by a rival crime lord. We'll have more details at 11."

She throws it back to the anchor who adds, "In other news, the Avengers have been gathering, no word yet on the reason but authorities have advised avoiding Manhattan for the next 48 hours."

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TO SHORT!!! >:0

... Good job

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@Project_Worm: It was basically just a teaser for Lex's next appearance, there will be a few more interludes starring him before that appearance tho.

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@joshmightbe: I figured as much.

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@Project_Worm: Superman has to deal with the whole Silver Surfer/Galactus thing before getting back to Lex