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Part 6:Going Rogue

Batman had been working on the Universal Transporter for about a week now. Things were starting to blossom with Spider-Man and Poison ivy, but Rorschach was becoming ever so annoyed by Spider-Man's acceptance of her.

Batman (Working on a bolt for the Transporter): Well, Rorschach, things are looking good. We'll probably be done with this thing in about a week.

Rorschach suddenly stepped out of the shadows, his fists clenched.

Rorschach: I'm finished with her...

Batman: What?

Rorschach: Ms Isley. I'm sick and tired of her being given the royal treatment around here.

Batman: I don;t know what you're...

Rorschach: She has her own lab for God sakes! I get the basement of this building? This is ridiculous. I should of put a bullet in that whore's head the moment I saw her.

Batman: Enough. Rorschach...

Suddenly, Ivy quickly walked out of the shadows. Rorschach and Batman turned around.

Poison Ivy: Batman, request permission to speak?

Batman: Permission granted Ms. Isley

Poison Ivy: It's Harley. We have to help her. I...I think Kingpin's going to kill her!

Rorschach: Let me get this straight. You want to go towards the people who hunt us like viscous dogs?

Poison Ivy: THEY'RE GOING TO KILL HER RORSCHACH!! We have to help her! Besides, we need as many people as we can spare.

Batman: Ivy, I'm sorry, but I can't give you permission to go.

Poison Ivy: But she..

At that moment, Rorschach walked up to her and punched her in the gut. Hard. She let out a whimper, and a tear went down her eye.

Rorschach: You should know your place around here...Whore.

Ivy glanced upon Rorschach with a look of contempt and hatred. She then left the room, clamming the door behind her. She walked up to Spider-Man's room, where he was sleeping, and shook him.

Poison Ivy: Spider, Spider wake up!

Spider-Man: Huh, wah...Ivy? What the hell...

Poison Ivy: Meet me over at the garage.

Spider-Man: The garage, what...

Poison Ivy: You said you wanted to gain my trust?

Spider-Man: Yeah...

Poison Ivy: Well, this is test number 2. Now come on. Harley's expecting us.

To be continued...

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Cool stuff.

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thanks. Anything you particularly liked?

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@The Impersonator:

Yeah, but not awesome enough to generate more comments

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I typed in legion under topics and this is what comes up! THIS IS AWESOME! Love the development between Rorschach and Ivy...

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thanks man. check out my other chapters?

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: yeah! All of it's looking good!

It actually inspired me to make a crossover of my own.

If you're interested links:


and here