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Chapter 5: Back At Home

Spider-Man was stunned as he walked into the bio-dome.Everywhere he looked were pretty much every plant he knew and some he didn't

Poison Ivy: So what do you think?

Spider-Man: I think this is one hell of a botanical garden. I mean you've got everything! Hydnora Africana, Sundrew plants 5 times bigger then me...

Poison Ivy: Yeah, I'm quite the collector. My babies love company.

Spider-Man: Sure are. You have any...Oxygen breathing friends?

Poison Ivy: I have one. Name's Harley Quinn. She was in a relationship with this guy who physically abused her. I sort of...connected ya know? Kingpin captured her for associating me. Play your cards right you might be my second friend.

Spider-Man: Sorry about that. A lot of people tend to hate what's different, but I kind of embrace it. Have this friend back in my universe, Proffesor Xavier. He'd love you, he's all over people like you.

Poison Ivy: Well, I'll probably meet him soon, once Batman get's us out of this hellhole.

(Poison Ivy fiddles with a flower, an Oleander, smiling to herself. Spider-Man exits, slowly.)

Poison Ivy: Passed test 1. Now for test 2. We're getting Harley back whether Batsy likes it or not. And hopefully Spider will help me.

Meanwhile we cut back to the Marvel Universe, where we see a great beam of blue light strike the ground. Suddenly, a group of people fall to the ground. They are Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and their leader Martian Manhunter)

Beast Boy: Wow, what a rush! Wish we could do that again!

Martian Manhunter: Focus Beast Boy. We need to find help.

Raven: How do you know this universe has supers? We're different for a reason.

Martian Manhunter: Lucky guess to tell the truth. I sort of...Trusted my instict, you could say.

Raven: Well, if I were a hero, not in a universe where everyone is trying to kill me, I'd probably be at someplace...Unique. Retro looking.

Beast Boy: Odd, retro never seemed your style

Raven (Sarcastically) : No, but it would be my leaders style

Cyborg: Like that?

(Points to a tower)

In front of them was an enormous tower, with great, horn like spikes at the top. It was Avengers Tower.

Martian Manhunter: I'll check inside...

To be continued

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