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Batman vs Captain America



I beat the Joker up

Jason was a punk

Got 100k

Bullet was my trunk

Trained a few monks

Shiva so hot she made me beat the p*ssy up

[Remix Chorus]

[Captain America]

You beat the p*ssy up?

Don't make Bucky buck

Im a lyrical tactician

Thats why Ross' get drunk

Im a f*cking Captain

Could be Hal the Lantern

Black Widow vs Wonder Woman


[Black Widow] (Missy Elliot Part)

Your hardly a woman

Fight like Supes

Act like Thor

But we can't deny the fact that your a top tier w*ore

Slept with The Bat

Then with the one that soars

You know what, let me just invite you out the door.


[Wonder Woman] (Azelia Banks Part)

No money

S.H.E.I.L.D's coming

Hydraulics bumping

Bucky died, came back, bestie can come back in two seconds

Blood hungry

I'm an Amazon, heard you got Type A, let me turn the burner on

Part 2 Coming Soon

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............................................ clear!.......zzzzttttt

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Why did I click on this? I hate rap.

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@YoungJustice: XD, This suprisingly good :P

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