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Ferrum Tech.: Base of Operations:

The chairman sits in the room with the couple. Tiny cracks of light find their way into the room through the blinds, but other than that, it is completely dark, so as to conceal his identity....he is not a man who would take such risks to have people like the ones he is meeting with know his identity. He carefully picks up a cigarette and lights it...it's a habit he's picked up over the years....he's been on and off it whenever he chooses. He turns the box to the couple, offering it to them.

"Smoke?" he asks?

"N-no thank you, sir." the Father replies.

Although they cannot see his face, he tries his best to conceal a smile

"Your loss."

The chairman leans back, slowly. Careful that every sound and movement doesn't jeopardize his identity being discovered.

"Let me be perfectly clear," he says, "I have snipers in armor surrounding the place, if they detect even the slightest plot against me, the slightest twitch, ANYTHING that would seem like you are here for reasons you are hiding, they will NOT hesitate to shoot you." The chairman leans forward, making sure the light shines on his face so they can see him smile. He knows it makes him look evil. He doesn't care. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-y-y-yes." The mother replies.

"Splendid!" the chairman says, in an unusually cheerful tone. "Let's get down to business....what did you say your names were again?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Reilley, sir."

"Ah, yes." The chairman says, hissing at the end of his sentence. He knows who they are. He knows who they were formerly associated with....he detests even agreeing to see them, but he will take every advantage he can get. "Now what is it you wanted to see me about?"

"It's our son, sir." Mr. Reilley mumbled. "H-h-he's joined the Spiders."

This the chairman did not expect? "What?" He asks, trying to hold back his alarm.

"Our son has joined the Spiders." Mrs. Reilley repeats.

After a long period of silence, he finally stands up, hands behind his back. "I see...." he growls. "Now....I've heard several rumors about a new Spider Man causing trouble for my business....do you think this is him?

"Well, no sir." Mrs. Reilley tells him. "But he may have taken on another identity...." Mr. Reilley shoots his wife an apprehensive look. They both know she shouldn't have said it.

"And what would that be?" The chairman asks.

The couple does not want to answer, but Mr. Reilley thinks about the snipers and guards surrounding them. The slightest hesitation would result in their death. Not that they know the the chairman has no intention of killing them anymore...he knows the information they hold is far too valuable.

"The Scarlet Spider..." Mr. Reilley tells him.

"Ah." the chairman replies. "I remember him....." He mutters under his breath. "Dirty little f***s....all four of them" His voice gradually gets louder. "And what would you have me do about this?" He plays with them.

"Well, we don't want our son rebelling against you, we have been loyal to you for generations, and we would hate to break that habit sir, so we...well" Mrs. Reilley struggles to find the right words.

"We want you to kill him." Mr. Reilley finishes. "You must understand, this is for his own good.

The chairman turns his back to them, looking out the windows. "Very well. I will find him. If you have any further information, please contact my secretary outside....you are dismissed."

The Reilleys leave in a hurry.

Without hesitating, Stryfe blows off the entire wall with his mind! He has contained his anger long enough. He needs to let it out. Dust cakes the office, and a small crash if faintly heard several floors below.

"DAMN IT!" he shouts. "DAMN IT TO HELL! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!" He sends out a thoughtwave to one of his executives. "I'll be holding a conference...contact everyone to get ready in the meeting room....give me three hours....I need to blow off some steam.

Stryfe walks down the hall to his secretary. "Can you get my pet ready for a death match? I need to fight Ms. Grey again....but make sure you clone her....I'll need to fight that dribbling thing again later.....keep the clone's mind to that of a normal psyche. I want to drive her to lunacy again once I'm done....

With that, Stryfe exits the room with the final words

"I've had one hell of a day."

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@primepower53: I like that Stryfe smokes, probably just to pi$$ Sinister off as it harms his body :) And shame on Mr & Mrs Reilly dobbing their son like that, whatever happened to unconditional love? Nice chapter

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@batkevin74: thanks!

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Nice Job! Who's this Ms. Grey? :P

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Great job, I can't wait to see how SS reacts to his parents signing his death warrant

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@TheWholeDamnShow said:

Nice Job! Who's this Ms. Grey? :P

actually Ms. Grey was supposed to be Jean Grey, and I (and batkevin) came up with the idea that Jean Grey and other psychics would be kept as pets for Stryfe, and he would reduce them to dribbling idiots in psychic battles when he wants to let off steam. He then kills them and has them cloned for later.

Unless you were joking...then....yeah....

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@primepower53: That's what I guessed. I wasn't sure.

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@primepower53: I thought that was what it was! Cool

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Bumped because it has links to Fantastic Force #4

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@batkevin74 said:

Bumped because it has links to Fantastic Force #4

why don't you just put the links into the actual story instead of bumping them?

Works better IMO. People who want to read it will read it without bumping down new fics.

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Bumped for