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Marvel team-up( Scarlet Spider & Storm)

ILLusions of Terror Chap. 1

Downtown Newark, New Jersey

Member of the press gather around the front of the prudential center, where the mayor of Newark Cory Booker is holding a media conference “ Thank you all for coming today as many of you may heard.., the rumors are true, members of the Xmen saved me and my dog from being kidnapped by interdimensional terrorist. Today it is my great honor to present you with these heroes, ladies and gentlemen , your Uncanny X-Factor!!!!”.

Firestar peals the curtain back, peaks at the crowd going wild. Iceman is next to her and Beast is looking off into a distance, poking his chin with pen and clipboard in other hand.

Beast “ New Jersey I.. erg.. no, Mr. Mayor Booker we the X-men er X-Factor”

FireStar “Where is Ororo!? The Mayor just called us out!”

Iceman “You know how Storm is, she sees something and she’s on it like a Crow after a butterfly… or Spider”

FireStar & Beast “What!?”

Ben Reilly “Scarlet Spider” squats at the edge of a medium sized skyscraper near the news conference. Scarlet Spiders mask is slipped up so he can drink his coffee cup.

Storm “Is that black coffee Spider-Man”

Scarlet Spider “ Yes… I mean who?!”

Scarlet Spider turns around. He is shocked to see it is Storm dress in her punk outfit get up. He also spills his coffee.

Scarlet Spider” St… Storm!”

He pulls his mask back down.

Scarlet Spider “ For your information I’m not Spider-Man , I call myself Scarlet Spider.”

Storm looks over the edge where the ceremony is.

Storm “ hmm that’ll explain the different looking suit, what brings you today’s celebrations”

Scarlet Spider pores out the rest of his coffee

Scarlet Spider “ Im Just Confused why you and your X-buddies get the key to the city for saving the Mayors dog while I save people here everyDAY!!”

Storm “ Scarlet Spider there is no need to be Jealous……The Mayor and his dog where seconds away from being devoured by Cyborg Blood Beast from another dimension…”


An Explosion so bright and hot it reflects off Storm and Scarlet Spider.

Storm “ Oh my GGod…”

Scarlet Spider “ Holy $#@!”

Down Below burns the remains of an exploded news van. Walking through the debris is the dreaded Kaleidoscope man holding a photon staff. The Civilians in the crowd scurry away from the news platform. In midst of all the chaos the Uncanny X-Factor stand angered and battle ready.

Beast “this is bad… news”

Iceman “ who does this guy think he is?!”

Firestar “ whoever he is Iceman, he picked the wrong X-men to start war with”

Police Officers make a human fence in front of the enemy, armed with issued hand guns and shotguns. Behind them is Mayor Booker with a Megaphone. “ The police have you surrounded, one more step and you will be fired on, I suggest you stop now before this gets any worse”

Kaleidoscope Man “ I’m here for the mutants only…, however those in my path , will suffer dire consequences, for I’m the neurotic nightmare, I’m Kaleidoscope man!!!”

Kaleidoscope Man’s eye beams blink and change colors in array or blinding light like a psychedelic disco ball. Radio waves radiate from Kaleidoscope Man’s mask. The rays from his mask travel through the fence of police. The cops quiver. Some drop their guns. The mayor faints. Others hold onto their stomachs. “ I think I’m going to be sick” says one cop, “ what the hell is this, what is happening to us!” says the other cop.

Kaleidoscope Man’s rays reach over to FireStar. She gets a sparkling hit that cause her to lose conscious.

Firestar “ I feel so weird, I can barely stand….”

Firestar falls into Icemans arms

Iceman – “Firestar! Firestar! , Beast!? Why is this happening Beast?!”

When Iceman turns around he sees Beast is also suffering from Kaleidoscope Man’s devastating mind ripping waves.

Beast “ I can’t tell what’s happening…”

Iceman stares ahead. His Fears are right. He too begins to feel his mind beginning to twist and spiral into a Technicolor vortex of madness.

Iceman “ No no, get out of my head! Nnnooo”

Kaleidoscope man “ Yes, yes…. YES, I’ve single handedly defeated yours truly the Uncanny X-Factor. Now you know the fears that homo superior infects on true humanity. No more I say, NO MORE!”


A blinking crackle of lightning strikes Kaleidoscope Man’s photon staff. The attack explodes the staff into a fizzling fire of burnt, blackened circuitry.

He falls onto one knee. He drops his broke photon staff.

Kaleidoscope Man “ I did not expect backup, nor will accept defeat.”

Storm hits ground using her arms for a steady landing, kicking up a poof of dust. Scarlet Spider points at Kaleidoscope Man with tight fist.

Scarlet Spider “ I’d stay down pal! You’re outnumbered and your weapons toast.

Kaleidoscope Man “ You think this stupid staff is all I got for weapons? Wrong, and you thinking I’m alone, Wrong again…. CALIBAN!!!”

Scarlet Spiders Spider Sense triggers him to see a new attacker swooping down behind him.

Caliban misses Scarlet Spider, his intended target, rather he hits Storm in the back with a devastating elbow strike


Storm- UUNNHhhhnnn!!!

Scarlet Spider realizes he should have taken the blow instead of Storm. He reaches his arm out in vain

Scarlet Spider- Storm!!

Caliban Lifts Storm in the Air with one extended arm, gripping her by the neck

Caliban “ HAHAHAHAHARAAWahahah”

Scarlet Spider “Put her down you creepy son of a B!#@#!!”

Scarlet Spider Grabs his head , the feeling of being hypnotized by Kaldio waves making him woozy starts shutting down his senses.

Scarlet Spider “ I Said!..... I said… put… her… ow my brain…..”

Kaleidoscope man presses a sequence into the keypad embedded on his arm, that sets off a series of mechanical clicks in the leg area.


Kalidoscope Man Chops Scarlet Spider in the gut with his mechanical metal boot


Kalidoscope Man “ BIONIC KICK!!!”

Scarlet Spider “ AHHHHfffffssssss”

In a distance a black van drives near. Caliban and Kaleidoscope man stand over the bodies and debris they brought down. Scarlet Spider legs stick out from a crumbled cider block hole in the wall.

Kaleidoscope Man “ We did good work here, they underestimated me, all my life… they treated me like a dog…, well this dogs days is here!”

Caliban “ Attica! Attica! Attica!”

Kaleidoscope Man “ Silence!”

Caliban “hmmpt…”

The black van pulls up behind Kaleidoscope Man; the driver is the former Generation X member Jubilation Lee, sporting a black coat and red goggles.

Jubilee “Uh…. Am I late?”

Kaleidoscope Man “ NO your right on time dear Jubilee, your right on time…..”

Storms faintly open her eyes to see the menacing people standing over her. Scarlet Spider is knocked out near her. She blacks out again.

Storm “ Scarlet…. Spider…..”

Kaleidoscope Man “ I want all these freaks locked in the van while we have time. We are taking them back to my kingdom….”

To be continued in Chap. 2 “ENTER THE KINGDOM OF ILLUSIONS”

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I like this, the dialogue is excellent :)