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Marvel Space

Premise: 1952. In the aftermath of WW2 the United States began a secret project to go to the moon, space and beyond. Using captured plans from the Nazi’s along with several Nazi scientists, the US military set it up and command fell to General Nicholas Fury to make the project work. He had the resources, he just needed the men. And now the powers that be had sent him his next bunch of potential heroes or casualties.

Camp Toccoa, Georgia

“So who’ve I got?” Nick Fury chomped down on his cigar and smoke seeped through his teeth. He strolled a man of purpose through the tent city “They better be better than the last group of green horn losers you sent my way”

The young lieutenant Richard Barnes gulped and passed over the dossier, trying to keep in step and keep his cool with the five-star general. “They are the best of the best…”

“That’s what was said about the last group!” Fury stopped dead and glared at the young clean cut boy “And you know what happened to them!” The lieutenant nearly snapped his back trying to remain at attention as the general leaned in and over him “They’re dead! Spread across Cape Kennedy!”

“Y-yessir” stammered Barnes fumbling the dossier

“Let’s see this group of mutants” Fury spun on his heels and headed to the parade yard.

“Parker, Peter. Airman First Class. United States Air Force sir” General Fury glowered at the saluting bookworm before him “Call sign Spider Man”

“Spider Man?”

“That’s coz he spins so many spectacular lies…sir” Fury zeroed in on the next recruit with the smart mouth

“Murdoch, Matthew. Airman First Class. United States Air Force” The blonde haired, blue-eyed recruit smiled broadly, giving the laziest salute possible “Call sign Daredevil”

“Well drop and give me 50 ‘Daredevil’” Murdoch’s cheesy smile evaporated from his face as he got down on the floor

“Storm, John. Brigadier General. United States Air Force. Call sign Torch”

“Torch?” Fury watched the young man’s eyes train upon the lit end of his cigar “You ain’t right in the head are you boy!”

“Sir yes sir”

“Logan, James. Squadron Leader. Royal Canadian Air Force. Call sign…”

“Wolverine” Fury and James locked eyes. “You better come up with a salute quick smart runt!”

“You want to lose your other eye grandpa?” The pair stood in a tense standoff before breaking into peals of laughter. “Nice to see you Nick”

“You too James. Welcome aboard…keep counting Murdoch I can’t hear you. As for the rest of you…are you ready to go into space?”

Over the next six months the quartet are put through their paces. Strength, agility, G-Force training, aptitude, weightlessness capabilities, dog fights, all to see if they were ready, willing and able to get into space. As a unit they bond, even Wolverine enjoys the camaraderie.

Aero-Science Lab New Mexico.

Professor Hank Pym watches data come through on reams of paper. “This doesn’t make any sense?”

“Give it to me you moron!” a metallic claw snatches off the computer terminal and returns it to a pudgy bespectacled man drinking coffee.

“Otto! How many times have you been told to leave the mining gear alone!” snapped Pym as he marched towards him

“How many times have I told…you are a whiner Pym!”

“And you’re a bloated octopus! How you even got on this project is beyond me? You’re a criminal”

“It was dismissed you bastard!” Otto rises from his chair, fists clenched, mining claws fanning about him like a hydra. The two scientists tensed as they each tried to intimidate the other with their less that peak physiques and lab coats

“That’s enough!” the voice shook the room and the two men cowered like children

“Yes Dr Banner” they said in sheepish unison parting like a curtain

“Hank you should know better” Bruce Banner looked over his glasses at him “Dr Octavius was totally cleared by the court in New York. And as for you Otto…stop being such an ass! For a man with such a high IQ you really do act like a petulant child. Pull your head in. Now where’s McCoy?”

“He’s going over the final ship plans with Forge & Ebersol” replied Dr Octavius

“And where’s Stark?”

“He’s in the wind tunnel trying out how the spacesuit handles” replied Pym

“Thank you gentlemen. Now get back to work” Dr Banner exited the room with a smile on his face as the pair murmured insults

“Ass!” muttered Pym

“Insect!” seethed Octavius

Dr Banner walked down the fluro lit corridor to the wind tunnel. He slipped in with the throng of lab-coats watching a man fly. Tony Stark hovered in midair in, wind rushing around his spacesuit.

“Looking good Tony!” said Bruce, startling the group who hurriedly went back to work

“Thanks Bruce. The suits good but I’m not sure whether in can handle the pressure in space” Tony did a barrel roll, followed by a loop-de-loop. “End simulation” The wind cut down and Tony hovered to earth like a leaf.

“Well that’s why we’re all here” replied Bruce “We’ll run another series of tests and combine it with what Cho’s got going in the tank”

“I’m not sure this suit will work under water?” stated Tony as he pried off the helmet and wiped his brow

“It doesn’t have to; water is the closest scenario we have to space since it replicates pressure...”

“Weightlessness, blah blah I know. Hey! Where’s my martini?” snapped Stark to a bemused technician

“Send your data to Amadeus” Banner scratched his furrowed brow

December 24 1952, Plesetsk in Soviet Union 800km northeast of Moscow.

A group of men; Dr Anton Vanko, Sergey Korolyov, Yuri Topolov, Dr Victor Von Doom, Zhang Tong, Dr Chen Lu and Dr Werner Von Braun stand looking at a massive rocket from a command post on the icy wasteland. The facility swarms with armed guards.

“This is quite impressive Dr Vanko” says Zhang stroking his thin beard “A tad phallic though”

“Thank you comrade” replies Dr Vanko “But this was a joint effort, I merely played my part”

“We shall see” said Dr Doom derisively through his titanium face plate “Though the bulk of the work was handled by those…”

“Enough Victor” eased Korolyov “Soon Semyorka will streak into the heavens and the space race will truly begin”

“And to think I nearly joined the Americans” laughed Von Braun lighting up a cigarette

“I believe a toast is in order” says Topolov

“So do I!” The room went silent as Joseph Stalin flanked by a stunning blonde bodyguard, Laynia Petrovna and an alluring red-head Natasha Romanov “Gentlemen today we make history. Soon our rocket will go into space and the United States will no longer be able to have unlimited power to intimidate and blackmail other countries. Za zdorov'e russkogo naroda!”

Across the tundra in a hide sits Remy LeBeau, Wade Wilson and Frank Castle slowly freezing and watching the scene through binoculars

Fils de pute!” exclaims Remy spitting out his coffee
“Watch it frog!” snaps Wade
“What do you see?” asks Frank firmly
“Stalin” The hide went deathly quiet and still. Time slowed, then bursts into action
“Wade crack the orders. Remy recon our escape route. We have the chance to end the Soviets tonight” barked Frank
“HQ standing orders as follows” read Wade “1) Infiltrate Soviet airspace 2) Recon Siberian base without being seen 3) Leave the Soviet Union without being captured, capsules have
been issued in case of this event....do they mean cyanide?”
Sacrebleu” mutters Remy as he rugged up and skied off
“Get to the special parameters Wilson” snarls Frank, assembling a sniper rifle with robot like precision
“Why is the Frenchie with us anyway?” asked Wade
“He speaks Russian and to stop me from killing you”
“But he’s outside...oh yeah special parameters Operation Zeppelin, who names these missions? Why not Operation Freezing Death or...?”
Frank drew his revolver from his hip and pressed it to Wade’s forehead “Just read!”
“Ulp okay Frank...Mr Castle...Sir...Operation Zeppelin: Under the orders of General Mann, if the opportunity arises Joseph Stalin is...whoa not to be harmed”
“Look I’m not making it up” Wilson points to the orders
“Just like Hitler all over again” Frank raises the rifle and takes aim

Notes: *Semyorka is 7 in Russian *Dr Anton Vanko (aka Crimson Dynamo), Sergey Korolyov (Soviet Head Rocket designer), Yuri Topolov (large headed dwarf aka Gargoyle), Dr Victor Von Doom, Zhang Tong (aka The Mandarin), Dr Chen Lu (Radioactive Man) and Dr Werner Von Braun (German rocket physicist and astronautics engineer) Laynia Petrovna (aka Darkstar) and Natasha Romanov (aka Black Widow) *Za zdorov'e russkogo naroda! = “To the health of the Russian people” *“Fils de pute! = “Son of a bitch!”

This as you can possibly tell is unfinished as yet. Marvel owns all rights, characters etc etc and so forth. Some of the places/people are real. They existed, they happened but have just been altered for my story****************************************************

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I like this. It's got a classic feel for it. Can't wait to read more.

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