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Jean and Scott sat on a mountain in California, they looked at the water, it was clean and shining, a peaceful day in all.

They exchanged stories about what happened after they last seen each other.

Scott said that someone saved him, Cable was the man’s name, and he described him to Jean as Duke Nukem with a yellow eye and robot arm.

Jean couldn’t stop laughing until she saw something in the eye.

It was a fiery creature, formed as a Phoenix, it rammed at Jean. Before they could do anything, it went into Jean’s chest, and didn’t come out.

Jean shined a white light, and when it dimmed down, it was a new Jean.

Her hair was red; almost flame like, and much longer than usual. Her clothes were a red costume, with a red phoenix on the middle, and a yellow cloth around her waist.

Scott walked up to her cautiously “Jean?”

Jean spoke in a deep, creepy tone “Scott, help me.”

Jean flew into the air, and the avatar of the phoenix flew around her.

In her regular voice, Jean shouted “Scott, run!”

Scott stood there, and looked at Jean, she held her head in discomfort, and then the white light started to shine from Jean again.

A large screech of a bird was heard, and then it was an explosion.

A shockwave was sent from Jean; Scott was knocked all the way down the mountain, cars crashed into others, and airplanes and helicopters went off course.

When Scott awakened, he was back at the mansion, in the infirmary, there was no one there, then a few minutes later, he saw Fantomex enter the room, he had on a lab coat. His head was split into 3 parts; they looked like 3 different brains.

Scott didn’t have the time to take in the man’s look, and quickly hopped out of bed “Where is Jean, I have to help her!”

Then, in a mirror, he saw that there was a visor on his eyes.

Scott looked confused “What is this?”

Fantomex grinned “The invention of Forge, those ruby glasses were outdated, these are much more stylish in my opinion, and it helps you control your optic blasts. There is a rotation device on the side, the more you open it, the more powerful the blast is. Currently, they are closed, but they have a type of one way mirror thing going on. Now, Mr. Summers, would you please sit down, rest is needed.”

Fantomex talked in a robotic voice, not necessarily creepy, but menacing.

Scott stood still “What about Jean?”

Fantomex’s grin faded.

Scott, more demandingly asked “What happened to her.”

Fantomex quickly made himself grin again “Nothing Mr. Summers, the X-Men are getting her now.”


Jean wiped the floor with the X-Men.

She threw Storm across the mountain.

When Wolverine lunged at her, she held him in place, and smashed him onto the ground.

Iceman and Angel tried there “Freeze and Go” tactic, Angel carried Iceman through the air, while Iceman froze the target, but it was nothing against Jean, she destroyed Angel’s wing’s by destroying them particle by particle.

Rogue had stolen the abilities of her fellow X-Men before they had gotten there, she struck down lighting on Jean, as Gambit threw charged cards at her, and Beast jumped into the air and hit her.

She was un-fazed, she let out a controlled wave of psionic energy at each of them, they all fell to the ground.

Minutes later, the MRD showed up, they shot her precisely, but she made the bullets turn back around, and shoot the shooters.

Jean had almost gotten done with the MRD, but they all passed out, not just the MRD, but pedestrians also.

Out of nowhere, the Hellfire Club and The Brotherhood appeared.

Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, and Selene were at her right.

Along her left stood, Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Blob, and Toad.

Emma called out to Jean “Jean, if you are still in there, you need to fight back, and let me in, okay.”

The normal Jean appeared “Okay.”

Jean started to try and take control, then, in her mind, she heard Emma say “Calm down, it’ll all be fine”

Emma took over Jean’s body, and put a goal in her head.

Kill Charles Xavier.

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This is good, but the start seems a LITTLE forced. When she changed to phoneix.

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@Pyrogram said:

This is good, but the start seems a LITTLE forced. When she changed to phoneix.

Yeah, when reading it, I noticed it was a tad...like you said, forced.