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Being re-written. Sorry :/

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@TheCannon: Thanks!

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This was another superb piece of writing!

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Im a bit sick of the Jean/Cyclops pairing as its been overused, but overall a pretty solid if a little short issue.

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@ekrolo: Ok, thank you for the feedback. I will try work n making my issues filled with more detail and length I future issues. I would agree with the Jean/Cyclops comment but what I will say is, things will change for them in upcoming issues. The main question I would like answered is, was it entertaining and if so, what about it was? (Or wasn't)

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@Mediumflyer7: It came off as a chessy Jean/Cyclops situation of OH MY GOD JEAN!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!! WHAT ABOUT OUR DREAMS OF HAVING PSYCHIC/PLANET KILLING/LAZUR EYED BABIES!!! I know im exagarating my description of the conversation, but it felt like very.... generic. I cant honestly blame you for this but lately im getting so goddamn sick of cliches in fiction and when I see a cliche conversation like that I just wanna blow up a hospital, why a hospital? Why not I say!