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Stark Tower, a monument to the new Stark Industries, it was created by Anthony Stark a little over a year ago as a way to distribute clean, free and safe energy through the use of the arc reactors. Now Thor and hiscomrade Volstagg make their way to the building, looking for answers as to how did the Kingslayer get his hands on the arc reactor.

The Byfrost lit up the night sky as the beam of light struck the landing platform transporting Thor andVolstagg to Midgard. They began walking to the entrance of Tonys private office.

"Listen carefully Volstagg, Stark is a good friend of mine and we need to be carefully, he may only be a mortal, but he is not to be underestimated, if what Loki says is true. " He whispered to Volstagg.

"Does he have any beer? "

Thor let out something in between a sigh and groan of annoyance and then he smiled and put his hand on his friends shoulder. "Yes he does Volstagg. "

"Thank the Allfather im here or this would end very badly. " Thor told himself silently, still annoyed atVolstagg's disinterest on the matter at hand.

They reached the door to Tonys office, after a moment of standing there the doors opened and they weregreeted by Tonys A.I. assistant JARVIS.

"Greetings Thor Odinson, it is a pleasure to see you again, Tony is currently in a board meeting but Ivemessaged him and he should arrive within 5 to 10 minutes, I trust that is alright?. " The voice had a Britishaccent and was very formal, such a sharp contrast to the man who designed him.

On Nidavellir......

Loki and Sif were still examening the crime scene, Brokk on the other hand was getting smashed and was yelling and laughing like a lunatic, Loki was annoyed at first but decided to ignore the imbecile, not wanting to start a war with the dwarves.

"This was not what I was looking for. " Said Sif who was extremely bored, put her in fight and she could go on for days, do anything else and she quickly losses interest.

Loki didn't respond, he was still trying to figure out what spells and enchantments the Kingslayer used to escape, he was quickly getting frustrated, throwing his staff on the floor in frustration, placing both his hands on his face and breathing deeply to calm himself down, but the dwarf was not making it easy for him.

"Hey Asgardian! Are those your clothes or did yer mother give you her dress! " He and his two comradesburst out laughing, Loki slowly turned his attention to them, he was also laughing to himself as he slowly approached them.

"That was a good one, heh, but you know whats even better, seeing a dwarf piss himself, so I will only say this once, you and your friends will stay quiet or I will shove my boot so far up your asses you will be pukingthe shit and mud off of it for a month. "

There was a long silence when Brokk burst out laughing again. "I like you Asgardian, you wear a skirt butyou've still got balls! A drink lads to our new friend! " The again started drinking and laughing like madmen.

Loki walked away, the disbelief abundantly clear on his face, he whispered to Sif as he returned to crime scene. "I hope Thor and Volstagg are having better luck than we are. "

On Earth......

Thor and Volstagg sat there in silence for 15 minutes, Thor was getting annoyed by Tony being late, but then he remembered who he was talking about and quickly got over it, still he couldn't afford to waste any time. Just as he opened his mouth to speak to JARVIS, Tony entered the room.

He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath it, he was sweating heavily and immediatelywent to the bar to get a glass of water from the fridge there, he didn't even notice the two Asgardian'sthere until he slowly turned around to face Thor, a large smile ran across his face as approached his friend.

"Your majesty! " He took a sip from the water bottle. "How may I be of service? " Tony didn't even try to hide his sarcasm, but he was clearly nervous and worried about something.

"Very funny Stark, JARVIS told me you would arrive sooner. "

"Well... you see the thing is.... I dont pay attention to what JARVIS tells me half the time. "

"Its always nice to be appreciates sir. " Said the A.I. sarcastically, Tony wasn't particularly surprised, JARVIS always knew how to be a bit of a smartass.

"I came here to ask you something, a few days ago the king of the Dwarves was assassinated and your technology was used as a distraction for the killer to escape. "

Tonys smile faded away, his face became very serious. "A few days ago, several prototypes of my arc reactor were stolen. " He activated a holo panel and turned to Thor, he used his index figure to point out the person who stole it.

"That's him! That's the Kingslayer. "

"Well your, um Kingslayer? Sounds a bit cheesy but whatever, stole about 10 of my arc reactors I tried to track him down but he apparently disappeared of the face of the Earth... literally. "

"Do you have any means for me to track your devices? If he stole 10 and only 4 were used to kill the Sidri, then perhaps I can track him down before he strikes again. "

Tony took out his iPhone and began fidling around with it, after a few seconds, he handed it over to Thor. "Here, ive programmed my phone as a tracking device, you'll be able to find this guy and please, try to bring back at least some of my stuff. "

Thor nodded and looked at the device, it didn't show anything here, but he was confident that Tonys technology would work. "Volstagg, we must hurry back to Nidavellir and tell Loki. "

"Im afraid I cant let you do that. " A gruff and raspy voice spoke to the 3 men, they turned around to see a large bald man in black Asgardian elite armor, Thor recognized him as Skurge, the Executioner, before he could react the warrior had already pounced on Thor and Volstagg, grabbing them both by the head and throwing them off the building.

On Nidavellir.....

Loki once again tried to sense the energy of the killer, he had attempted this a dozen times so far but this time he sensed something moving, he opened his eyes and turned to the drunk dwarfs, Brokk was farther away from his comrades when the blade struck him.

"Brokk! " Sif shouted grabbing her dual edged sword and shield.

In one attack, the assassin cut off the heads of Brokk's allies and cut him on the back, he fell on the floor bleeding and telling the Asgardian's one last thing before he passed out. "That's.... him, he King....slayer.... "

He appeared in front of Loki, his blades were incredibly fast as they cut through Loki's flesh, it seemed as if he had no effect, but then Loki exploded in a pool of blood, his body completely mutilated and in pieces.

"No..... " Sif whispered to herself and she raised her weapon and prepared for the Kingslayer who was now charging at her.

To be continued......

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Wow, this IS the best yet. Great work.

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Cool! There was some problems (at the beginning theres no space between "his" and "comrade") but still, pretty good.