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News of Brokks death spread quickly through the capital of Nidavellir, Kal-Shirok, the citizens were scared out of their skulls, many to afraid to even leave their houses while other gathered food, water, weapons and anything of use as if the world itself was ending.

For the Dwarves it was and yet, the Council, the people who were chosen to protect the people were to busy arguing over the throne to notice, too blind or stupid to even call for help of the other species of the Nine Realms.

But little did the Council know, the Dwarves would not face this threat alone, weather they liked it or not........


The Council meetings were in utter chaos, for weeks now it all devolved from planning the future of the Dwarves, to old buzzards yelling and screaming threats to one another, battling for more power or land ignoring the shadow creatures.

Today was going to be particularly fierce, with Brokk dead and a whole legion of the Dwarven army destroyed, the Council could no longer avoid the issue, it did not stop them from trying.

"How dare you! My only son was in that army and you whore sons dare desecrate his sacrifice this way! "

"We've got more important things to worry about than some fairy tale! "

"Its hardly a fairy tale considering 9000 of our soldiers were butchered! "

"Fools! "

"The king! "

"We must prepare! "

The ramblings went on and on for seemingly an eternity to Loki, to him all of them looked and sounded the same, the only two figures of true importance were no where to be found, it was seemingly going to turn into a slaughter when the chamber doors burst open.

"This must end NOW! "

Said Drirr bursting through the doors, he was armed with two one-handed axes on his back and several throwing axes on his belt.

He was the cousin of Sidri and the old kings only true family member left, but he was also only 17 years old, he was a fine soldier and revolutionary with his radical ideas but he was never prepared to be king.

"What is the meaning of this Drirr?! "

"You old bastards dont even realize while we argue here, the shadow creatures are killing us out there! The people you pieces of shit swore to protect are dying out there! "

"And what would you have us do? "

"Forget this battle over the throne! Rally the entire army and march to take back our lands! "

Gasps and whispers spread across the entire Council chamber, many looking at each other in shock.

"You would have us break one of the 50 commandments created by our Ancestor?! Our gods! Speak of your own mad schemes on your own time boy, we must find a ruler to lead this kingdom! "

"There wont be a kingdom left to rule if we dont get help or assemble our forces. "

The Council members exploded, the noise had only increased, they rambling turned to insults and the insults turned to threats, very soon many of the members had their weapons ready for battle and some were even exchanging blows when a Dwarf spoke up.


He smashed the end of his walking stick against the floor sending a powerful sound wave across the entire chamber, many of the Dwarves fell to their feet in pain from the high pitched noise.

The Dwarf was the old kings advisor Kohim, he was the only person left keeping all out civil war from truly erupting.

"This Council meeting is adjourned! Guards! Get them all out of my sight before they cause anymore harm! "

The guards surrounded the nobles who reluctantly left the chamber, many of them still arguing and yelling at each other, Drirr was one of the last ones to leave, he sat on a nearby bench and started toying with his throwing axes, trying to figure out a plan.

"Im sorry cousin, im sorry I failed you. "

He sighed heavily and began to leave the castle altogether before he heard a voice coming from seemingly nowhere.

"Perhaps I could asist you. "

Shivers were sent up the young soldiers spine, he turned around to see Loki approaching him from the shadows with his signature staff in his hand.

"You! How long have you been here? "

"For about two weeks, give or take.... Tell me something Dwarf, do you really believe that this horde of imbeciles you call a Council can truly save you or your species? "

"No. "

"Then I can asist you, my father Odin does not wish to see these creatures prevail anymore than you do, so perhaps we could strike a deal. "

"What kind of deal? "

"Simply allow me and a few of my allies to come to Nidavellir and we will help you deal with this threat and perhaps grant you the throne as well. "

"I dont want the throne, all I want is to save my people. "

Loki only sighed at the Dwarf, he was a soldier considering his stubborness about not being king, Loki had seen it before in other Council meetings where he openly refused it.

"And who will lead them once this is over hm? That old crow Kohim? If it were up to him the Dwarves would have never left Nidavellir, truth be told they need some one who can properly lead them.

Drirr did not answer Loki, a sign for the trickster to drop that part of the subject.

"The rest of my offer still stands Drirr, what is your choice? "

Drirr weighed his options carefully, he knew the consequences of bringing outsiders to Nidavellir at a crucial times like this would be severe, but he had no choice and he would be aided by some of the greatest warriors Asgard.

"I..... accept. "

To be continued.......

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This may be the best yet.

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Great work, I look forward to more :-)


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