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  Richard Rider sat in his bed and looked down at his hand  now glowing  gold as  he   herd a voice in his head  
say " the time is now"    ..... 
3 days ago  
  on the home planet of the  The Chitauri  
 a man is ruining past  some guards so fast  that he can be seen  
once past the guards he stopped ruining  he was green and bug like   
two    Chitauri    ran up to him 
" stop scum " one yelled 
   but right behind the two  a girl jumped down and landed   on the  Chitauri    
"    Invisibly  sure comes  in handy  don't  it  bug "  
bug  smiled  "  so dose super speed "  
 the two ran to the place that the boss had told the two about 
the House of crime  
the two ran up to a  computer that held the names of the men and woman inside  
they looked at the names ...
Martinex T'Naga  
Captain Charlie-27  
Aleta Ogord  
Rita DeMara  
Pyreus Kril  
Dark Angel 
Carmilla frost 
M'Shulla Scott  
3-D Man  
Robert Grayson  
and Moondragon 
"found her " bug said  
"good" Mantis said back  
"but how do we get to her  "
" i know some one who can help " 
"the Destroyer"  
she put her hand to her head and said "drax if you can hear me i am at   the House of crime     we need you"
we see a green man with a red stripe on his back  
he opens his eyes and smiles  
" i got a call "  
he stood up  got ready to fight  . 

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It's interesting, but seems a little skeletal prose-wise. Like that you used the Chitauri :)

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The writting style trew me off the first time through, but I got used to it and I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. Also who is that last guy in the pic? Is he from GOTG because I think I saw him there.

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yes that is  Drax the Destroyer

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@andrewtheking You were never given permission to use the Chitauri.