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a group of men run like the wind as a massive beast runs after the group .

the beast roars and shakes the ground and lots of the men fall in to a hole .

the beast was a giant green dog with the head of brain blessed .

inside the beasts head is a huge lab fulled with men and woman in white coats .


the voice came from a man who strikes fear in to every one he meets , a man who is said to have had fist fights with the devil every Monday for five years .

a man known as ARMLESS TIGER MAN

" the power in this town shall be mine " he said as he jumped about in his highly advanced ddr pad .

" sir,sir " a young redheaded woman yelled, ARMLESS TIGER MAN turned and looked at her " what , what is it? he asked

"that " the woman pointed to a massive ship flying at the beast [ he fell off his highly advanced ddr pad in shock ]

[inside the ship]

A group of monkeys in lap coats ran about as the commander yells at them .

" We have to get to that power before that mother ☠☠☠☠ ARMLESS TIGER MAN gets to it"

One of the monkeys turns to him and says " but mister anger that would be highly highly illogical for the so called power may not even be real , and a army is in our way "

" I don't care if we have to take part in a mother☠☠☠☠ gang-bang with a group of Nazis , we will get that bloody power or i will eat a baby without any milk " dirk anger yells .

" Well we could find a group to do it for you , perhaps some lades and gents who owe you" the monkey says .

" Ah a good old game of super team , i think i could find some subjects in time " dirk smiles and turns to a screen behind him .

"Bring me up the owe me folder " dirk says and the screen brings up four people

" I think i have found our team " dirk says to himself.

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Nice fic. Could use a little improving, but seems nice so far.

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@CaptainLantern76: thanks

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Nice take on a stoopeed character!

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This is brilliant Ahaha! Armless guy ftw