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Marvel Re-Imagined:Hulk

Hulk #2,With Great Powers Come Great SMASHES-part one

Banner's residence,8:00 a.m.

Bruce woke up early that morning,he had to go to work and meet Ross to tell what happened.

"I have to tell him about the stone,he must know,I can't hide it forever"

Militar base,10:23 a.m.

Banner arrived at the base,Betty was waiting him.

-Mr.Banner,hello.My father is waiting for you.

-Hey,Betty,how the tests to make elemental heroes going?-said the scientist,while both walked into the base.

-It's nice to be working at it,but the results aren't that good,though.And your gama radiation tests?-answered her

-Oh,they are like always,boring and same result,nothing to do with it,not even a nuclear energy generator.

-Awww,that's bad,Bruce.-lamented her,while they arrived the room where the general was waiting.-Here we are,nice talking to you,bye.


-What is it,Bruce?

-Your father invited me to dinner with him tonight,are you coming as well?

-I think so.-said the woman-Now enter there,my father hates when he waits longer than needed.

-Bye,see you at the restaurant.

-Bye Mr.Banner-answered the general's daughter,while waving.

As he entered the room,he was thinking:"God,I almost had a hearth attack,talking to Betty is really bad,I'm love with her since high school and never told her how I feel and I have the same sensation since I was a teen,fear.".His thoughts were interrupted when Ross said:


-Hello,Ros...uhm,General Ross.

-First I would like to say how disapointed I am,we lost 20 men down there for nothing,not even a rock.Than I would like to know why didn't the rock worked,since the historians brought it here and showed to us how radioative was it.And finally,I would like to know what kind of monster did that.

-I'm sorry sir,I couldn't do nothing,I just saw the rock once,it was glowing,but when I picked it up,it stopped and the big monster appeared,probably the rock summoned the monster,that vanished into the sky when all were dead,it probably didn't attacked me because I was holding the stone.Well,and about the monster,I honestly don't know,sir,it was green,had almost 6 feet tall and weighed near 160 pounds,it hit me once,but I was able to run away.

-I'm not disapointed with you,Banner,you did great,I didn't wanted to lose the best scientist I have to an...aberration.And about it,did the rock glowed again,because if it did,than we can summon this green creature you told me.

-Sir,I was hiding when the monster disapeared and I saw it,but his soul or whatever it was,went to the sky,not to the rock.

-Ok,I see.Well,now a personal question.


-Are you up to the dinner today?

-Sure,who's coming with us?

-Well,I thought about my daughter Betty.You know,Banner,you're a lucky man,I never invited no one to a dinner,only if it was a business dinner,but not a casual.

-Should I consider this dinner as a compliment?

-Consider it as an apology.


-Because you almost lost your life in that stupid mission,and it was my fault.Now you're dismissed,Banner.Take the rest of the week off,you need it.And don't forget,today at the Pasta's Inc. at 8:00 p.m.

-I will be there-said Bruce while walking away.

Back at Banner's residence,13:35 p.m.

"Wow,the whole week without work and a free dinner at Pasta's Inc.,I can't believe it.Well,I have until 19:10 p.m. to do whatever I want,but what should I do?Probably watch TV,surf the net,and other stuff.Want to know,I'm going to bed sleep a little bit"thought Banner as he went his way to his bedroom.When he entered the room,a strange creature was over his bed,staring at him.

-What the f**k is you?-screamed Bruce

-I'm a faun,you probably heard of me,didn't you?


-Well,I know it's strange,but I'm not here for talking,I came to do my job.

-Which is?-asked Banner

-That's the best part,it's killing you.


-You let Hulk's soul break free and won his powers,the Gods aren't as powerful as they were and want to use your power to create a titan that will cause panic,kill humans and show that the Gods rule this world.

-I can't let this happen.

-Poor little boy,trying to save his world,but can't do anything to.The Gods have taken their decision and I'm here to make it happen.

-You won't do nothing,you and your idiot Gods can go all to Hell!

-Silence!-shouted the faun while he jumped from the bed and stuck his sword into Banner's chest.

-Son of a...-said Bruce before the sword hit him near his hearth.

-That's more likely.

Thanks for reading!!!

Ok guys,did you liked it,hated it?

In the next edition,is Bruce Banner really dead?

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Crazy but cool

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Wtf? Hulk is fighting a cult?

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Hulk #1: With Great Powers Come Great SMASHES

Banner's residence, 5.58 a.m.

Bruce woke up before his alarm. He knew he had to the General about what happened. Bruce washed his face and chatted to himself in the mirror

"You have to tell him about the stone! I can't hide it forever"

Military base, 9:23 a.m.

Banner arrived at the base, Betty Ross was waiting him.

“Good morning Dr Banner” her tone was pure business “The General is waiting for you”

Once again a minor edit, just to show you what a few changes can do. The idea IS there! You seem to have the idea, the brain is working faster than the fingers so while in your head it makes sense, the translation onto the page suffers a bit.

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Bump because I just read the newest one and wanted to read this one again :)