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The Owl of Wall Street

Part One

Part Two

Daredevil and related characters belong to Marvel Comics.

Rating: T (references to alcohol, but otherwise a tame character piece)

Part Three

“Sometimes there’s nothing you can do,” Foggy said, trembling as he picked up his briefcase. “I told you Owlsley’s lawyers were better, Matt.”

Matt didn’t say anything. He never said anything after things like that. Foggy was sure he knew where Matt’s thoughts were, after all, and he groaned. They’d been drunk out of their minds when they’d come up with the idea; Foggy’s drawings were proof enough. The page was nothing but blocks of colour and the design, if there was one, would be fit only for a character in the works of Lovecraft. Foggy stopped himself there; Lovecraft wasn’t the place he wanted to be right then. He’d never even read the books, only heard of the reputation.

Lieber walked by them, his shoulders slouched and his face seemingly aged by the case. Foggy breathed in deeply. If that was what legal cases of that gravity could do to a man, Foggy wasn’t sure he wanted to involve himself in business cases ever again. He didn’t want to stress himself to death, and Lieber looked as if he was ready to walk into his coffin. The man walked slowly out of the hall. Cameras flashed and the crowd of reporters erupted into furore. It wasn’t the paparazzi that drew Foggy to becoming a lawyer, it was helping people. He’d told Matt from the start of the case that it would be suicidal. The one thing Foggy wanted at that instant was a cold drink and a long sleep. His head was throbbing enough as it was without having to go through the questioning of reporters.

“Foggy, you remember…”

“Matt, I don’t want to remember,” he said as calmly and resignedly as possible. Foggy rubbed his forehead. “Sorry, I have a headache. The last thing I want to do right now is to think about anything.”

“How about we take up Karen’s offer and go bowling?” Matt suggested, adjusting his glasses. Foggy laughed. She’d suggested it a few times. Maybe it would be quiet and they could just sit back, keep calm and rest. Hide themselves away from reporters and Owlsley, forget the world of law and the stories of the Future-Man. Perhaps it would be nice to act like three friends for just the one evening rather than be a law firm that was struggling to find its perch. Karen would be pleased at least. Rubbing his head again, Foggy nodded.

“Sure,” he said. There’d be time for worry later. Foggy was sure Matt was already up to something. His friend’s mind would already be whirring with activity, trying to visualise the red mess of a drawing that he’d only felt with fingers. Just for one evening, that evening, the partners of Nelson and Murdock would be plain old Matt, Foggy and Karen. That was the sort of evening Foggy was sure he’d enjoy.

To Be Continued.

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@darth_brendroid: Nice. I am still in the dark about WHAT the court case is about...unless it was so glaringly obvious and I missed it (my guess is copyright infringement by Lieber) ha ha

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I think there was a line in the first part regarding the court case, but maybe it seemed like a throwaway line and was easy to miss (which would be my fault). Thanks for the feedback though.

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I love it.

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That's good to hear, haha.

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I love the charaterisation and the real sense of history and interaction between Matt and Foggy is great (they were always one of my favourite relationships in comics) but after three issues i still don't really know where it's going. It's starting to feel like it's just floating around, with a lot of seriousness and i'm wondering if it's really going anywhere. It's definitely good enough for me to read on and find out, mind you.

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I hear you, I feel like this arc is a bit slow too. It's something I'm trying to work on with the next arc I'm writing.

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Noice! Bit of a love story getting redy to start with Karen. SO the case is about comics? Or something? I dont get that bit so far.

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@darth_brendroid: And that's three!