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NOTE: I'm rebooting whatever I had so far in my other Marvel Re-Imagined Deadpool series. P.S. That's right, I'm back! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Also, I should say that I didn't make the picture. Some guy on Deviant Art (did I get that right?) did, I just found the picture on Google Images and decided to use it.

Deadpool was on a mission. He was out to assassinate a big mob boss, often called "Doctor Bong". Bong was a fat, sinister, ingenius mobster who every one hated.

"This don't look too good, you's guys, I sez we's take that other way".

"Don't be a wuss. We're on a mission and we're takin' the shortcut.... through the dark and creepy and dangerous woods. It's perfectly fine!"

"You shut up!" said Deadpool to his other 2 personalities. "Even though your just part of my imagination, don't think I can't find a way to kill you!"

Suddenly, he had reached one of Bong's hide-outs. An abandoned warehouse.

"Of course..."


Deadpool saw a hidden camera, and shot it.

"Oh, great..." he whispered to himself.

A bunch of Bong's thugs came rushing out, charging at Deadpool.

Deadpool pulled out a sword, and attacked the thugs. He was outnumbered.

"Why can't mobsters ever fight anyone themselves?" he asked as he tried his best to fight with the thugs.

Deadpool saw a way in. He pulled out his sword, stuck it into the top of a thug's head, pulled on it, and flung himself up into the air.

Landing on the top of the building, he jumped in through a skylight. He landed in an empty room.

(Aaaaand, since my computer's being crappy, that's all for now.)

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@GR2Blackout: Not trying to be rude, but please state when a new issue is publised, otherwise it could be missed, not read, and not added to the library.

As for the story itself, I loved it. A little short, but I still loved it.

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Its cool.