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This is part of a marvel Re-Genesis universe started by @avenging_x_bolt

In the year 2345 an invasion force from an unknown star system, aggressively claimed the galaxy as its own, in a bloody invasion .

The war that followed lay waste to the galaxy and at the cost of billions of lives.

In the end the invaders won the war and claimed the inner territory's as a zone for their kind only.

The outer territories are a barren wasteland a shell of the old society it used to hold.

In these areas a small rebel cell fights for what's left of the galaxy.

3:00 am: The secret rebel bunker

"The universe is bleak, nothing left but dust and the shatters remains of a broken civilisation."

"Well,whaddya think?" Asked yondu in a particularly perky tone.

"Well" said Vance,leaning over the solitary candle that lit up their bleak home,with a blank expression on his face "its a bit moody isn't it". The two of them sat at the small metal table in the center of the room, the paint was crumbling all around the small company, symbolising their cause.

Martinex stood solemnly by the small cut in the rock that served as a door ,with nothing but his thoughts for company. "Vance Astro, poster boy of the republic brought down to groveling in a dark dank hole with two most unlikely heroes,almost funny" thought Martinex at his position standing guard. "Well the universe isn't a particularly nice place." Replied yondu. Martinex felt a strange tinge of regret. "Is this how my friend sees the galaxy? This place of wonder?",he shook his head and returned to his guard duty.

“Heard about an unguarded shipment, running through Dagsloka” said Vance leaning back in his chair, whilst lighting his cigar, “A what?” asked yondu leaning up from his history book with a look of absolute shock on his face. “Exactly what I said” said Vance with his arrogant smirk on his face “I thought maybe we hit it, get some supplies, show them that the freedom fighters aren't all dead”, Vance pulled out an old dusty map and laid it down on the table.

“Where did you get that” asked Martinex

“A friend” replied Vance

“Same one that gave you that info?”

“Yep, what does it matter to you where I get our little tip offs from?”

“Everything, for all we know your friend is an Invader loyalist, for all we know you're leading us into a trap, like the one on the old throne world, how did that end up agian??”

“What happened to Charlie is not my fault, if only he had listened and not engaged the enemy blindly!!”

“How dare you!!! Blaming your failings on a dead man, is this how far you’ve shrunk, from leading the coalition armies to speaking ill of the dead”

“You bastard!! I am more than you could ever be, how do we not know your the one who tipped of the invaders about our old base and got half the crew killed, your past is shady enough you used to be a bandit!!”

Martinex raised his fist at that, leaning over the table ready to release the fury in his fist, Vance readying his arms for a counterstrike, “Enough!!” shouted Yondu “ Both of you sit down and listen” they both slowly lowered themselves into their chairs each of them fixing the other with an icy glance. “ Now this is what’s going to happen.”

11:43 pm Ancient ruins of dagsloka

His feet hammered against the ground,his heart in his mouth. He bit down hard on his lip as some sort of consolidation for the pain in his arm,he risked a quick look, he soon wished he hadn't.

He heard the constant drumming of the invaders heavy tanks thudding along the old run down roads of the ex-mega city. He turned one corner skidding along just keeping his balance.

Down the road he saw the dim headlights of another tank, coming towards him. His heart stopped, he was surrounded. He looked for any means of escape,wishing,hoping that he would see another ally or a door anything to get of the road and away from the death machines.

But nothing.

Yondu bent down expecting the inevitable, wishing it to be quick and painless and that the invaders didn't have more plans for him than just a simple death.

In what he expected to be his final moments in the universe, Yondu thought of his dead friends, Charlie the big bumbling idiot from the delta system, Nikki his first love who died for him, Drax who vowed to kill the great Thanos but only succeeded in being present at his death. But most of all Yondu thought of what could have been if the invaders had not come and the Avengers Society had kept this promise of Galaxy wide peace, maybe Vance would have become supreme general of the army as he had always dreamed, or Charlie would have built his space diner and maybe just maybe him and Nikki would have bought the house on Jupiter they always spoke about.

So Yondu, the great archer of delta C, bent his head and waited.

"What are you doing down there?" Said a familiar voice

" Vance?" Yondu croaked through a broken voice "thought I was a gonner" Yondu said surveying the destruction caused by his friend. "You really went to work on the tanks, aghhh!" Yondu screamed out in pain whilst cradling his mutilated arm, Vance reached out to touch his arm.

Yondu passed out.

The great temple lay in ruins, the pillars used to be huge white marble monuments, but now they are crumbling stumps under the collapsed roof of the ex-huge temple to the gods. Damn shame.Thought Martinex whilst he carried his friend through the collapsed city. "A quick in and out, he said,just for supplies,he said" Yondu muttered as he came around, in Martinex's arms,

"Not my idea of paradise ethier" Martinex said sarcastically.

"Where's Vance?" Yondu asked with a sense of distress. "He stayed to fend them off..." Martinex trailed off.

"This isn't the way out of the city" said Yondu.

"This is the way Vance told me to come," Martinex said with a tone of mournfulness in his voice, knowing that his friend Was probably dead, " he said something about how we can save them all, he gave me some coordinates to..." Down the road a huge beam of light was protruding from the domed building at the centre of the old collapsed city, "there" Martinex finished.

As they approached the building the air started to sizzle and the heat protruding from the building was unbearable, Yondu had to fight his urge to turn around and run back into his hole with his last surviving friend. But still they carried on through the heat and towards the blue beam of light cutting through the sky.

The old door heaved and sighed as Martinex slammed his shoulder against it for the fourth time, this time it heaved open and slumped onto the floor. Martinex approached the blue stream, the light dazzling across his glass like skin, "strangely beautiful" he whispered, awestruck. The screech of car tries and the sound of voices brought him back to reality "hold them off" he snapped at Yondu. "And I'll figure out what to do with this" he muttered to himself".

Yondu unslipped his bow from his shoulder and notched an arrow to his bow, one of the invaders turned round the corner and fell perfectly into Yondu's sights, the arrow flew with a strum from the bow string, it hit the invaders neck perfectly, with a nice thud. The next invader lifted his weapon to Yondu, he lifted his bow again the arrow thudded into the invaders chest right in the heart, his gun went sprawling spewing bullets all over the place, a stray shell killed one invader and wounded another. Yondu notched an arrow and let it fly, it hit the invader in the thigh, he fell and twisted his leg awkwardly, his bone protruded from his leg, snapped in two. Again he notched an arrow, this time the invader knew it was coming, he ducked under it as it zipped past the very tip of his helmet, Yondu notched another arrow and this time he aimed at the loose rock just above where the invader had taken cover, the arrow hit the rock and it came crumbling down luring the invader away from cover, the arrow went straight through his neck with a spurt of blood. Yondu took aim again,again,again and again until he was out of arrows, he turned to Martinex and saw him examining the beam, he started to lean towards the beam,to close for Yondu's liking.

Martinex vanished.

Yondu felt a sense of panic rising in his chest as he hopped down from his vantage point and ran towards the beam looking for any sign of his friend, nothing there, nothing at all.He heard the sounds of more invaders and cars coming around the corner, his stomach twisted at the sound of a tank, he felt in his quiver... no arrows, he felt in his belt, two knives, "can never have too many of those" he muttered to himself, even with two knives he had no chance against a small army and he knew it. In his panic he tripped over some stray debris, he lifted his hands to protect his face as he flew into the beam brilliant blue light.

He crashed into the back of Martinex. Yondu looked up, he was alive, he was alive! "Yahoo!" He said as he leaped into the air, he immediately wished he hadn't when he felt the pain in his arm. He looked around, they were still in the building but it was all clean and fresh and there were dozens of blue skinned humanoids starting at them. "Where are we" he said groggily. "You mean when are we?" Martinex replied.

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@arkhamc1tizen Very nice! Very enjoyable! Great story, and I'm anxiously awaiting the second chapter. I never got to read any of the old Guardians comics, featuring Yondu and all these geezers as part of the team, so this is interesting, fresh and fun for me. Loving it!

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Very cool! I'm even less familiar with the original Guardians than I am with the current one. Looking forward to where this is headed.

Adding to the library.

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Going with the future version will be helpful with continuity. I'm not entirely familiar with this team, I know who they are but I haven't really read up a lot on this version.

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@arkhamc1tizen: As someone who read (and loved) the original GoG's and as yet hasn't seen the new film I like this.

But your formatting, spelling & punctuation needs some work.

Eg: In these areas a small rebel cell fights for what's left ifthe galaxy. I think you mean of unless you're trying to do a New Zealand accent

The universe is bleak,nothing left but dust and the shattersremains of a broken civilisation." Need a space after the comma and should be shattered, as shatters remains isn't correct.

"Well" said Vance,leaning over their solitary candle that lit up therebleak home,with a blank expression on his face "its a bit moody isn't it". Spaces after commas, should be their as it is their home like it is their candle, another space after comma and needs a capital for It's

Blammingyour failings on a dead man, is this how far you’ve shrunk, from leading the coalition armies to speaking ill of the dead” Blaming only has one m, and I think you mean sunk but shrunk could work though it is irregular

Replied yondu. Yondu is his name and gets a capital

My suggestion is copy it onto a word doc and let the auto spell & grammar correct do their job which will catch most of this "technical" errors. A bit of tidying up and this will be an excellent series

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Great Start!!!

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Oh cool! I like how you're using the Original Guardians of the Galaxy instead of the Main team.