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This takes place in the Marvel Nexus Universe, created by @wildvine (PM for details and if you want to join in). Other Marvel-Nexus stories are here

Spider-Rogue Pt1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-nexus-spider-rogue-721411/#38

Spider-Rogue Pt2:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-nexus-spider-rogue-2-742010/#12

And Spider-Rogue/Thresher: Cosmic Cross Over Event #3 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/spider-rogue-thresher-cosmic-cross-over-event-3-1521778/#22


New York County Courthouse

Marc Murdock tapped the ground with his cane. He didn’t really need to but in the courtroom it added to the drama. He did play up the blind angle sometimes; it helped swing juries at times mainly out of sympathy for the poor blind lawyer.

“And that is why you must find my client not guilty!” Marc headed back to his seat. He knew exactly where it was. He knew where everyone in the room was. He could smell their colognes and perfumes; their sweat and hairspray. He could hear the tribal rhythms of their collective heartbeats and the gurgling of their stomachs like the roar of a distant ocean. He deliberately went slightly off to the left bumping the prosecutions table before heading back to his seat.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury! You will now confer to the jury room to deliberate the case you have just heard,” said the judge as he smacked his gavel “We shall have a recess and reconvene in an hour.”

“ALL RISE!” stated the bailiff as the judge got to his feet and exited.


“As I said at the beginning to this trial, my client is innocent!” said Marc to the throng of reporters “And now a jury of his peers has proven me right! We will be now filing a countersuit against Wilson Raoul Fisk for damages…”

“See! Here is where you went off script!” said Marc’s law partner Franklin DuChamp as he paused the news “Why are we now getting into a fight with Fisk?”

“Because Frenchy,” smiled Marc as he sipped his water “It’ll make Fisk squirm and hopefully do something stupid, which he will because I called him out.”

“You and this…vendetta!” snapped DuChamp “If he is this criminal mastermind you think he is then why can’t we dig up any proof huh? Because he’s a legitimate businessman! Keep this up and he’ll get you on a harassment charge or even disbarred! Which puts our firm in jeopardy! Which…”

“Relax!” Marc patted his face affectionately as he walked to the window and gazed out the window.

“You’re facing the wall Marc” said Franklin sarcastically.

“Seventeen steps from the TV to the window” said Marc pointing out the distance “Blind, yes. Stupid, no! And though blind, I will look out on this city because I paid for this view.”

“Excuse me? Who paid for the view?”

“We, we paid for the view. DuChamp and Murdock” said Marc.

Franklin stood next to his partner and admired the city from their 43rd floor office “That’s right, DuChamp…and Murdock”

“You’re only first because it’s alphabetical” reminded Marc.

“Whatever!” laughed Franklin putting his arm around his friend.


Marc stood on the roof looking down on the city. The moon hung high in the sky which made him smile.

-They must be punished-

The voice echoed in his soul, his mind and his ears whilst tingling his skin like a faint electric charge.

“Yes Khonshu!”

-The wicked must b…-

“I said yes! Could you stop? You drive me crazy sometimes!”

-They must be punished!-

Marc shook his head and pressed his fingers into the corners of his eyes to relive the pressure of the voice in his head “Yes Khonshu” He threw off the coat he was wearing and pulled up the red hood on his costume “The Fist of the Moon Devil is ready to strike!”


Wilson Fisk sat smoking a cigar at his large desk made of elephant tusks and rhino hide stretched over African stone. Behind him were the heads of dozens of animals mounted on the wall. His office looked like a 19th Century hunting lodge.

“You have failed me!” he said to the very nervous man standing before him in a cold, flat voice that made the man’s skin crawl “I do not accept failure!”

“With all due respect Mr Fisk, the ju…” he stopped as the large black man in the white/grey suit stood up and snatched up a spear from the collection of spears beside his desk.

“You lawyers sicken me with your excuses!” he barked “We have done things your way long enough! It is time we returned to the laws of the jungle”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Mr Fisk?”

Wilson smiled and thrust the spear clean through the man, turning him into a kebab “Kill. Or be killed!”

To be continued...

(Rated M, all characters Daredevil, Moon Knight, Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson, Jean-Paul 'Frenchy' DuChamp, Wilson Fisk, Bushman are owned by Marvel though merged together)

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@batkevin74: Moon-Devil wow so Nexus is all about merging people together. Sounds really cool. Hope to see more of this.

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*Claps* Very cool. Nice merging here. But you have experience merging marvel characters already. I'll have to mention Moon Devil in a future Spider-Rogue issue.

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@wildvine: This is true with my Mashed Up Origins. But the difference is that this is ongoing

@impurestcheese:It is...well I hope so :)

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@wildvine: Moon Devil he he he. So is this a group now?

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Closed group. I don't want twenty people who aren't writing.

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Bumped in the hope of adding an edited picture

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Bump in anticipation of Spider-Rogue pt 3


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@wildvine said:


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The Fist of the Moon Devil is ready to strike! Cool :)

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@batkevin74: I'll add it too my reading list. I'm also working on joining Marvel Mayhem as well, so I'm getting some background info on it by reading through Imp's Avengers. I've also still got your League of Bastards to read.

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