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i will be trying to create my own version of the Marvel universe with some new characters I'm adding in. if things go well maybe i will create a line of stories from this universe.

hope you guys enjoy!

My planet, Budania, was destroyed. The so-called "Heroes" of Earth killed almost all of us. You see, us Budanians are virtually indestructible compared to human weaponry. our one weakness, you ask? exactly zero degrees can kill us almost instantly. no one on my planet knew why, and now we may never know why we are killed by something so simple. Each one of the four individuals that were sent to earth before our planet could be destroyed were sent to infiltrate and then kill the members of the earth's "mightiest heroes". My name is Michael, and along with my three team mates we will exact revenge on the heroes for what they have done. expect us.

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@deadpoolspidey877: Didn't you write about this a while ago. Michael, the prince of some planet, super powers galore comes to Earth to kill Reed Richards? Or am I dreaming?

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no, i did, its just i kind of got side tracked and said screw it I'll just start again, and this time, i'm gonna go through with the story :p

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Sounds nice, looking forward to it.