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We want to recreate the whole Marvel Universe in our image. People can PM me or @kingmagnus for a continuity of a character.

Taken Characters:

  • Spider-Man

  • X-Men

Reply if you want to join!


  • Villain Comics are allowed.

  • Must make comic regularly.

  • Have fun! :D

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@kingmagnus: @astrodash: So basically what you two are doing is an almost identical operation but with less freedom since any character you don't like can be stripped from the universe. I'm not telling you to stop but look around and see what else is going on in the board. You two going it alone is commendable and honourable but there are things letting you down.

For one although it sounds petty I found that my work got a lot more hits when I changed my avatar so there's something to look into. Try commenting on other people's work, again as petty as it is, writers are more likely to read and respond if you do the same (It's also a good way to remove the limiter when you get to 25 posts).

If you need any other consulting PM me

Impurest 'Mistress of Mayhem, Cheese

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