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Vengeance: Volume 1

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Marvel Mayhem: X-Men/Thunderbolts #1: co-written with ImpurestCheese

The Mystery of the Confessor Skrull

“WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!” screeched Strikeback as the X-Men finally broke out of the ground. The X-Men then all stood unsteadily for a few moments, trying to catch their breaths, while focusing their attention on their unexpected captors.

“Okay seriously, this whole being unexpectedly teleported to another world thing is starting to get on my nerves on a whole new level,” said Shadowcat exasperated.

“And I fear it will only get worse from here on out,” said Colossus, dusting himself off.

“I don’t care if we teleported to outer space again!I’m gonna tear these freaks apart limb by limb!” snarled Wolverine, his claws glistening in the light.

“Who are you calling a freak, claw boy?” spat Melissa.

Wolverine snarled angrily and was about to leap, but then Abe stepped forward and said, “Alright! Cool it everybody! This is no time to fight each other right now!”

Cyclops then stepped forward and said, “And while I agree with you there, I just want to know why you brought us here?”

“I didn’t bring you here, you followed me here,” said Victoria.

“But, that does not explain what you were doing in the Institute in the first place,” said Storm.

“Well, if you must know, we sent Arke to retrieve some important data that you seemed to have on your computers,” said Meteorite.

“Which would be breaking and entering without permission, am I correct?” said Beast annoyed.

“Does the possibility of a Skrull invasion intrigues you more than whether or not our breaking and entering is legit?” asked Blackheath.

The X-Men were shocked as they heard this news and Shadowcat said quietly, “A Skrull Invasion? Do you think that the Skrull we fought on the Shi’ar Empire had anything to do with this?”

“But, that is impossible.We saw that Skrull get blown up with Kruun,” said Colossus.

“So, you know something about the skrulls. But, do you know about a Skrull that masqueraded itself as a Confessor?” asked Orka.

“A Confessor Skrull?” said Beast confused.

“Yes. We currently have him locked up in the Labyrinth Super Max facility under this fortress and we were searching your data to find out more information about these skrulls,” said Abe.

“And you just broke into our computer system without an invitation. How nice,” said Cyclops sarcastically.

“It’s either that or we just let this little Skrull here take over the world because we were too busy trying to get an invitation to get into your computer system,” said Melissa.

Cyclops sighed and said, “So you think that because we had data on the skrulls, we’ll help you figure out who this Confessor Skrull is?What makes you think that we’ll help you with that?”

“You heard about the incident in Seattle, right? Well, we also saw in your data that you were searching for a group of mutants who were involved in it.We might know something about where they could be if you could help us with this skrull,” said Abe slyly.

“So, you’re basically blackmailing us?” Shadowcat said disgusted.

“Not blackmailing, negotiating,” said Orka.

Storm then stood next to Cyclops and said, “As much as I do not agree with any of this, I think that helping them learn more about this skrull might be the only way that we can find Emma and the students.”

Cyclops nodded his head in agreement and then said to Abe, “Alright, we’ll talk to this skrull.But, you better keep your word that you’ll tell us where the missing mutants are.”

“Oh, we will…we will,” said Abe.

Meanwhile, in the Labyrinth Super Max facility…

Zargot was walking through the corridors of the facility, trying to find his destination.Earlier that day, Zargot had received signals from his radar device that a skrull, who was masquerading as a Confessor, was being held in this facility and he made it his goal to find this skrull and have him join his cause to take over the world.

“Well, I didn’t expect to see another skrull in this facility.Are you searching for someone?” a mysterious voice sounded in the facility.

“WHO’S THERE?!” demanded Zargot as he whipped out his laser gun.

“Whoa, easy there!I’m on your side.It seems to me that you are searching for someone and that someone happens to be in this very facility.Does it happen to be the Confessor Skrull?Well, I could help you break him out of this prison,” said the voice slyly.

Zargot lowered his gun and asked suspiciously, “You seem to know so much about this skrull.What do you want from me?”

“Not much, only that you give me the means to rule this planet by your side of course,” said the voice.

Zargot paused for a few moments and then said, “Alright, you may lead me to the Confessor Skrull.But before we head on to this cell, I would like to know who you are first.”

The voice was silent for a few moments and then it stepped out of the shadows to reveal a young pink haired woman.

“A friend…just call me Pagon,” said the pink haired female grinning evilly.


It was a beautiful day in New York City and the citizens were walking among the streets, looking forward to a new day ahead of them.Despite the incident with Kruun over the last few weeks and the destruction he caused on the city, the citizens were just happy to survive through such turmoil.Walking among the people was a young man clad in a white suit.But, unbeknownst to the people, this young man was none other than Kurt Wagner, also known as the X-Man NIGHTCRAWLER and his appearance was a result of using his holographic projector.He had to use a holographic projector due to his real appearance resembling a blue demon and even though Kurt accepted his demonic appearance, he wished that people wouldn’t judge him based on his appearance.

“After the events of that bullet heading to Earth, I am glad to finally have some peace.I probably will not get this chance again if the city is under attacked again,” said Kurt to himself.

Suddenly, Kurt heard a commotion at the construction site and he muttered to himself, “I may have spoken too soon.”

He then immediately ran towards the site to see what the commotion was.

At the construction site, six police cars were parked around the site and the policemen were ushering people away from the site.

“Clear away from the site, everyone!This is a murder scene!” the policemen were telling the curious and horrified spectators.

Kurt stood silently among the crowd and what he saw made his blood run cold.He saw the body of a dead construction worker who had his throat slashed and a stretcher was being brought out to put the body on it.

Kurt then silently went to an alleyway and said to himself, “This is terrible! Who could murder an innocent man in broad daylight?I wonder if the others know about this.”

Kurt then deactivated his holographic projector and changed back into his demonic appearance.


In a cloud of brimstone smelling smoke, Nightcrawler teleported himself towards the Xavier Institute, hoping to find the other X-Men to help him with this situation.

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Nice. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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@richgenx said:

Nice. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying this crossover!

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Labyrinth Super Max where is this place?

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@batkevin74: Under the Thunderbolt's Living Fortress in Seattle. And yes we are accepting inmates very soon.