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Seattle, Rand Corporation Warehouse 13, March 23rd

"You know... this team isn't starting off very well..." She Hulk muttered as she sat on a crate next to Hercules.

"Aye tis true. From what my eyes have shown me thine team has failed on almost every account so far." Hercules said.

"Hey. We weren't prepared for this! We need time to plan a counter attack against the Intelligencia. Then we'll show everyone what we're made of!" Iron Fist shouted.

"What the heck is this place anyway?" Luke Cage asked.

"Oh. Well since our headquarters is still in the process of being made I thought we could stay in this unused Rand Corp Warehouse."

This statement was followed by silence. Which was then followed by She-Hulk standing up from the crate and walking towards the door.

"That's it. I'm out. I'm leaving the team."

Iron Fist shook his head as She Hulk slammed the door on her way out. Luke walked near him and tapped him in the shoulder.

"Uh... Danny? We've got problems here."

"I know!"

"No. Not She Hulk. We've got more attacks happening."


Iron Fist turned towards the TV screen. A news reporter was shown talking while in the background several images showed several cities under attack.

"Right after the terrorist attack on London which took hundreds of lives even more cities are now under threat. Cities like New York, Manchester and Paris. However the question on everyone's minds is where are the Avengers?"

"Right. Let's do this. Everyone! Get onto the rooftop! We're going to deal with this NOW!"


"Wow... when did you get a Quinjet?" Quicksilver asked.

"When Cap asked me to make an Avengers team." Iron Fist said bluntly. "Okay people we're taking these people down! I need 2 Pairs and 1 Trio! Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch! You two are heading to Paris! Triton and Union Jack! You two are heading to Manchester! Me, Luke and Hercules will be heading to New York! Everyone ready? Alright! Avengers..."

"Now's not the time man." Luke muttered as he and the rest of the team walked onto the jet.



"You ready for this guppy?" Union Jack asked as he stood at the jet's door.

"I'm always ready my patriotic friend. Always." Triton muttered.

"...You don't talk much do you?"

"I prefer to let my actions speak louder then my words."

A green light activated above their heads. Without a word Triton jumped out of the jet before pulling his parachute.

"bloody mental fish..." Union Jack muttered before jumping out after him. Jack landed behind Triton and both glanced at each other before being attacked.

"Registered superhumans. Prepare to be disposed of..."



"...that is one BIG monster!" Quicksilver muttered as he arrived in the city center. His sister the Scarlet Witch ran in behind him. They both looked onwards as the monster known as Fin Fang Foom flew over the city before landing on the side of the Eiffel Tower.

"WHO DARES ATTEMPT TO DEFEAT ME?!" Fin Fang Foom bellowed.

"Well... that would be us." The Scarlet Witch said. "We're here to stop you."


"We're... we're the Avengers..."



New York

"Where the hell are the Avengers?!" Luke asked as he stood in the Quinjet's cockpit.

"I have no idea. Have you seen what's happening out there?! Everything's going insane!" Iron Fist said as he piloted the Jet over the city.

"Mortals! Turn thine heads towards thy vehicle's window!" Hercules yelled.

Luke and Danny turned to see a fighter jet firing a missile towards them.

"Danny. Shields."

"What?! I only just learned how to pilot this thing!"


Danny closed his eyes. He waited to hear a booming voice telling him he'd died. Nothing. He waited a few more seconds. Still nothing. Slowly Iron Fist opened one eye to see the New York City skyline.

"You okay Danny?"

Danny turned his head to see Jessica Jones holding his body in the air.

"Well... my body's aching like hell. Wait... how did you get here?"

"I saw the attack on the news. Thought I'd better lend a hand."

Jessica gently placed Danny on the ground right next to the unconscious body of Luke Cage and the very much awake body of Hercules.

"Well... this isn't going well..." Iron Fist muttered. "What the hell was that?"

"Foolish idiots." An old achy voice muttered. "YOU'RE ALL MY PUPPETS NOW!"

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Some really cool stuff. Who is the guy in Manchester I don't recognize him. Also don't forget about continuity; Krunn, Biohazard and general chaos is closer then you think.

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@impurestcheese: The guy in Manchester is a Deathlok. And I must have already forgotten about continuity since I have no idea who you're talking about.

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@tommythehitman: That's it the Continuity Commandos are coming to get you. Grr Argh

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Welcome to die.... Holy crap! Thats from the X-Men Arcade game isn't it?

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@ekrolo: Yeah. That's the second time I've used that quote now.

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Union Jack and Fin Fang Foom in the same story.... Nice work

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@tommythehitman: I is in your West Coast Avengers Base hijacking your computer system.

Yours Abner Jenkins. Circa Thunderbolts #16

Now your WCA have three things to worry about. :-)

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@tommythehitman: He he I am the most vengeful computer virus you will ever meet. Viva los Thunderbolts. >:-)

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Nice choice of Villians!