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London, March 22nd 2013

"Is everything ready?" The Wizard asked as he overlooked the city. MODOK floated next to him. His nose was still broken from where Medusa had attacked him.

"Yes sir. We're waiting for you to arrive and start the procedure." An AIM agent said through the Wizard's communicator.

"Excellent. Tell everyone to get within a minimal safe distance."

"You do realize that once we begin this attack we've made our presence known to the world?" MODOK asked.

"Union Jack was able to discover our plans. Reports are coming in of an attack on one of your AIM bases. The time is NOW!"

The Wizard slowly walked down the stairs of the tower. He walked past two Vision drones and into a makeshift laboratory.

"Ah. Black Bolt. I trust your accommodations are suited for your needs?"

The AIM agent that had spoken earlier looked up from his console.

"Everything's ready sir! The chair Black Bolt's sat upon should funnel the energy AROUND the building. Everything around us will be destroyed."


Black Bolt was strapped to a chair. He was strapped down by Adamantium restraints. They'd been torturing him for hours. Always trying to get him to speak. However Black Bolt had been trained to resist pain. It wouldn't work.

"Egghead. Bring in the woman."

A bald man dressed in a labcoat walked into the room. In front of him was Medusa. Black Bolt's wife. Her face was bloodied and bruised too. The man slowly pushed her right in front of Black Bolt before pulling his gun out and placing it to the side of her head.

"Say goodnight." Egghead muttered. He blew t Medusa's skull off. Black Bolt's eyes widened. A tear dripped from his eyes. He opened his mouth and screamed...


AIM Base 42

"TALK CONTROLLER! While you still have a jaw!" Iron Fist yelled as he held the limp body of the former villain known as the Controller in his hands.

"Uh. Danny. I don't think he's talking." Muttered Quicksilver.

"I'll make him." Scarlet Witch said as she stepped forward. She placed her hand on his hand before muttering something under her breath. The Controller's eyes lit up before closing again.

"Uh... great job red. It didn't do anything!" She Hulk said as Iron Fist dropped the Controller on the ground.

"Wrong She-Hulk. I know EVERYTHING. In fact..." Quicksilver disappeared in a gust of wind. "there's a prisoner..." Quicksilver reappeared. This time with Union Jack. "On the 5th level?"

"Union Jack?! What the hell are you doing here?!" Luke asked.

"Same thing as you folks I suspect." Jack said. "These folks have been causing trouble in London recently. I was trying to figure it out until I met one of their droid things."

"Their what?"

"The droids. That guy who used to pal along with you folks awhile back. In fact... if I remember correctly didn't he used to be married to one of ya?"


"That's the one. Seems they've made a whole bunch of him. Got him doing their dirty work and such stuff."

"Right. Wanda. Do you know where AIM's planning to attack next?"

"It's London again. What they've got planned... we HAVE to stop them!"

"Right. Hercules. Get Lockjaw ready. Wanda. What does ANY of this have to do with the Inhuman attack?"

"They're... using Black Bolt."


"Reports are coming in from London. A massive attack of unknown origin has decimated a portion of the city. Hundreds have people have been killed. Many more have been injured. What we're not completely sure on is WHO caused this."

"UNKNOWN?! Do they not realize that only ONE genius could have planned this attack?! ONLY I THE WIZARD could have plotted an attack of this magnitude!"

"Silence fool." A blank faced man said from a TV screen. "You give yourself too much credit and you know it. Without ME. You wouldn't have had the tools to make this entire plan plausible. Without me... you'd still be stuck in prison."

The Wizard fumbled as he realized he'd angered the mysterious figure.

"Yes... of course. I- I'm sorry. You helped all of this."

"This is only the beginning. You realize. Soon every major city on the planet will have been damaged beyond repair."

"Sir... what is our next target?" Egghead asked as he stood in a corner nervously.

"Next target Egghead? Head towards the Baxter Building. Your next target is New York City."

"Yes. But... sir. What do we do with Medusa?"

"Erase Black Bolt's memory of her 'death' prepare your illusion powers once more Egghead. As we ALL know. This next part is going to cause QUITE a stir..."

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@tommythehitman: Ah the Wizard, what a delightful chap. Good as usual and keep up the good work.

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I know I'm new to this, but I'm quite confused. I thought Mayhem meant we were going to go back to the beginning and re create the characters. Without any of the things that happened in comics never happened because we decide exactly what will happen. Recently I wrote an issue of Hank Pym where he created Ultron, in present time. But then how could Vision be created long ago and have been married if Ultron did not exist until now?

Anyway, I really love what you've done with these characters and I can't wait for the next part.

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Never heard of this Wizard guy before reading your stuff but from this he seems like a delightful guy.

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Damn your fast. Love the team by the way. This is just some good ol' fashioned Super Hero vs Super Villian action and I love it.

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@ekrolo: He's the founder of the Frightful Four and a master of Anti Gravity. Usually hangs around with that paste of space the Trapster

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@themanintheshoe: It's not like that. It's kind of like do what you want with the character. You don't have to reimagine them.

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@tommythehitman: Yeah, it's just that the timeline of comics is so confusing. Like in present day Pym created Ultron and in the past Vision was created, doesn't make sense but it might be my fault since I don't know exactly how it works.

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@tommythehitman: Well, let's ignore it. When I introduce Vision in the next chapter of Hank Pym I will make so they have met before without mentioning any dates.

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@themanintheshoe: He could be from the future. Or maybe Ultron has been created once before. Don't believe me' check out Jester's 11 Issue 3.

And yes I'm sorry for mentioning it.