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Marvel Mayhem - Weird Sisters #1

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All characters are owned by Marvel Comics except Skirmisher and Quetzal but for the sake of sisterhood both are available to anybody in the group to use and/or abuse.

The man panted as he ran down the busy downtown New York street, his feet slipping and sliding on the pavement, his hooded sweatshirt sodden in the rain as he pushed passers by aside before leaping over a chain link fence and into an alley. Looking at the brick wall in front of him, the hood leapt onto the surface and began to climb using blades on his arms and legs to carve footholds to aid his accent. Reaching the top he saw a white boot lash out and hit him in the face sending him flailing back down to the bottom before landing with a thud on a stack of pallets.

"Gamecock did you really expect to break the conditions of your bail and not be hunted down?" The figure crouched at the top of the wall asked as the rain thundered down. "That might have flown when you were just a nobody but after your little stunt in Seattle you’re now an international terrorist."

"I'm no chicken." Gamecock crowed as the figure leapt off the wall and into the alley, her auburn hair flicking around as the rain and wind continued to swirl around. "And now we're alone I'll prove it!" He snarled as he sprung into a spinning kick aimed at the woman's neck only to be blocked as she drew her katana and parried the blow. "So you're a ninja, big whoop there are ninjas everywhere these days."

"I'm a Samurai!" The woman growled between gritted teeth as she swung her sword only to see Gamecock cross his wrist blades and catch her swing before turning the motion into a brutal stab through the shoulder. With a grunt the woman head-butted her attacker before kneeing him in the privates only to hit something rigid in his pants.

"Stupid Ninja I may look like an idiot but unlike all those other costumed miscreants out there I remember to wear a cup." Gamecock spat as he kicked back the blow sending his opponent backwards. "Now this is going to make my rep forever, killing an actual super hero type. But before I eviscerate you tell me your name so I have something to crow about at the bar later."

"Colleen Wing and just for your information I have no super powers." The fallen Samurai stated before getting to her feet and staring her attacker in the eye. "And you'll find that this fight is far from over."

"No powers ah crud you ain't worth it then." Gamecock snorted before turning to walk away just as bright lights filled the alleyway and a limousine came crashing through the chain link towards the pair of them. Acting on instinct Gamecock leapt backwards crashing into Colleen and scrabbling up the wall, acting on training Colleen stayed down as the vehicle passed over her and slammed into the wall before backing off and coming to a halt, two pairs of shoes stepping out of the vehicle; one was a pair of forest green women's high heeled boots, the other mud stained hiking shoes with a nasty looking re-curved claw on the tip, both suggested that this wasn't a drunken couple whose alcohol fuelled night out had taken a wrong turn but rather a deliberate hit and run on either her Gamecock.

"Where is the Samurai?" The woman asked, her voice tinged by a central American accent.

"You mean the Ninja? She's under the car you morons!!" Gamecock answered before there was a silent whoosh followed by a crash as the blabbing super villain fell onto the limousine, a dozen flechettes sticking out of his neck. Rolling out the unoccupied side of the car Colleen straightened herself moments before a woman dressed in a green leotard and long feathers in her hair leapt over the limo and slammed her glowing green fist into Colleen’s katana, the force shattering the blade. Before her opponent could land a follow-up blow Colleen sprung over the woman as a glowing fist slammed into the wall, the force of the strike and the energy discharge causing an avalanche of brick dust and masonry to fall into the alley. Clearing the area of effect Colleen realised she had dodged into the path of the second passenger from the car, a man dressed in a leather jerkin and buck hide trousers armed with a dart pistol.

"Surrender Samurai before someone gets hurt." He ordered in the same accent as the first attacker who had just dug herself out of the pile of brickwork.

"And if I don't?" Colleen asked as she sprung off the bonnet of the limousine over a volley of flechettes onto the man's chest before bouncing off, the force sending him sprawling backwards as the green fisted woman charged her. Turning to meet her attacker Colleen blocked her punch with her own hand, the energy around her opponent's fist causing her bones to ache. As much as she knew she had to win this fight Colleen decided to yield at the same moment the shooter fired, a flechette embedded in his partner's neck.

"Skirmisher I thought you..." The woman hissed before collapsing on top of Colleen into unconsciousness.

"Quetzal!!" The shooter, Skirmisher, yelled. "If I could make you pay for that I would!" He spat as Colleen threw Quetzal at him before covering the gap and slamming his head into the wall behind him.

"Why were you after me?" Colleen asked softly, "Who do you work...urk." As she talked she felt a moist hand touch her neck before seconds later the world erupted into a techno colour nightmare before the bright hues pressed in cocooning her in a neon capsule before everything faded to black.


Colleen groaned as she opened her eyes, early morning sunshine peaking through the wall length windows of the penthouse apartment she found herself. The unfamiliar setting was all she needed to kick the sheets off and spring to her feet, scanning the room for any sign of hostiles. Taking a deep breath she realised that her clothes were hung on the stand next to a full length mirror next to a recently forged katana. Cautiously Colleen took the weapon and pulled on her trousers when the door handle began to turn. Taking a deep breath she got ready for whatever was on the other side before the door slid open and a man walked in wearing nothing but a pair of slacks, his tanned torso rippling as he moved.

"Ah Señorita I see you are awake at last." The man announced in the same accent that the two thugs had spoken in the alleyway earlier. "You seem tense? You needn't be I mean you no harm."

"And I'll believe that when I'm out of here." Colleen answered, "Now either let me go or prepare for battle."

"Ah where are my manners Ms. Wing, my name is Alejandro Flores." The man stated ignoring Colleen's warning. "I flew you out here to my Miami Estate because I need your help."

"Did you say Miami?" Colleen gasped, "You abducted me?!"

"No I merely moved you from where my men found you as well as claiming the bounty on that common thief, in your name of course." Alejandro purred, "I also added a ten thousand bonus to your account in the hopes of gaining your attention, I really am in need of your help."

"You get two minutes!" Colleen growled as she pulled on her blouse.

"You see my twin brother went missing in this city." Alejandro began, "He is naive and likely has fallen in love with a woman or has angered a local mob boss nothing the family fortune wouldn't be able to handle but then I read about other abductions in the area. All Hispanic males between the age of seventeen and twenty four and all twins. Something was amiss and I decided that while Carlos may indeed be on a beach sipping a Mohito he may also be locked away in a cell."

"So you thought one abduction would council out the other?" Colleen snorted.

"Please Ms. Wing I promised the families of the other missing victims I would help them." Alejandro stated, "Do not make me appear to be a liar. Everything you need to know is in the dossier file on the desk. The choice is yours; I would not judge you if you decided to simply walk out of here." He added before giving her a sad look. "Now I must excuse myself I have an urgent meeting in Los Angelus." He added before leaving the room. Colleen headed for the door before stopping and looking at the desk.

With a deep sigh she walked over to the desk and flicked through the file. What Gamecock had said the night before had really annoyed her unlike a Ninja, the Samurai had a code of honour and while she could break it whenever she wanted Colleen wasn't about to start now. Taking the file she went to the window and looked out over the bay before whispering, "Case accepted."

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@impurestcheese: You and your crazy characters. Where do you find these? Anyway, I love that you do and I hope there's more to come.

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@themanintheshoe: Do you mean Gamecock? He's been a favourite ever since Puma ate him. Thanks for the review, you could say inspiration for this came up and hugged me at comic con. :-)

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And the slaughter of the B-list continues! Lol. Never even heard of Gamecock. So not terribly sad to see him go. I liked this a lot. Really good writing here Cheesy one.

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@wildvine: Gamecock is still alive though. Although I keep on hitting him with cars.

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@impurestcheese: Why is this called Weird Sisters? Surely it should be Daughters of the Dragon? Cool story though although what did Gamecock do to get in such trouble? Hope Colleen catch's up with him and gets her money.

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@catalinaic: It was a toss up between Weird Sisters and DOD and the former one the coin flip. As for Gamecock, he was involved in the Seattle disaster.

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@impurestcheese: Puma ate cock? No wonder he and Felicia aren't dating anymore...

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@avenging_x_bolt: Ha Ha Ha. I can see Gamecock running out of lives very soon. He was hit by a truck when fighting Blackheath and now he is hit by a Limo when fighting Colleen Wing. And he's survived both times! No one gets that lucky. Trust me when I say his days may be numbered and if he is going to die well...let's just say Puma might get fed.

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@impurestcheese: Odd title, but I'm sure it'll all come together later. A few minor grammar errors but nothing to really mention. Shame Gamecock is dead, his name had so many potential puns :)

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@batkevin74: Gamecock isn't dead he's just incarcerated. Thanks for the review, the title refers to the group of women in the Socttish Play by William Shakespere. Serriously though Gamecock is fine and will be apperaing in Avengers where he will probably be ran over by a plane or a boat or something.

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@impurestcheese: yeah. I can see that happening. Let's face it dude just screams canon fodder. But you gotta hand it to gamecock, the dude is pretty hard...............ok I'll stop now. I loved your story.

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@impurestcheese: I know... I'm so sorry.... It's just...... His name is Gamecock man.......

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Thank You :-)

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Bumped as I read this through to Miami Vice 6....

Okay your allergy to commas and punctuation is back. Eg: "You mean the Ninja; she's under the car you morons."

Try : "You mean the ninja? She's under the car, you morons!"

Also a few times you put a space in Gamecock's name, which whilst funny isn't right :)

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@batkevin74: A lot of my stuff needs editing so thanks for the notice.

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Awesome chapter!!! I've never heard of these characters before, but I'm definitely looking forward to some more action!!!

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@rabbitearsblog: No knowledge of Misty Knight or Gamecock? Shocking sir, most shocking. Thanks for the comment. :-)

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@rabbitearsblog: No knowledge of Misty Knight or Gamecock? Shocking sir, most shocking. Thanks for the comment. :-)

Oh! I know Misty Knight, but not Gamecock. There's so many comics out there I haven't read yet!

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Interesting story. I like it. Will be reading more....

Now, I'll present a tribute to weirdness...Number 1. =P

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Casual bump