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Marvel Mayhem: Thunderbolts Library and Back Catalogue

The long awaited Thunderbolts Library that I promised. Hopefully this will help readers to navigate around Marvel Mayhem’s longest series with relative ease. Many Thanks for Reading

Impurest Cheese

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Welcome to the West Coast (Issues #1 - #5)

Thunderbolts #1 – After the Disbanding of the Previous Team Songbird and MACH IV are sponsored by SHIELD to create a new team focused on the redemption of super criminals. Settling in Seattle the pair is called to a robbery in progress being committed by the Power Tools. With help from old friend Blizzard the three heroes face their first test as defenders of the City of Flowers.

Thunderbolts #2 – After losing against the Power Tools and meeting their SHIELD Liaison the Thunderbolts discover that they are not the only super humans in town as Zaran the Weapons Master arrives alongside the Masters of Evil. With defeat fresh in their memory can the Thunderbolts stand their ground against foes such as Whiplash, Firebrand and the Cobalt Man?

Thunderbolts #3 – The Aftermath of Cobalt Man’s explosion reveals a new ally, the Atlantean Super Soldier Orka just as the Power Tools re-emerge looking for a curious artefact located in an Arts Museum. Hurting from their previous defeats and buoyed by their new members the Thunderbolts are looking for payback and answers to why so many super criminals are in town.

Thunderbolts #4 – The Thunderbolts are faced with a threat to the safety of the city. With the Masters of Evil holding an entire stadium hostage the team will have to learn quickly how to trust one another, something which is a little difficult with the sudden arrival of a new hero wearing an old costume, one that can't be trusted. And if that weren't bad enough where is the Cobalt Man and what is he planning?

Thunderbolts #5 – The Masters of Evil are still on the lam and even worse the Cobalt Man is planning to turn Seattle into a sister city for Chernobyl. An old ally returns to help keep the city a fallout free zone but why isn’t he interested in rejoining his old friends and team-mates?

Children of the Green (Issues #6 - #9)

Thunderbolts #6 – When a former Thunderbolt turns up at the airport on the run from one of his own creations the team step into action to protect the public. But can Samuel Smithers be trusted when his only true allegiance has been to the Green? And how will Blizzard and Meteorite stop a new team of thieves that have been robbing the rich and famous without leaving a trace.

Thunderbolts #7 – A trip to the countryside becomes deadly for the Thunderbolts as Orka squares off with a mutated version of Tiger Shark as the quest for answers leads the team deep under the surface of a lake. Meanwhile Meteorite and Blizzard begin an agonizing stake out in the hopes of catching the High Rollers

Thunderbolts #8 – The trap has been sprung on both ends. Deep under the lake the Thunderbolts discover the masterminds behind the Simuloid’s attacks in the guise of Terraformer and SHIELD whilst Victoria literally puts herself in the line of fire as the High Rollers strike their next target.

Thunderbolts #9 – Relationships break down as the High Rollers ranks are divided. Deep below the surface the Thunderbolts find one member going through a metamorphosis as another clings on to life after being poisoned. And while things are bad events are being put in motion that will change the Thunderbolts and Seattle forever.

The Cost of Innocence (Issue #10 - #15)

Thunderbolts #10 – When the Thunderbolts are away the whole city will burn. After being accused for the murder of Firebrand the Thunderbolts are put on trial in San Diego leaving Blackheath alone to defend the city. ULTIMATUM obviously couldn't have chosen a better day to bring the house down…starting with the cities most iconic landmark.

Thunderbolts #11 – Given a stay of execution all the Thunderbolts save Victoria Hand and MACH IV are released back into the city to fend off ULTIMATUM whilst Meteorite ends up fighting…herself? Meanwhile order is lost from the courtroom as Crossfire and Abe’s Defence Lawyer Jennifer Walters face off at his trial.

Thunderbolts #12 – Things in Seattle are going from bad to worse when the likes of Stag Beetle and Sandstorm turn up in Seattle. Urgent Questions are answered; namely who Crossfire was after and more importantly, “Why did the Chicken cross the Road?”

Thunderbolts #13 – When your enemies and friends look alike what are you to do? The Corrupter gets to She Hulk in San Diego, Meteorite is attacked by phantoms from her past and Blizzard ends up facing off against the shadow of Firebrand.

Thunderbolts #14 – ULTIMATUM’s plans are revealed and with the aid of a brainwashed super criminal known as Biohazard they have the strength to pull it off. A dangerous situation goes from bad to worse in the courtroom ending with some name dropping and the death of the Corruptor.

Thunderbolts #15 – Biohazard is on the move and it will take all hands on deck to deal with the sentient toxic waste heap. Flag Smasher proves that you don't need powers to be deadly and Blizzard finds a good use for Firebrand as the Thunderbolts fight to save the city from almost certain destruction.

Thunderbolts #15A – The city recovers, a Thunderbolt returns, a crossover is mastermind and a devious figure from the Thunderbolts past conspires to create a new Utopia from the ashes of Seattle.

Shadow of the Past (Issue #16 - #19)

Thunderbolts #16 – A massacre in the city brings attention to a threat lurking under the surface. Blackheath shows off his pride and joy which will become essential to the Thunderbolt way of life while Orka finds a deadly artefact long thought destroyed.

Thunderbolts #17 – Tehran via Seattle? Victoria and Blackheath go on a business trip to Iran to get answers about a pair of mysterious artefacts whilst Meteorite and Orka start a long and arduous march in search for Piranha. On the surface Abe finds a surprising ally and all the Thunderbolts meet a figure determined to destroy them.

Thunderbolts #18 – It’s a bad day to be a Thunderbolt. Be it Songbird’s mystery ailment, Blizzard bleeding out on the floor or simply the return of Flag Smasher to Seattle things quickly take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile in Tehran; Victoria ends up fighting the Masters of Evil alone.

Thunderbolts #19 – Doomsday Mk 2. Flag Smasher plans to finish the job he started and only Meteorite and Orka can stop him using the Thunderbolt’s newest weapon; the Living Fortress. Abe shows off his new body as Hard Shell reveals a new side of herself and Blizzard makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends.

Thunderbolts #19A – Confessions. People aren't who they appear to be as the Classic Thunderbolts fight Team Carnival only for one member to change for the worse. In the present a new threat from the Confessor rapidly grows out of control.

Home Invasion (Issue #20 to 24)

Thunderbolts #20 - The remaining Thunderbolts head out on a mission not realizing that it's a ploy by the Masters of Evil to take control of the Living Fortress and find the Kree Data Crystal recovered from Tehran.

Thunderbolts #21 - The Thunderbolts are about to experience their very home invasion as they come face to face with Moonstone and her army of super villains; the Masters of Evil

Thunderbolts #22 - The Masters of Evil are victorious but at what cost? What happens when the infiltrators ranks are infiltrated themselves and are these embedded agents ally or enemy to the Thunderbolts?

Thunderbolts #23 - Time is running out as their enemies move in for the kill. Can the team escaped from the forces arrayed against them or will the Masters of Evil once again be victorious?

Thunderbolts #24 - The Final Issue of my current run. Curtain Falls on the mess I made in Seattle

Masters of Evil (Mini Series)

Masters of Evil #1 - New Series, Same Old Seattle. What does Moonstone want from losers like Aftershock, Vassal, Gargouille, Wirehead, Scarecrow and Will O Wisp? Find out inside. (No Prior Thunderbolts reading required)

Masters of Evil #2 - A hard landing in Seattle makes the ad hoc team of wannabe Masters a little nervous. Tension raise higher when Madripoors finest and a certain Headhunter start hunting them in the ruins of the destroyed city.

Masters of Evil #3 - When in Seattle make sure to sample the delight of the city's Annual Blood Sport Tournament. It's the wannabe Masters vs the deadly Litterbug and the contests shrewd host the Dragoness.

Masters of Evil #4 - Finally the Masters in Training get to hang with the real thing only to be left to complete a heist by themselves. Old Thunderbolts favourite Orka returns to make things complicated. Plus a character dies....apparently

Masters of Evil #5 - Be it Vassal and Guargouille vs Orka and Victoria Hand, Aftershock vs Mortality, Wirehead vs a Sensible Controller or just Scarecrow's Face with the Bonnet of a Car there is conflict in the Masters of Evil's futures.

Masters of Evil #6 - And End and a Beginning

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (#25 - 28)

New Thunderbolts #25 - Abe and Orka are teaming up with some old acquaintances. But can Zemo, Songbird and Ghost be trusted. Perhaps a little Blood Sport will take things off their minds

New Thunderbolts #26 - Will Abe and Orka be awake for their executions after defeat at the hands of the Paralyzer? And can the cavalry rescue them before several blood thirsty killers rip them apart?

New Thunderbolts #27 - Orka and Flag Smasher clash once again. Luckily the later has some back up in the form of...the Thunderbolts?!

New Thunderbolts #28 - Old Friends become enemies as Ronan the Accuser and Baron Helmut Zemo form their own Thunderbolts teams to support their own agendas

New Thunderbolts #28A - Smuggler? Emplate! Two of the Thunderbolts most deadly foes strike in the name of revenge

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Awesome! This will make things much easier to breeze through! Are you still planning on writing more Thunderbolts besides the crossover we're doing together?

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@rabbitearsblog: Yep, I still have a hell of a lot of T-Bolt Action to put down on paper

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Bump so I can find it

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Bump! Need to read the last two stories from this series!

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@rabbitearsblog: My current Thunderbolts run has ended. Mostly due to sheer unpopularity and the two occasions where people have take characters and made the series noncanonical

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@rabbitearsblog: Unicorn from Thunderbolts and Iron Man from the Avengers. And while the Unicorn stuff is now null and void it showed that Thunderbolts wasn't really being read by members of the group. There was a time when it, along with your X-Men and Rich Gen Xs Generation X were the only things keeping the group going but now (Thunderbolts at least) it's antiquated and mostly forgotten

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@impurestcheese: Yeah, I agree. At one point, a lot of people used to read X-Men, Thunderbolts and Generation X, but I guess ever since more people joined Marvel Mayhem, it's gotten to the point where our works are barely noticed with so many new fan fictions going on nowadays. But, I will still continue to write Astonishing X-Men, whenever I can!

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@rabbitearsblog: Yep and the majority of the new writers can't be bothered to catch up.

To quote Songbird, "I just don't know if I have the patience to wait for them to catch up." New Thunderbolts #2

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Some Kind of usuful bump

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Ooh, I'd read the first one and loved it, awesome, thanks!

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