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Welcome to Marvel Mayhem, and before you continue read This! to gain a little insight into what has happened, if not, It does not matter. I will give a brief summary. Enjoy!


Previously in Tales of Asgard...

Maria Hill, Director of Shield has commissioned the bounty of Thor since 3 of the wreckers were murdered, and pinned on Thor.

I am sending this message out to every corner of earth bring me Thor, the God of Thunder dead or alive!"

The Asgardians are no longer invulnerable...

For the death of Eir the Goddess of Healing can only mean one thing and it is as true as the scar on my hand, we are no longer invulnerable and if we shed blood we may very well die, forever"

Thor is Lost in Midgard

Sif's eyes dwindled as she showed her first hint of emotion "he...is cut off, no one knows where he is in all of the nine worlds, not even the Norse God of Vigilance Heimdall

Present Day inside the Shield prison located in the Heli-Carrier

Thor was awoken by a familiar voice chanting his name for a few seconds before he felt a forceful slap come about his face, He shook his head a little as his blonde locks covered his eyes. The familiar face that was stood in-front of him brushed the golden hair from his eyes as she spoke - Maria hill director of shield stood before the God of Thunder who was currently captive imprisoned inside of the Shield heli-carrier.

"Thor, You have been arrested for the murders of the wrecking crew in the most hideous murder I have personally ever seen! WHAT possessed you to.." She gulped in disgust before speaking "Crucify them?" The dark toned woman shook here head and scrunched up her face in horror as she looked into the Gods confused eyes.

Thor's hands started to shake in anger and confusion as he was being accused of these...horrific and un-godlike acts. He shouted at the women with pure rage as he started to break that contraption holding his hands firmly in place "YOU DARE ACCUSE ME OF SUCH VILLAINOUS ACTS!?" His very strength and presence started to cause the metal that was restraining his hands to buckle and crack as the steel was being ripped off the wall and metal tied to the ground, the sounds rippled throughout the entire room as the actual wall was starting to come-down under the immense pressure Thor was bestowing upon the contraption as they pressed into his forearms. Thor looked down at the Corrupted Adamantium restraints ( weaker than normal Adamantium ) as he calmed down and realized that this act of aggression would help condemn him.

He leaned back as he allowed himself to be restrained once more as a number of scared guards came running upto him eagerly and slightly nervously pressing his hands onto the wall and securing the Adamantium shackles. His body was now ironically like a crusafix as he looked downwards at Maria hill - His eyes nothing but sincerity he croaked to the Director of Shield "Please, Forgive my brashness but I did not commit these crimes that you are accusing me of" He lowed his head with a sense of wrongful remorse of crimes he did not even commit.

Maria hill spoke condescendingly as she folded her arms over her chest "Well we have reason to thin--" She suddenly turned to the side as Matt Murdock appeared, donning his iconic red circular rimmed glasses with his stylish black coat and freshly cut hair he spoke in an authoritative manner with his hands behind his back aristocratically.

"You do realize that Thor has diplomatic immunity? CORRECT?" He walked over to the Director as he bobbed his head up and down thoughtfully before conveying his next message to the disgruntled woman "This could be described as an act of WAR against Asgard, you are aware?" A subtle smirk escaped his deadly serious face as he winked at Thor, even thought it would not be visible though his glasses.

"Now, are you going to let him go free or shall I do the honors?" He leaned on his cane waiting for her response as the woman stared at him scornfully. Maria walked upto the man as she grabbed his collar and spoke with venom tipped words "If you DARE get in my way, you DARE let him go without my permission I will have you arrest for treason" He then removed her hands from his neck as she spun away walking towards the door as before stopping and turning for a final time "Matt, Speak to your client before we take him to the cells" Mr Murdock nodded respectfully before she departed.

He than turned his head towards the God of Thunder before speaking quickly "Ok they don't have any right to keep you here, I will get you out as soon as---" Suddenly he was distracted by a number of Meta-Human guards wearing shield uniforms started to take Thor away. Murdock said nothing during this affair as he simply watched and contemplated his next move.

Outside of the new Cell

"Don't worry goldie, I think you'll fit right in" An officer of Shield remarked condescendingly forgetting who he was addressing..."Besides...we've got you a roomie that you know very verryy well..." He pushed Thor into a cell as he fell towards the ground as he staggered a little but was weakened from his fight with the Wrecker previously, That had had landed him here before-hand when he was unaware that his invulnerability was gone and caught by surprise and beaten before being taken back to this shield prison.

Loki sat in the opposite end of the room as he smiled at Thor before speaking "Pleased you could join me my brother, please take a seat!" He gesture his head in-front of himself "I would use my hands but erm..they are slightly tied behind my back" He laughed sadistically before nodding. "Now you are aware of the current situation...Eir the Goddess of Healing has been slain so in turn we have lost our immense invulnerability. Hence you being so funnily battered by those mortals" He flashed a cheeky grin before continuing "But on a more serious note my Brother...we..are trapped here as for a reason I am not aware the connection has been severed" Loki leaned backwards as he waited for his brother to retort.

Thors eyes watered as he listens to this terrible tale of events. He had been close friends with that goddess and this unexpected circumstances was too much to bare, He started to cry contrary to what most people would have thought Thor had a heart. He was with his beloved brother so he had no fear of being called a coward, only cowards are scared to cry. He croaked a few feeble words to his brother "I...I..This..My fault..How?" He stood up dominantly before walking towards the door that was holing him in, Grasping the sides firmly utilizing immense muscular strength and godly power he simply and easily ripped the door from its hinges as the entire room echoed with the loud rip. He then turned to his brother and spoke coldly "It is time for the Gods to depart this mortal cage"

To be continued in part 2...

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WICKED stuff mate! Definitely a sight to see when Thor is resorted to tears after discovering a fault that was not his own! Everytime I see an interaction between Thor and Loki, I can't help but imagine Hiddleston and Hemsworth! Can't wait for the next part!

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@batkevin74 You sir may like this, also give me a pick or two of yours to read :P

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@pyrogram: Matt Murdock is Thor's lawyer, that's kinda cool. She-Hulk would've also been a good option. This is confusing, actually that's not right...it's mysterious as in who is setting Thor up for all this. My initial guess is Loki because he's that kind of manipulator. Good story

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@batkevin74: Thanks :P I thought Murdock as...Murdock had an awesome picture to use hehe xD

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@pyrogram: Isn't that the idea of a good lawyer? :)

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@pyrogram said:

@batkevin74: Hah! Point!

In that case, gentlemen, Matt is the perfect choice. ;P

As for this -- freaking amazing!!!!! I love it (you knew I would) - it's like a gift of sorts to anyone who enjoys Asgard-centred stories.

(Please...you know...Sif and stuff....>_>)

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@lykopis: Thanks and uhhmmm...Sif aint getting a cameo on this any-time soon! She is trapped up in Asgard.. ( However she may get a slight cameo as you asked ;P ) But yeah...She is having a big role in Entangled love so no need to worry! :D

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That's fine -- just loved how she was portrayed. :) I am in this for the long haul.

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Nicely done I always dig your Loki for some reason.

I mean he had like a total of 5 lines in this no explosions and I still couldn't help but go "Loki is such a badass xD"

Looking forward to see what comes next

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Really interesting. I also agree with Batkevin. She Hulk's picture is better.

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That's why Ms Walters is representing MACH IV in Thunderbolts. :-)

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Asgardians losing their invulnerability, should be interesting seeing them adapt to this change.

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@batkevin74: Possibly. I need to get back into FF section again lol

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@pyrogram said:

@batkevin74: Possibly. I need to get back into FF section again lol

Yes, yes you do! :)

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@pyrogram: Pretty good. Nice picture of Thor (where is it originally from?)

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