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Marvel Mayhem: The Villain's Tale #2 - Eleven Reminders

All characters are owned by Marvel Comics

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Last Issue Diamondback and Impala went out to buy a wedding dress for her big day only to be ambushed by old comrade Princess Python who came looking for her. Things were little better for 8-Ball and Overrider when they went to claim a box left behind in Snake Marston's will only to be the victims of an armed robbery carried out by the Enforcers.

Diamondback and Impala watched as each of Princess Python's flunkies took a group of brides to be and headed into the main part of the store. Hidden in a supply closet the two villains returned their focus to the bags they packed in preparation for a long fight with other brides for the perfect dress.

"Okay I've got a pair of Oz Corp Tri-Shot Dart Launchers as well as six tranq darts and a bo-staff with a taser tip." Impala stated, "That should help thin out some of the more aggressive targets but it does nothing to control the crowd." She added as she slipped a Tri-Shot Launcher onto her left arm before selecting the single shot firing mode.

"I doubt the brides will continue to hunt us when we take the snakes out." Rachel stated, "But just in case I'm packing some tear-gas diamonds." She added as a patrol stopped outside the closet. With a nod Impala formed up behind the door as the overseeing serpent pulled out a CB Radio.

"Mistress we have searched the store and we have found no sign of the target." The brown scaled hybrid hissed. "What are your orders."

"Send me one women from each group." Princess Python snarled. "There transformation will encourage the others to search harder."

"Yes Mistress." The snake hissed as Impala opened the door enough to get a bead on the speaker.

"There." One of the brides to be yelled before a dart flew out of the Launcher and stuck into her neck just as the hybrid trooper turned to face the door only to get a dart in her chest, the two bodies dropping to the floor.

"One down." Diamondback stated as the two women emerged from the closet causing the remaining brides to turn and stare at their rescuers. "Stay here and stay quiet." She ordered as she picked up the Serpent's dropped dart gun. "You got any more tranq darts?"

"No I didn't think we'd need more then six." Impala apologised. "Take my staff though." She added throwing the stave over to Rachel. Pressing the button in the centre Diamondback watched as the central point extended out, ambient electricity arching up and down the shaft. "Okay." She purred. "Time to play the hero"


"Oh come on." 8-Ball spat as Fancy Dan handcuffed him to the rail of the platform. "You've got our..." A massive fist came down cracking his nose. "I mean your safety deposit box and our weapons, why do you need to do this?"

"Because you got a nice price on your heads son." Montana announced as Ox whipped the blood off his fist. "And because I don't feel like having a knife stabbed in ma back when you decide to get this back."

"Get it back?" 8-Ball coughed, "Do you really think we want it back? Holy c£@p what the effing hell is that?" He asked as Ox placed a golden skinned keg on the deck before typing something in on the side mounted keyboard.

"That's none of ya buisness." Wrangler hissed before giving Overrider a kick in the chest. "And no messin with it or you'll find out how painful castration without anaesthetic is."

"Okay it's all set." Montana stated as he walked over to 8-Ball, a knife held in his hand. Holding the blade under his captive's chin he slipped a playing card into 8-Ball's shirt pocket and nodded. "Y'all have a nice day now." He chuckled as the top of the device popped open and fired a thin golden laser at each of the Enforcers, melting them into a stream of golden particles before harmlessly exploding into golden sand.

"Was that what I think it was?" 8-Ball asked as Overrider focused on his back pocket. Slowly a mechanical bubble coloured with a big black 13 hovered up before cutting threw the handcuffs.

"Yeah it was a teleporter just like the one the Jester used back in Seattle." Overrider grunted. ''Just one that was designed for saturation rather then one target at a time."

"Uh hu." 8-Ball answered as he fished the card out before cursing under his breath. In his hands he held the Queen of Diamonds only one that was custom designed to look like Rachel with the message 'I'm Back' written in dried blood over the image. "But your dead." 8-Ball mumbled under his breath. "We killed you."


Diamondback swung the staff round and reverse stabbed a bride that tried to grab her by the hair. With an aggressive hiss she elbowed the spasming woman before stabbing a woman diving for a dropped dart gun. Next to her Impala kicked out and knocked out one of the serpent goons before firing a dart into a second, the reptile woman collapsing to the floor.

"Well that's all of them save the Princess." Diamondback sighed. "How many darts have you got left?"

"One." Impala answered. "But we may have more cobra girls to deal with."

"Oh you have." Princess Python hissed as she dragged in a Hispanic woman dressed in a peasant blouse and gypsy skirt struggling to escape her captor's chokehold. "I got fed up of waiting for my goons to bring you to me and this little viper just happened to be walking past."

"Why do you want me?" Diamondback asked, "Why drag in innocents from the street?"

"What do you care about innocents?" Princess Python whispered. "You are a murderer." She whispered before jabbing a syringe into the hostage's neck. "You can think about that while I depart." She added throwing the transmutating woman at Impala and Diamondback before darting for the door. "Have a happy wedding, you won't be making it to the honeymoon."

"What's happening to me?" The transformed woman hissed.

"It's okay we'll find a way to fix you." Impala cooed as she ran her hand along the serpent woman's hood to reassure her. ''Rachel it's time to go, the police will be here soon. Rachel come on." She yelled as Diamondback held the wedding dress she had found close to her.

"How did she know?" Rachel whispered. "How did she know we killed the Jester?"

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Oh snap....This is gonna get more complicated. I love it.

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@richgenx: You have no idea...but you will. Also the first person to find the hidden messages in this series will realise what's really going on. :-)

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@impurestcheese: You and the lack of question marks! "What are your orders." That's a question, needs one of these ?

Secret message....no idea.

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Not even gonna try for the secret message. Not smart enough for riddles.

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@wildvine: Just keep an eye out for Band T-Shirts. That should help .