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Continues from here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-scourge-1-1457763/#8

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 2

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 3

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 4

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 5

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 6





Day 1, Office of Kurt Bagley, NYPD Behavioural Science And Analysis Group

Dallas Riordan stood, arms crossed, leaning against the window looking at the man with the salt & pepper goatee and once orange now silvered crew cut hair, sitting on the wicker stool across from her. She pushed up her glasses “So aren’t I supposed to be lying down or something?”

The man smiled “If that makes you feel comfortable, then please”

“I’ll stand thanks doc!”

“Now detective…”

“It’s Dallas!” she interrupted “I’m on suspension, so it’s just Dallas”

“Understood. And while I have a doctorate, I am not actually a doctor. Please, call me Kurt”

“Sure whatever doc”

Kurt smiled “Any reason you’re being overly antagonistic Dallas?”

Dallas sighed “I’m only here because my union rep advised me to come along, which may speed up my suspension. I am here just to pay lip service and get my card checked”

“I see,” Kurt rubbed his chin “Well at least you’re honest”

“So if you just say I’ve been, I’ll be on my way”

“It doesn’t quite work that way Dallas” Kurt smiled as he jotted down some notes “Let’s talk about…”

“Let’s not!” snapped Dallas.

Kurt sighed as he got to his feet “Dallas, I am here to help. And if you decide not to cooperate, my report will reflect that”

Dallas threw her head back and groaned “Effing brilliant! What do you want to know doc?”

“Let’s talk about your job”

“I catch bad guys, the end”

“But what about this Scourge character?”

“Oh I’ll get him!” said Dallas “Sooner or later”

Kurt walked to his desk and grabbed a newspaper, handing it to Dallas “My guess, may be later”

Dallas nearly tore the paper in half “Effing wonderful! Seriously if they called in the Avengers, they’d catch him in a heartbeat. But noooooo, they’re too busy crash landing space ships in Central Park or holding baseball games hostage or leaping about in their underpants!”

“You don’t like super heroes?”

Dallas smiled and shook her head “Not really!”

“Why is that?”

“No accountability doc! They’re a law unto themselves. I discharge my weapon in the line of duty and there’s paperwork, counselling sessions and an internal inquiry that grills me on whether I made the right call. Then there’s the court case, if it gets that far, then the trial. But any idiot bitten by a radioactive pigeon or bombarded with alien sunshine can unleash handfuls, HANDFULS of nuclear energy or toss a shield or hammer and what happens….nothing! They make me angry because they try to do my job, by cutting all the corners!”

“So you agree with what Scourge is doing?”

“Are you effing kidding me?!? He needs to be stopped! He’s no different than the Punisher!”

“Several other police I’ve spoke to disagree with you”

“I don’t care what they think!” snapped Dallas “Frank’s a lunatic who belongs in an asylum!”

“What about, say Captain America?”

“If he really wanted to help, if any of them REALLY wanted to do some good, they’d hang up the mask and join the force! Hell, we’d all have Iron Man suits and Captain America would be the police commissioner. But they don’t. They cover their faces, they do more harm than good”

Kurt smiled and made some more notes.


Day 2, Dallas Riordan’s apartment, Marble Hill NY

Dallas sat curled on her couch flipping through TV channels, trying to contain her rage as the daytime “news” did reports on Scourge whilst skimming through a hazy report that She-Hulk was trashing a courtroom. She slowly exhaled and flipped the channel over to the movie channel and smiled. On in three minutes was King of the Lost World, a terrible low budget film starring Simon Williams and Mary-Jane Watson which was to be followed by Arkon IV, William’s sword & sorcery epic where he played the bad guy. Dallas snuggled deeper under her blanket.


Day 3, Latverian Bier Café, 221 5th Ave New York

Dallas sat at the bar as she looked at the handsome blonde man who takes a seat next to her.

“Excuse me,” Dallas asks gently “Are you…?”

He looked at her “Oh sorry, partially deaf” he pointed to his ear.

“Are you, don’t mean to embarrass you but…”

He smiled “Yes, yes I am”

“What are you doing in a place like this, Danny?”

The man shakes his head “Um…I’m not Danny. Who’s Danny?”

“You’re Danny! Daniel Rand! Head of Rand International” said Dallas “Bachelor of the year, worth more money than I’ll ever see! You’re like Stark rich!”

“You’ve got me mistake for someone else,” he protested “My name is Clint”

“Clint? You just made that up!” scoffed Dallas “I know who you are”

“Lady, my name is Clint Barton!” said Clint sternly “I’m not who you think I am!”

“Sure Danny, whatever” Dallas shrugged turning back to her drink.

“I’M NOT DANNY RAND!” cried Clint.

“Effing hell rich boy” said Dallas “Keep your pants on! Yo bartender, get “Clint” here a beer”

“I can buy my own beer” stated Clint indignantly.

“Of course you can, you’re Danny Rand” smiled Dallas as she tossed some money on the bar “See you round rich boy”


Day 4, St Bart’s Midtown New York.

Dallas sat next to Molly, both in their dress uniforms inside the packed church. It was a sad day, any day a cop was laid to rest was a sad day but today they buried three; Officer Blaine Rabbit, Officer David Claremont and Code Blue officer Daniel Fielstein.

“How you doing?” whispered Molly.

“Met Danny Rand” replied Dallas “He’s a jerk!”

“Thought so”

“How’s the case?” asked Dallas as the congregation rose as the Lord’s Prayer was read out.

“Just apologise and you’ll be back tomorrow” said Molly

“The captain said a week, I’ll do a week. Plus my union rep…” Dallas paused as they all sat “Advised me against it. So how many is he up to now?”

“Eight! Some of the caped community is spooked. Had a guy, Thunderpants, Thunderhead, you know the guy who killed that chicken guy”


“Yeah, turned himself in, petrified that he was going to be next”

“If only they were all so effing easy. We need to stop this guy, and soon” said Dallas.


Day 5, 177A Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village

Dallas stood on the doorstep waiting. She’d gotten the address from Dr Mark Byrne who used up some favours to get her the address from S.H.I.E.L.D. Dallas huffed and knocked again.

Slowly the door opened to reveal a bald Asian man in a green ceremonial garb “Patience is a virtue” he stated.

“Dr Strange?”

“No!” he replied “The doctor is out” He slowly closed the door. Dallas slapped her hand on the door, which felt oddly warm even though it was wood.

“When will he be back?”

“My master keeps his own agendas” he replied as he firmly shut the door in her face.

Dallas groaned and kicked the door in frustration before walking off


Day 6, Central Park

Dallas sat on a bench next to Captain Burdick, who casually tossed bread to the ducks.

“I’ve been waiting for your call” said Burdick “Well?”

“Sorry Captain” muttered Dallas.

“Apology accepted” said Captain Burdick “But you’re on thin ice Dallas. And this comes from the mayor and the commissioner, not me. I know you’re a good cop; they were going to use you as an example. Now how was your counselling session?”

“Frustrating!” said Dallas “It’s all feelings and tell me what you think”

Captain Burdick smiled, wiped his hands of crumbs and stood up “Just keep going and we won’t have any more problems. See you tomorrow”

“Thank you Captain”

“You’re welcome, detective”


I have located a den in which they drink. Dozens upon dozens of scum gathered together to drink and socialise like normal people! How dare they!?! I will observe their hideout and when the moment is right I will send them all to their graves. Justice will be served!


Crime Scene Technician Ryan Tucker and Medical Examiner Georgia Jenkins stood in the morgue in the basement of One Police Plaza.

“Are you sure Ryan?” asked Georgia as she examined the pieces of paper in evidence bags.

“No, but I need you to double check me. Because if I’m right, the paper Scourge is using comes from the batches they use in the court system”

“So Detective Riordan’s theory about Judge Chalmers may actually be right?”

“Which is why I need you to double check me Georgia” said Ryan as he pulled out his phone and dialled a number “Because if we arrest him and we’re wrong…”

“We’ll tip off the real killer” Georgia held the paper up to the light, squinting as she compared them.

“Doctor Mark Byrne please” said Ryan “…oh well, could you get him to call Ryan Tucker asap”

“Shouldn’t you call the detectives?” asked Georgia.

“Let’s get our science right first” said Ryan


(Notes: The similar pictures well the one on the right is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye/Ronin, the longer one is Danny Rand aka Iron Fist...who both look exactly the same! Well when drawn by David Aja they do! King of The Lost world is a totally faked up/edited movie by myself, but Arkon IV isn't! Its the actually sword & socery film based on Arkon that made Simon Williams aka Wonder Man into a movie star)

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Wow there's references to everything. Another member of the Scourge victims list is in the ground. I wonder who will be next.

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@impurestcheese: Well "I have located a den in which they drink. Dozens upon dozens of scum gathered together to drink and socialise like normal people! How dare they!?! I will observe their hideout and when the moment is right I will send them all to their graves. Justice will be served!" Things dont look good for costumed bad guys in the near future :)

And I'm trying to have Dallas interact with nearly everyone in the MMU, hopefully a Punisher crossover and fingers crossed if @joygirl has another X-Force chapter or three up her sleeve, them :)

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Awesome chapter!!! Love the various references, especially with Clint Barton! I can't wait to see what happens next!

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@rabbitearsblog: Thanks! Sorry I/you killed your namesake; Officer Blaine Rabbit...nah not really, people die :)

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@rabbitearsblog: Thanks! Sorry I/you killed your namesake; Officer Blaine Rabbit...nah not really, people die :)

That's cool.

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Brilliant, Dallas is really growing on me and I like that she's not likeable , awesome ! More please !!!

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@jatoe48er: Dallas is relatively normal, opinionated and very much at loggerheads with a superpowered world; as I guess a lot of normal people would be in the MMU. I like her because she's feisty!

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To be honest no I had not read this to get the joke. So my Iron Fist one shot joke was purely coincidentaly awesome. This issue was coolio!

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