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Rated MA, more stories of Mayhem found here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-library-1459473/#17

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 2

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And also links into: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-astonishing-x-men-2-1463487/#7


I am out of my comfort zone.

I must be quick, accurate and invisible.

Sarah Gilbert harbours her son between prison visits…not for much longer.


Senior S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Alex DePaul stood in Captain Burdick’s office looking, glaring, at Detective Dallas Riordan as Captain Burdick entered the room.

“What did you think you were doing detective?” asked Captain Burdick “I’ve just come out of ANOTHER meeting about your performance last night, this time with the mayor. You’re a police officer for god’s sake!”

“And he’s a criminal!” snapped Dallas.


“Yes Captain” came the almost whispered reply.

Captain Burdick wiped his mouth “You should know better Dallas. Now what do you have?”

Dallas dropped a manila folder onto his desk “I believe Judge John Chalmers is the Scourge of the Underworld. Detective Von Richtofen has him under surveillance as we speak. I need your approval to get a warrant because he is a judge. He…”

“What makes you so sure?” asked Agent DePaul as he thumbed through the file.

“Chalmers was the judge on EVERY single case of our victims. He threw the book at most of them according to the transcripts…”

“There was another murder” said Captain Burdick.

“When? Why wasn’t I told? Is this some Shield bulls…”

“San Diego!” interrupted DePaul “It happened in San Diego. Are you ready?”


“We’re going to San Diego” said Agent DePaul as he headed for the door.

“Can’t we do this via video phone like the TV shows do it?” groaned Dallas “We just need a warrant to go search Chalmers’ house”

“Who signs warrants Dallas?” asked Burdick “Judges! I’m going to have to work out how to get one without alerting him. Now get out! You’ve ruined what was going to be a good day”

“Sorry Captain” apologised Dallas as she left with Agent DePaul.


“What the hell is that?” yelled Dallas over the noise of the whistling jet engines as she stood on the roof, her hair being whipped about by the blustering winds.

“That detective,” yelled Agent DePaul pointing to the hovering black plane overhead “Is S.H.I.E.L.D’s Blackbird. Technically it doesn’t exist!”

“Well then I don’t technically, have to get onboard” quipped Dallas as she watched the bomb bay door extended and open.

“We’ll be on the West Coast in just over an hour” said Agent DePaul “Do you want to catch this guy or not?”

Dallas glared at Agent DePaul as she pulled her coat around her.


San Diego

Officer Jackson Day stood beside the pool looking at the bullet ridden body floating in it. The blood had sunk to the bottom making it quite eerie as the corpse drifted aimless on the surface due to the movements of the filter. Detectives Nelson and Givens were interviewing the victim’s mother. Slowly he crouched and did up his shoe, carefully dropping a handful of bullet casings into the water. He stood and stretched making sure he wasn’t seen and took out a pack of cigarettes and popped one in his mouth. He patted himself for a lighter when a hand shot out from nowhere and grabbed the cigarette, crushing it.

“First day or terminally stupid?” asked Detective Givens as he rolled the crushed tobacco around in his hand “This is a crime scene idiot!”

“Sorry sir” mumbled Day.

“You want a smoke, hit the street” Givens wiped his hand down the front of Day’s uniform smearing tobacco and paper on him “But you know you shouldn’t smoke, right?”

Day shrugged and wandered off to the street, Givens shaking his head in disgust. Nelson wandered over to him.

“Meat wagons about ten minutes away” stated Nelson as he flipped through his notebook “Didn’t have the heart to tell her harbouring a known felon was a federal offence, considering…well” Nelson pointed to the body in the pool “You know”

“Even super scum have mothers” quipped Givens.

Officer Day looked around and popped a cigarette in his mouth as he retrieved a cell phone from his pocket and replied to a message.

Once sent he popped the back off, dropping the sim card and the battery down the drain. Officer Day picked up his police radio and clicked it over to channel 77.

“Mach One” he said quietly before clicking it back to normal frequency and heading back inside.


Detective Riordan and Agent DePaul stood in the backyard of the Gilbert place, looking at the wet, bagged note recovered from the scene.

I know where you live, where you go, where you hide.

None of you are safe. All of you will die. Justice will be served

Scourge of the Underworld

“I flew all across the country to see wet effing note?” scoffed Dallas as she handed it back “I know it’s outdated, but you could’ve faxed that over. Hell, smartphone, click, send, done!”

“Are all New Yorkers this rude or just you?” asked Detective Givens, his eyebrow raised “My captain was contacted by his guys,” He pointed at DePaul “So blame him detective, not me. So is it your guy?”

“I think so” replied Dallas “Victim was a super crook, fits his MO”

“Gary Goodwin Gilbert aka Firebrand” read Detective Nelson “Former physicist at Stark Industries before building his own suit and trying to extort money from them. Iron Man kicked him around before he fell in with the Masters of Evil”

“Anything on the forensic side?” asked Agent DePaul.

“They’re not here yet” said Nelson “Traffic”

“Great!” moaned Dallas.


Even in this day and age of extra security and paranoia, airport security is reluctant to strip search a woman in a burkha. They may look closer, they may even “randomly” select them for bomb testing, but if the paperwork matches then it is the perfect disguise.


Molly Von Richtofen sat across the street from Judge Chalmers’ house in Woodhaven, waiting for the go ahead. She’d been here since 8am and she’d been busting for the toilet since 9…and it was now 11am! She knew as soon as she moved, the call would come so she crossed her legs tighter and tapped the steering wheel.


“Are you okay?” asked Agent DePaul “You haven’t said anything in over an…”

“Next time you get a brain wave,” snapped Dallas as she sat in her seat on the Blackbird “Keep it to yourself!”


“Don’t you detective me!” Dallas poked him in the chest “It’s the work of a copycat! Right MO but those extra bullets at the scene, not my guy! So you wasted my day chasing a shadow when, as I said BEFORE you took me for a ride in a plane that, by the way, should be available to everyone! Coast to coast in just over an hour, you’d revolutionise the travel industry, but nooooo you keep your toys to yourselves.”


“Ah!” Dallas raised her hand and turned to look out the window “Don’t talk to me! Don’t ask me anything!”

Suddenly a siren sounded like a banshee and the Blackbird dipped and swerved throwing its occupants around like socks in a dryer.

“What the effing hell!” yelled Dallas as she pried herself off the window and back into her seat. DePaul pulled himself upright, dazed by the turbulent moves.

“Sorry back there!” came the reply from the cockpit as the Blackbird righted itself “Unidentified object nearly took us out”

“A UFO?” said Dallas as she looked out the window to see a large ball, like a falling star plummeting towards New York City “Oh god!”

“We’ve taken some structural damage so we’re putting down at JFK instead of where we originally intended. S.H.I.E.L.D has been notified along with local law enforcement”


As I wander hidden in plain sight through the terminal I spot a police woman and a S.H.I.E.L.D agent heading my way. I place my hand on my wrist and ready myself but they glide past me, she stares at me though; eyes like daggers. They pass without incident. I catch a glimpse of a TV where something has smashed into the centre of New York, good!

The more attention they pay to it, the less they pay to me. And this way justice will be served!


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He thanks for setting up what is going to be an interesting arc for both me as a writer and for the Thunderbolts in the actual issues. Again big thanks for killing Firebrand for me.

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@impurestcheese: Pleasure! Always here to kill :) Caught a nice reference in Thunderbolts btw but will comment on it directly. Have to liaise with @rabbitears about what is happening in NYC because having an alien ship crash in the middle city even though it's the Marvel Universe and it happens every 2nd Tuesday, gotta work out some stuff! Thanks for reading

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@batkevin74 twice I repeat TWICE! I was gonna comment on this on two separate occasions but each time I got distracted and forgot to, so I do apologize.

This book should be a comic, simply put.

It's off in its own awesome little world but at the same time it has a little references to what's going on in our universe and it's really a joy to read.

I keep trying to get myself to be critical but really there is nothing critical I can say other than for God sake stop leaving me on cliffhangers xD

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I agree with the Irish Land. Sometimes the characters you have never heard of make the best reading. As always a good read.

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@impurestcheese: @irishlad: Cliffhangers make you want to know more! Glad you're enjoying it. And yes some times the most obscure unloved characters make the best for reinvention :)

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Casual bump

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Awesome!! I loved the way you tied in the UFO from my Astonishing X-Men story! You asked me about whether or not I should use the cops into my Astonishing X-Men story and I actually want to!! Just let me know which cops I could use for the third chapter of my Astonishing X-Men story!

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@rabbitearsblog: Well you can use Code Blue, they are NYPD's elite SWAT team designed to deal with costumed threats and the like, they'd probably be second on the scene because normal cops would be first and went that goes pear shape (police officer with a snapped neck) in come Code Blue! It'll PM you their details shortly

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@rabbitearsblog: Well you can use Code Blue, they are NYPD's elite SWAT team designed to deal with costumed threats and the like, they'd probably be second on the scene because normal cops would be first and went that goes pear shape (police officer with a snapped neck) in come Code Blue! It'll PM you their details shortly


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Well now I have to go read X-men. : P

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@wildvine said:

Well now I have to go read X-men. : P

You don't have to, but it'll make things easier for you if you do ;)

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