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Rated MA, characters owned by Marvel, continued from:

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 2

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 3

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 4

Marvel Mayhem: Scourge 5

And links directly from:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-thunderbolts-6-1460733/#1

More Marvel Mayhem stories located here:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-library-1459473/#8


Detective Dallas Riordan looked at the confident woman with pink and white hair, leather trousers, green tank top, leather jacket and high heel boots staring back at her through her aviator glasses.

“Thanks for coming in” said Dallas as she took a seat opposite in the interview room.

“Not a probl…”

“Could you take your glasses off?” asked Dallas “I like to look people in the eyes when I question them?”

Melissa bit her lip and slowly peeled her glasses off “Sure. Anything else?”

“Where were you on two nights ago?”

Melissa stood up “I was under the impression that I was here to help in your inquiries, but you’re implying that I’m a suspect?”

Dallas stood also “Everyone’s a suspect Mim”

“It’s Melissa”

“Also known as Songbird, also known as Screaming Mimi.” said Dallas as she slipped open a manila folder which was Melissa’s life on paper “How did you know Hellen Feliciano, aka Letha?”

“We wrestled together” Melissa sat down again.

“As in lovers?” asked Dallas as she also returned to the table.

“No…” Melissa looked Dallas up and down and then looked up at the mirrored glass, wondering who was behind. She couldn’t wait to head home and give Victoria a slap across the face for setting this up. But orders came through the S.H.I.E.L.D chain of command “As in professional?”

“Did you know the Blue Streak?”


“How about the Melter?”


“The Human Fly?”


“The Enforcer?”




“Baron Zemo?”

Melissa stopped and glared at her “Yes”

“Is that pink thing of his actually attached to his face?”

“I don’t know!” replied Melissa “Is there anything you specifically want detective, or did you just call me to New York to waste my time? Most of this could’ve been done over the phone”

“True!” said Dallas “But since S.H.I.E.L.D is trying to take my case away from me, you kinda work for S.H.I.E.L.D, you’re a convicted felon who KNEW the deceased, I’m contemplating putting you under arrest”

Melissa looked at the red haired detective, imagining slamming her through the wall with a sonic blast “Are you?”

“No!” laughed Dallas as she stood up and rapped on the glass “You were on the news a few days ago, I’m just busting your chops! I just need you confirm the identity of Hellen and you’re out of here!”

Melissa shook her head “Cops” she muttered as she followed Dallas out of the room and down to the morgue.


Jennifer Walters and Jack White.

Lawyers are bad, super human lawyers are worse. Especially White, with his photographic memory.

I believe he’s only seen me once, but that is enough if what the press say is true.

I have put in for leave. I have an appointment with Gary Gilbert.

Justice will be served!


Senior Agent Alex DePaul stood in Captain Burdick’s office, his uniform pristine. He looked at the people assembled; Captain Blake Burdick, Detective Dallas Riordan, Lieutenant Molly Von Richtofen, Dr Mark Byrne, Medical Examiner Georgia Jenkins, Crime Scene Technician Ryan Tucker. Dallas had to look twice at him as he looked like Tony Stark’s cousin…seemed that quite a lot of men aped the billionaire playboys look.

“I will be liaising with you on the Scourge case” said DePaul “You are now all part of the Scourge Taskforce, including you Lieutenant Von Richtofen. You’re on loan from the Organised Crime Unit”

“I’m in the middle of a six month case!” protested Molly.

“Well, you weren’t doing that great with it” joked Dallas giving her a slight, playful elbowing just as Molly had done to her several days ago.

“Now, we’re letting NYPD take the lead on this case” said DePaul “As you seem to be making headway. Where are we up to?”

Dallas looked around at the assembled group “I did this a few days ago”

“Did what?” asked DePaul, curiosity etched on his face.

“The whole round up the experts and see where we’re up to”

“Well, now you can bring me up to speed, detective!” smiled DePaul, a smile that said “shut your mouth and do as you’re told”.


Dallas as she took a large gulp of wine and slapped in back onto the table “If they really wanted to do some good, instead of waste our time with a four hour brain storming session, they’d park that giant airship of theirs over Hell’s Kitchen, deploy two hundred troops and clean up the drug trade in an afternoon!”

“I think he was one of those robots they say they have, them decoy things!” said Molly as she refilled her glass. “Can I get one of those? I mean there are days I don’t really want to come to work, I could send my robot!”

“Robots for all!” cheered Dallas as the patrons of Carne Festa shot glances and looks of disapproval at the pair of ladies interrupting their dinner with carousing. “Seriously, a week ago I did pretty much everything DePaul wasted our time on today”

“I can’t believe I got reassigned!” groaned Molly “I worked damn hard to crack the boys club of the O.U”

“Well I’m glad you’re onboard” commented Dallas raising her glass. Molly smiled, lifted her glass and stopped, her expression changed. Dallas looked at her then turned to see what she was looking at. Entering the restaurant was one Wilson Fisk, known to the police as the Kingpin but pinning stuff on him was like nailing butter to Teflon.

“I just lost my appetite” Molly put her glass down and pushed it away.

Dallas stood up and headed towards him when Molly jumped up and grabbed her hand “What are you doing?”

“I was going to have a chat with the fat guy” said Dallas, a little wobbly on her feet.

“Not worth it” said Molly as she caught Wilson’s eye “Yeah that’s right, I’m looking at you, you bastard. I’ll get you. I’ll get you good” Molly turned back to Dallas “Let’s get you into a cab before you do something stupid”

“Okay!” smiled Dallas before turning towards Wilson Fisk and shouting across the crowded room “Hey fatso! Yeah you! Try the veal!”

The restaurant murmured and gasped like a knitting circle of middle aged prudes as Molly hauled Dallas to the door “Real smooth idiot!” she muttered into Dallas’ ear.

Wilson Fisk quietly sat, no expression on his face, but his right hand silently crushed the butter knife into a right angle.


Gilbert has a mother who lives in San Diego. He will probably be there, hiding beneath her skirt. Also Marvin Mooney’s sister resides in Anaheim, I will check that also. Justice will be served, on either coast.


Molly tapped Dallas on the forehead with a large cup of takeaway coffee “Up we get!”

Dallas groaned and rolled back under the covers “Go away”

Molly shrugged and walked off, only to return with a bucket of water and dumped it all over Dallas and her bed. Dallas screamed and was up in a flash.

“What the effing hell was that?!” shrieked Dallas.

“Your wake up call, as requested” replied Molly “You asked me to do this last night, and before you think I’m lying, I recorded it on my phone as proof”

“Why would I do that?” moaned Dallas as she fumbled for a towel.

“Something about Judge Judy?” replied Molly as she drank her coffee “You’re in court today and didn’t want to be late”

Dallas stopped dead “Say that again?”

“You’re in court today and didn’t want to be late”

“NO!” growled Dallas as she tapped her head “Before that”

“Something about Judge Judy?”

“That’s it!” Dallas gasped as she ran to the kitchen table and flung her notes “I knew I saw a pattern! Oh my god!”

“What are you talking about?”

"What do Richard Deacon, Donald Thomas, Maxwell Plumm, Charles Delazny Jr, Bruno Hogan and Hellen Feliciano, all have in common? asked Dallas as she held up their wrap sheets "Judge John Chalmers!"


(Carne Festa is a made up restaurant, I put meat feast into a google word translate english to italian)

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Nice one bud, Festaaa! :D


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@batkevin74: “Okay!” smiled Dallas before turning towards Wilson Fisk and shouting across the crowded room “Hey fatso! Yeah you! Try the veal!”

The restaurant murmured and gasped like a knitting circle of middle aged prudes as Molly hauled Dallas to the door “Real smooth idiot!” she muttered into Dallas’ ear.

Ha ha ha ha very funny! Nice work...

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Awesome job!! Loved the way that Dallas made fun of Kingpin!

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