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And other Marvel Mayhem tales are here:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-mayhem-library-1457858/#4


An endless procession of scum comes past me. They don’t see me, I’m almost invisible, but I see them! I know about them, what they’ve done and from there, I find out where they live. And then I make them pay in a way that some have called cruel and unusual! Justice is cruel, and justice must be served!

Detective Dallas Riordan sat in the courtroom watching the proceedings. This was her least favourite part of police work. She knew it was necessary but the almost waste of a day for at times nothing. Lawyers spinning tales of made up mental problems, witness recanting, people trying to squirm out of jury duty, it was a circus. She looked up at the clock and sighed, they were running late, again. The man next to her got up and dropped his paper on the seat.

“Don’t mind if I do” whispered Dallas as she scooped it up. Her jaw dropped as she read the headline.

“You have got to be effing kidding me!”


“WHICH ONE OF YOU STUPID IDIOTS SOLD ME UP THE RIVER?” screamed Dallas as she entered the bullpen of One Police Plaza “SERIOUSLY?”

Most of the cops and detectives ignored her. Dallas slammed the paper into the bin.

“My office, detective!” Captain Burdick’s voice cut across the room. It wasn’t loud but it carried authority and the bullpen went deadly silent.

“Oh now you shut up!” moaned Dallas as she threw her head back in frustration and marched across the room like a kid going to the principal’s office.

“Take a seat Dallas” The Captain pointed to an empty chair, Dallas took a seat “Something on your mind?”

Dallas stared at her Captain, noting that he looked like the love child of Norman Osborn and Tony Stark and sighed “This cape killer thing! It’s…”

“Frustrating” He offered her a coffee mug which she took and he crossed the room to get the pot “Is it too much?”

“Yes, no, don’t know! Can we just call up that special school in Westchester and get one of them psychic kids to find this bastard!” growled Dallas “Seriously why don’t they ever say ‘Sure I’m a mutant but what I really want to be is a fire-fighter or a cop?’”

Captain Burdick chuckled as he poured her coffee “Can you see Thor in a squad car?”

Dallas smiled “Any news on him?”

Captain shrugged “They don’t tell us nothing. Like that nonsense on the West Coast with bad guys working for good guys getting attacked by bad guys! Seriously Screaming Mimi is their leader!”

“Now you’re showing your age” laughed Dallas “She’s Songbird or Birdsong now”

“Okay back to you. Where are you on this Scourge of the Underworld?” Burdick sipped his coffee “And be honest”

“Nowhere. The profile that Dr Byrne ran for me is great but it doesn’t lead me to him. Tucker and Jenkins are doing a great job on the CSI stuff but again no breaks in the case. And trying to warn super villains that someone is gunning for them…” Dallas sipped her coffee “You do know most of them are as bright as a brick?”

“Very true”

“Anything else?”

“Here are your dates for mandatory counselling” He handed her a piece of paper “Notice I said mandatory. Don’t go, and see what happens” He smiled as he finished his coffee “Now get out and catch me a serial killer!”


Bruno Hogan’s time on Earth grows short, though he doesn’t know it. It would be easy to kill him now, but I am without my gear. I am just another person you pass on the street, non descript, just there. Enjoy your taco Bruno as it will be your last meal. Justice will be served.


“I thought serial killers had cooling off periods?” stated Dallas down the phone to Dr Byrne as she climbed the fire escape.

“It has been a week since Delazny Jr” reminded Dr Byrne from the safety of the phone “And yes serial killers tend to have cooling off periods. But each case is different. Dr Harold Shipman in the UK…”

“Okay, okay, sorry I asked” groaned Dallas as she stopped at the yellow caution tape and flashed her badge at the officer “Also any luck with the letters I sent you?”

“There were no email attachments Dallas” replied Dr Byrne “Hence the reason for this call”

“Effing brilliant!” swore Dallas “Thanks doc, I gotta go”

Dallas looked at the corpse hanging up by the ankles, hacked up like someone used a machete to play piñata on him. Ryan Tucker looked up from a pool of blood he was photographing.

“Detective Riordan”

“Hey” Dallas looked around “Let me guess, nobody saw nothing”

“No idea detective,” replied Ryan “I just process the scene remember?”

“Just speaking out loud” said Dallas as she took a plastic evidence bag with a bloody piece of paper inside it off the body “What have you got to say to me this time?”

None are safe, none shall be spared!

All will pay for their crimes. My list grows by the day, as does my anger!

Scourge of the Underworld

“What a balanced and well adjusted individual you are!” mocked Dallas “Hey Ryan, where were you last night between nine pm and seven am?”

“Am I a suspect?” asked Ryan as he stood up and pulled off his mask.

“No, it’s never that easy.” groaned Dallas “In a movie you’d be the killer, it’d take me ninety minutes to work that out, along with the audience and then a ten minute climactic ending with possible gap for sequel or franchise. Roll credits”

“Do I need a lawyer?” asked Ryan, a little unsure.

“Only if you did something” asked Dallas deliberately, stepping towards him “Did you?”

“Can I get back to work?”

“I’ll be watching you” stated Dallas as she looked around “C’mon Riordan think!”


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@batkevin74: Ahh dude, You spoil us, this was really good, as usual your dialogue is so flowly, and works. Nice job man, I enjoyed this highly!

Lol at this

Captain shrugged “They don’t tell us nothing. Like that nonsense on the West Coast with bad guys working for good guys getting attacked by bad guys! Seriously Screaming Mimi is their leader!”

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@anthony_stark: Thanks, it's fun to write and the main character hasn't really even shown up yet :)

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Very nice, the mystery deepens

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Ha I knew that technician was hiding something but I'm guessing a reveal this early would ultimateoy be a red herring. And who's next? The Grappler?, Bl wtorch Brand? Maybe even Death Adder or Firebrand?

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@impurestcheese: Scourge has an impressive list of like 25 kills under his belt, not sure who's next yet but I kinda want to mention Gary Gilbert aka Firebrand as on his list

@4donkeyjohnson: It should, I got a whole iceberg to go :)

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Great job once again I love the Daily Bugle newspaper visual you made. There was a nice touch of humour in this one and it looks as though more and more will start to be revealed soon. Can't wait for the next chapter

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Awesome job once again! The suspense is really building up and I loved the humor you put into this story!

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It's been mentioned already but it's worth pointing out again -- you have a great way with dialogue. That in itself is fun to read and while I did laugh at the Screaming Mimi comment, I liked this best...

"...noting that he looked like the love child of Norman Osborn and Tony Stark."

...only because I was think the exact same thing!

You just keep ramping it up -- I am loving it.

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Is Dr. Byrne a reference/nod to John Byrne :)?

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@ekrolo: To both John Byrne & Mark Gruenwald the creators of Scourge...and Dr Gruenwald just sounded dumb :)

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Still awesome.

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The plot thickens.

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@wildvine said:

The plot thickens.

Trying to :) A good mystery is hard to cobble together

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